Saturday, May 01, 2004

Comments about Blogger tips and Tricks left by appreciative and grateful bloggers

Reason for this post: Answering questions in forums by leaving a link/s to relevant post/s is a controvesial topic. Some don't like it and sometimes they express their displeasure and I have to respond (I normally have the answers ready in my sites, often quite detailed and sometimes step-by-step, plus screenshots where warranted. This is difficult or impossible to do directly in the forum, so I leave link/s to RELEVANT post/s. This post is one of the way I try to respond to criticisms to show that bloggers do benefit from links.

Here are some of the many blessings I get from this blog:
Kay's Blue Racine. There is a link to this blog with the long anchor text "Blogger Tricks....this guy rocks at answering questions, although he's a bit technical for me. But if you have a question this is where you will find the answer! lifesaver! thanks" (It is somewhere down the right sidebar)

From a post: The profile directory of Bloggers: Blogger Tips and Tricks. (I have often been frustrated with the official Blogger help pages, but I have found a lot of useful information from Blogger Tips and Tricks. I hope you will pay it a visit.)

I just want to thank you, Peter,for posting a lot of useful tips for new bloggers like me. I'll be back here a lot more to get help from you. I just want to show my appreciation for what you are doing. I even subscribe to your site, and made a link to your site in one of my posts from my site: Blogging Tips for Newbies Again, Thank you.
The post above described this blog as follows:
"I'd like to particularly mention a very helpful website - Blogger Tips and Tricks - by Peter Chen who gives a very easy to follow instructions. Beginners might find it easy to follow.

From Google Blogger General Discussion Group: Enviroman has an excellent set of instructions at Expandable post summary for New Blogger

Your text is very well explained and leaves no doubts about the use. I'm finding your site very useful and easy to follow. Thanks for your help!

I agree ; your site is very useful !

hello Yer blog is really helpful.

Thanks for the tip! The placement's a little wonky still, but it's there!

Dang! I should have seen your blog before when I had that problem. Your suggestions/answers are much clearer.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Peter, Another nice Tip. I am trying it out. Great Job.

Finally, I managed to upload song using your tips. You will like this song. Tks again.

you are the most helpfull site that I have found

Again, many THANKS to you – your site is great too, you’re the only blog ‘guide’ that does it step by step logically & with sense. I can’t understand the rest of ‘em!

Great SIte

Just a general thank you!!! Many of your tips and suggestions have worked well for me in optimizing my blogs.

You really are my number 1 teacher in blogland.

TQ for your guides, my uploading picture now open in new windows.

Thank you Peter, As always, your tips and suggestions and answers are always so helpful!

I found your Blogger web site and it has been very helpful.

hi peter , i am your fan since two month. thanks for linking back to my post. i always love ur tips becoz they are simple but yet important

Thanks, Peter! I appreciate your time and help. You're a true resource.

You make it easier for us newbie bloggers to find useful resources. Thanks.

Your blog is great! Really clear cut. I have used it often to help with many topics with success,

Thanks for your clear and helpful guidance.

Your blog tips are great. I appreciate that you choose to do this in your retirement!

Hi there. I've learn't so much from blogs like this it's not funny

Hi Peter, Your blog is really awesome and very helpful. I started my site last week and I read your blog ( ) everyday to learn more about blog very useful post to me.I learned many things in this blog.

Hello, This site has helped me no end in the creation of my blog...

In a way I'm glad just because I visited some of your blogs and found lots of great information.

just found out about your blog, the information that you gave it is very usefull.

I searched the blogger group & other search engines. Your instructions were concise on point and written in A-B-C and 1-2-3 with a working blueprint for an example.

Easy to follow & comprehend.

To you I say, Thanks & More Thanks!

You've got yourself a new subscriber.

Oh thanks! Just updated my blog in no time thanks to your post. Great job!

Your directions are explicit and helpful.

Oh, you are yery good man, I don't seak english very well and when i read you post i undrestand 70-80% that you write.. But i think you are a very good teacher for technically things, in others blogs or site in english language i understand less, very less. That is because your explanation is clear and easy likes a very professional teacher. Thanks lo

Hi Peter. Your tips have been very helpful! You pretty much answered my question. I really appreciate it and will put a link to your site on mine out of gratitude. That and you are absolutely fabulous with information!!! so everyone should be aware of you for their own good. thanks so much, Thank you so so so so so so so much.

Thanks a lot... you saved me probably days of irritation trying to figure it out myself.

Your site has been a revelation. This is the first time i have come across easy to use blogger instructions.

thanks peter! i finally got my blog back!! =D thank you for ur help! =)

Thanks for your information! great blog!

I think you should be paid by google, as we would be lost without your help, so many people would have just given up by now. I so appreciate your help.

Thanks so much! This was great. I've been trying to figure out how to get a pic in my header for a while

I tried to research how to embed video (and just click on an image to play it) and all I could find was a bunch of technically tangled info.

But now you've made it so simple, with just a cut and paste of a few lines of code. I could care less about the 'google video' problem and will just upload all mine now to youtube.

Thanks much!

Your help was more that exactly what I needed and it helped me solve my initial problem.

Thanx! This saved my day today. I lost already couple of days trying to get this work, with other blogger "Help" and almost gave up.

Hi first i want to say THANKS so much for your blog...i would be lost without you!

Hi Peter, I wish I would have found this sooner. GREAT SITE. I have already made my blog a 3 column page

Just wanted to shoot you an email and thank for this blog. I've been trying to figure out this Blogger thing for a while, and your blog is very comprehensible and helping me out a whole lot.

Peter, in this moment it seems it works!! Thank you so much for your help, you are the best!

Thank you very much for the profile photo hint. At first the address in View/Page Source looked identical, but it was slightly different. Much appreciated!

Thank you!! I've been looking for this info everywhere. Really appreciate the help.

Thanks for info, helped me fit my vids better on my blog.

thank you so much for this tip! I just "upgraded" to the new blogger templates and all my nice opens-in-a-new-window links were opening in the same window. Argh! Works a charm now.

thank you so much for this tip!

Dear Mister Chen: Thank you for the wonderfully clear explanation on how to add a hit counter:It was done within minutes !I only wish I'd found your post sooner instead of spending hours bumbling about...

Yes, that's exactly what i meant!

Your blog is very helpfull, thumbs up. :) Thank you very much!

You are great! Thanks 1,ooo,ooo for all your help. Truly generous of you.

thanks for the info it helped me :)

thank you this is the only thing that worked for me. much appricated!!

EXCELLENT post - it all seems to work perfectly - a BIG THANK YOU from The Netherlands - Europe. Must have been hard work finding this out - it saved me a lot of headaches!

Thanks, you helped me figure out how to make the YouTube videos fit in my sidebar.

Thank you so much! It's very helpful.

Thanks, very helpful. I used word processor to remove all my line breaks from my HTML and it looks great.

Nice to know I have you as a lifeline. I'm sure you will hear from me

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It really saved me alot of time!

You have a very useful blog here. I read some of your articles. And I was exactly looking for some help regarding those topics. Thanks for the help and please continue writing. Thank you. I am adding you to my blogroll.

Good job... really helpful

Hello!i always wish to have a picture in my header. Thanks, you make every thing so easy and possible. I admire you for that.

thank you.You alway guide me.

You have a good site Peter and help us all my thanks to you

THANKS so much for all that you do to help us newbies. MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Your blog is great. Keep up the great work. Thanks

thx, this really helpful i was looking for this

Thanks for all your help, you've solved a lot of blogging headaches for me! KJ

thx , this exactly what i was looking for

Hi, I've stumbled across your blog and am impressed with the thoroughness of your information.

"Spot on! I was using Firefox. So on your suggestion I switched to IE6 and have the 'add a page element' showing as it should. Thank you, environman. You're my super-hero!"

Thank you very much. I have been trying to do this in various versions of blogger for the past 18 months. You fixed for me.

Ok, Thank you for your time, ill be sure to mention you to my friends when they run into problems.

Thank you so much. Ever since i found your website, i have learnt a lot about blogging. You are a true teacher online in the world that really teach.

Take care, keep up your good work and know me and many more appreciate your efforts.

Thanks for the help, perfect and simple as usual.

Congratulations on your (DMOZ) directory inclusion! I imagine you are thrilled at being included without having to ask! I've found absolutely loads of useful information from your site, and each time I come back there is always something new to learn. Well done, we bloggers really appreciate your work and research :)

u know one thing u r great.........u writes in a simple language .......with good explanations .......... its so easy to learn .........i cant explain........... and u have good depth of knowledge

i found your blog through hackosphere. great one you've got here! the writing is very simple and the instructions are easy to follow. kudos!

Oh My God I love U!!!

I just downloaded Flock - & guess what!! - Yes, u guessed it, I can see the banners on my blog!!

Hi Peter I find your blog very useful. I am a new blogger and I had emailed you personally sometime back with a query. I found my way around that problem. I just want to say thanks for all the help and advice you give on your blogs and appreiciate the good work you are doing.

I use your blogs a resource for managing my blog and I read it largely because its well written, easy to understand, and you seem very knowledgable.

Yes! Thanks so much, you really helped me. I was just about to give up on this expandable summaries thing-a-ma-jig! You made it very simple and easy to understand. That's the sign of a good teacher! :)

THANK YOU!! I was having a horrible time trying to figure this particular hack out, but you made it easy!

Peter you are great!!! Thank you very much for your USEFUL tip! This was a nightmare to me, now thanks to you I'm awake!!

Hey Peter, you're blog is awesome, and I think its awesome that you do this just to help people out.

I did not even know I wanted to do it until I came across with this amazingly simple and nice tip. It works fine with me.

Thank you for this, you have simplified the process so that I (a complete techno phobe) could actually do it!

I find your blog is very interesting for people who are looking guidelines to set up a nice blog.

Thanks, Peter. Do people tell you enough that you are great? You are!

Very nice site with a lot of useful information. Thanks for your effort.

Absolutely Brilliant - thank you so much.

Great Blog!! Keep up yer Helpful Work!!

Thanks Peter, you are a star!

This blog is great. This makes blogger really easy to understand, especially for someone who doesn't understand HTML. I will definitely be recommending this site to everyone.

Congratulation! you've done a great blog. Help me so far. Thanks to you.

Peter, you have a nice blog and i got much information from this blog. Thanks a lot.

very useful information , thanks a lot , i 've been looking this one for ages , ohh yeah Peter never've dissappoint me with surprises :)

Peter, you are the MAN!

Thanks. Superb tip!

Peter, Thanks for all your tutorials. very helpful!

anyways Ive added you and just wanted to say that your blog was a lot of help when I first started with blogger, and I looked up lots of blogger hacks, your instructions were very clear and easy to follow!

Thanks so much! This is exactly what I needed.. you have been a big help

I love your blog (and subscribe to it.) Your posts are a wonderful help to anyone using Blogger!

thank you very much, and you really have been a great help to a lot of bloggers

peter - nice site. some great tips. keep it up.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your great tips and tricks. I have been a frequent reader to your blog since I started blogging about a month ago.

Your blog has been a lifesaver as I have been trying to start mine up.

Thanks for this great post. All the steps were easy to follow and worked first time :)

Your blog has helped me out so many times. Keep up the great work!

WOW!!!....This blog is awesome... I've just done with my first blog and the posts here are really helping me a lot....

your site has been of great help to me. you are helping a lot of bloggers like me to enhance our own blogs. thank you very much

Thank you and once again your blog is a wonderful help to me. I make it a point to see it every other day. Good day to you

Very well written, one of the best articles I have read to date. I am a new blogger and looking for easy to follow but informative and well written info. You have provided all!

Again, I do thank you for linking to my blog. From what I understand, your sites are among the highest ranking Blogger related sites on the web,

Hi Peter, It is so awesome that you offer soooo much help to those of us learning to use blogger.

Thank you so much! You're always willing to help, and I find that simply amazing.

hi peter, i do visit your blog regularlly i cherished what you have there.

Hi Peter, I just wanted to let you know that I have always found your site helpful and informative, so I have tagged you on I hope you will continue the game here on your site.

Thank you Peter! Very clear and helpful instructions!

Thanks Peter - very useful

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!! IT worked great! Thanks a bunch!!

Thank you for your excellent blog. Ever since I stumbled upon it, I find it extremely interesting and useful.

i have bookmarked you from long time now and very fond of the way you expalain step by step.ive been a regular visiter and learned plenty of tricks:) thanks for being one of the best bloggers!

Peter, thank you very much for this blogger tip! I will try to use it more often in my blog!

Amazing and great information, I really enjoyed reading you post.

Thank you Peter for the information here - this is the most useful place for information that I have found in days of searching!

Peter - Thank you! Works great! -from Peter3

Thank you very much for your tips, Mr. Chen. I have recovered my blog tonite¡¡¡¡ I am very grateful with you.

Thanks so much for your help! I'm a new blogger and have been trying to figure out how to change my blog to 3 columns. I finally found your blog which explained it to a newbie like me. Thanks!!

You have no idea what a help you have been, and I truly thank you.

Thank you for the tip on deleting the problematic poll, Peter! Your blog is just wonderful

Please keep up the good work over at Blogger Tips and Tricks! I like the way you present your information, without too much jargon. That's exactly how it should be done.

Hi, Peter! Love your work

thank you so much for this guidance. it;s usefui for me . you are a big deliverer. i am very happy this problem solved . good luck

Hi Peter - I greatly enjoyed reading the blog, and just wanted to thank you for bringing a smile to my face. It was very nice to see you laugh! I've only recently registered my blog here, and already you've helped me a great deal. Thank you for that also.

thank you Peter fo your help. you helping me a lot.

Exellent !!! Thanks a ton !!! :)

Great post! Thanks! I will definitely edit my profile!

That was a very useful post. Though I have been blogging for sometime, I am still a newbie, still learning by trial and error. Thank you Mr. Peter

thank god for this blog.. I should say that I'm not the most regular blogger..but trying out weird tuff wit my blog kind of helps me make regular posts :D.. nice job

I get a lot out of your blog, blogger for dummies. I have learnt sooooo much, there was a time when I felt like giving up until I came across your blog.

I am new to the blogging world and I am convinced you have one of the best sites to get things done. Your tips and tricks not only make sense but they work. I want to thank you for all of your help.

THIS worked Peter!!! I'd rather not mess with the template if I can avoid it, but having post titles as links is very useful for me when I'm doing a search and need the link. BIG THANK YOU!

your tips are marvelous. i've just started blogging myself ( and there are a lot of things i still have to learn. your blog answered a lot of my questions and i really enjoyed reading i. i have to admit, blogging is a pretty addicting hobby.

Your posts have been extremely helpful for me in understanding some basic tech know-how related to blogs.

Many Thanks, that's more than I had in mind, but your info as usual is very helpful. (from Google Blogger Help group)

Thank you Peter! Very clear and helpful instructions!

It works perfectly, thanks a lot,

me again! as always, your blog is very informative. whenever i want to do something with my blog or learn a new tip, i always check out yours. i've linked your blog to mine already for easy access...thanks.

Hi Peter. Your blog is a fantastic help.

Dropping in a quick note to let you know that this tip of yours has really helped me. And I love going through your other tips and tricks on your blog and have found them extremely empowering!

Thank you so much for all the great work u did here. It's just amazing. I read ur writings about 2 months already and just can't imagine what would I do without it :)

Nice analysis you got here. Weldone. Cheers.

Thank you for the information that your blog has, I benefited a lot for it.

I'll see to it. Anyway, Mr Peter again a big THANK YOU for your time and initiative to reply to my mail. You're simply wonderful and helpful. Take care and have a nice day. Catch up with you again.

Your blog is informative and useful.

Aside from that, keep up the excellent work, I visit your site regularly and I always find something really useful.

Thank a ton. You are a dude! The large blank spaces were driving me mad...right after i had thought i had learnt a bit of html!

You give very good blogspot tips, especially useful for newbies like me.

Hello Peter. I just want to thank you for the information on how to make my blog a feed with FeedBurner. I've had success putting my blog on another website that I created, which was my goal. I was at a complete loss until someone suggested your blog. Your information gave me the confidence to move forward. I'm very excited to have accomplished my goal. So again, let me convey my THANKS!

Thanks a lot. Very useful for me too :)

I think I have been to your blog(s) the most. It's very informative and helpful

Thanks again for hosting a useful blog with responsive folks! ;-)

peter, your blog is one of the best, most helpful sites i have ever come accross, EVER! even though you are already 58, i hope you can live even longer so you can help beginner bloggers like me. what will we do without you?

Hi. I'm new to blogging on Blogger, but I've come across your site and am amazed at all the tips and tricks you have up your sleeve! :)

Thanks for your time Peter,I understand. Again,,your blog are most helpful.

Thank you so much you were very helpful!!

Hi Peter, super useful post - thanks!

By the way you site has helped me a lot so far as I'm a new blogger!

I'm an addict of your site and it helped me so much in developing my blog. I'm really grateful to you

You directions are SO simple

Dear Peter, Congratulations for your incredible work! I read your blogs every day!

thks for the tips. it's most informative.

As always... ¡Good idea! :D

Really good article !! thanks

Your explanation was simple, straightforward and worked, so just wanted to say a big thanks!

Nice tip Peter. I'm looking fordward to using it in my new Wordpress blog.

Hi Peter! I couldn't thank you enough! I have learned so much from your sites, and there are still many things I've to learn from you.Please keep up the excellent work!

I'm so glad that I came across this post while trying to figure out why my table was appearing half way down the page. I followed the link you provided on Blogger Help Group, & in less than 10 seconds = Problem Solved!

Thank you so much..I've found what I'm looking for here in your site...very helpful site :)

My name is Yair and I read your blog frequently. It's great that people like you invest the time and effort to make things clearer and easier for the rest of us, bloggers.

Hello, Giorgio from Italy. I think you are the one that can help me.

I've used many of your tips already and find your explanations "the best of the bunch."

Thank you sir for such valuable information.

Hi there, very informative blog.

Your site was quite resourceful... finally figured out how to attach a favicon to my blog... I'm linking to you because you are a great resource. Thanks.

Your blog is a great help to newbie bloggers like myself. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I found your blog only a couple of days ago and I have used some of your tips already. Thanks again.

thanks very much. useful info.

This comment doesn't pertain to this blog entry, but I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I have used it several times in the past and have found it very useful. You have helped me out a lot and I just wanted to thank you. Keep up the good work!

Got it. Thanks for the links Peter.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I try to check your site as often as I can because I like tweaking my blog and your tricks and tips are easy for a lay person like me to follow and I've done some neat things with them.

WOW! Sweet blog! Very helpful!

Awesome. It was getting real annoying. TY TY

I love that your posts are all helpful.

I commend your site for it's very useful and relevant info. You do help a lot of bloggers out there.

Oh thank you so much!! I have been to numerous sites and FINALLY someone has a straight forward answer.

OH MY GOSH! It worked! You have no idea how many people have tried to tell me how to add music to my page and it never worked. This was so easy! Thanks a ton!

hallo there :) you must be very proud of yourself. Great work! Thank you for everything! your articles help me a lot :)

Thanks a lot Peter. I'll look into that. I'm really grateful to you for providing this information and your time. Very much appreciated.

You help so many with your tips I though you might like some info on cameras. If you're looking at a camera for blogging I direct you to look at some of my pics on......

Thanks dear for the great Post

hi good tip i was looking for this. your blog is one of my favorite. keep up the good work

I've been checking out your site/s for a while now and find it very helpful, so I want to thank you for that.

you're a gem peter. i have always read your blog and followed your tips whenever applicable. i have generated a nice signature and instakked it in my blog. i tweaked the html so that even the previous post now have signatures. thanks again.

thank you so much for the tips !! it work perfectly for both Firefox n IE. i tried a version before that uses the "Object" tag, which only work in Firefox but display an empty box in IE. so glad i found your blog. Thank You !!

Thanks for a fantastic site, your tips have really helped me get my blog up and running.

That was really helpful, some templates you can find on the web have lowercase on default lol. Thanks it helped me out well!

FINALY I GOT IT!!! thanks peter,..

thank you, it was really helpful =)

To a newbie like me, your simple and easy to follow directions are godsend. Thank you.

Hello! I find your blog very useful

Thanks!ur sight is very helpful! more blessings to you!

Let me say that again. Your tips are awesome. Has helped me a lot.

Peter I enjoy your blog and always check there when i have a question.

Thank you so much, Peter, you're doing a great job!

Hi Peter, You are an invaluable resource to me!

I have been your silent reader for a few months, and I didn't recall you writing about this. You are doing a good job in simplifying blogging using blogger.

Hi Peter,i lover you blog it has helped me with a few problems.

Dear Mr Peter Chen: I found your blog very interesting and very useful.

I wanted to tell you that I have really learned alot from you! Thank you for your clear instructions. You have helped me to improve my blog!

Thank you *very* much Peter! I got it to work first time. Check out the song.

First of all I would like to thank you for your useful website that helped me a lot to modify my blog!

Thanks so much for your generous blog. It has helped me so much and made me much more confident about fiddling with html etc.

Really appreciate the info you share!

Hi Peter, First of all, thanks for helping the Blogger community. I've benefitted from many of your posts on the site!

Peter, Peter, Peter! You have helped me so much

Once again, Peter, you are the greatest thing that has happened to me

thanks man, this is cool tip

Dear Peter, You blog is a great reference to newbies like me. Keep up the excellent work.

Hey, nice blog you have Peter, good tips.

i just want to say thank you. it worked, it really worked.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found this blog. I am very new to blogging and an absolute idiot when it comes to HTML. I can tell that this is going to be a very valuabe resource for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Also, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your website has been very very useful.

THANK YOU borders are off the pictures. once again you save the day!!!!

Thanks for the understanding. You have been doing very good services with your tips and tricks for Blogger users. Keep it up.

Thanks, Peter! I had been trying to add a visible counter for a couple of hours, wading my way through Google Analytics' heavy-duty jargon and when I was about to give up, I found this guide. Done in 4 minutes flat!! Thanks a ton!

I just want to thank you, Peter,for posting a lot of useful tips for new bloggers like me. I'll be back here a lot more to get help from you. I just want to show my appreciation for what you are doing. I even subscribe to your site, and made a link to your site in one of my posts from my site: River Rich Dreams Again, Thank you.

JUst go look at the long series of comments in
Here is just one of them:

Thank you for this, you have simplified the process so that I (a complete techno phobe) could actually do it!
Thank you for your blog site, I have found very valuable information on how to change my blog.

You and your blog have helped me several times, and now I need help again.

THANK YOU! I spent hours trying to implement the CSS code suggested on Blogger's help site. Yours worked the first time round!

Thank you Peter! You are always a great help to me. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

Peter, you cannot imagine how useful your blog/s have been to me. After one year of free blogging at,


Thank you so much for this!I always visit here,when I have questions every time.Very appreciate:)!

thanks for coming back to me Peter, and offering to help..... Anyway thanks again for coming back to me, and all the help you give to blogland!

You have helped me so much that I added you to my blog.

Nice Tip! I will do that right away! Thanks!

succesfull!! tq very much!!

Also, I'll like to thank you for your fabulous website that I've learned lots from :)Merry X'Mas!!!

Peter you've offered great advice here for people looking at changing their Blogger Template from 2 columns to 3 columns. Good job, thanks!

Thank you so much! I was finally able to get rid of that pesky, uncentered header border that kept popping up behind my banner picture.

Thank you SO much. I'm not an idiot, but man, I was having NO luck with Blogger's directions. You solved the whole problem for me. Thank you again.

this is the most help i got so far why does google not have this advice on there front page love the calculator now its making some sence thanks again

Hi Peter, your tips have been very useful to me. Thank you very much.

This post just saved me from a heartache this morning. I opened my blog and was shocked to find out that my side bar with all the beautiful elements it contained has gone to the bottom of my posts. It was terrifying. I thought that my template has gotten corrupted, and six months labour is about to be lost. I remembered your blog because I bookmarked it in my browser. I'm glad this post solved my problem which was caused by an UNCLICKABLE link. Thanks for sharing.

thank you, thank you, thanks you...I tried all the other "how-to's" on putting expandable posts on my blog, and none worked...I always got error messages when trying to save the template changes.

Hi Peter, No problem 'bout the delay. I've got my "comments" fixed. I changed a new template and defaulted all my previous widgets. It's working fine now :) Also, I'll like to thank you for your fabulous website that I've learned lots from :)Merry X'Mas!!!

I use your blog ( ) to improve mine own, and i've learned a lot with your tips.

Sir , Just Love Ur Blog , I'm a regular reader of it and subscribed it on Google reader

Your blogs (I am really not exaggerating) making me go further with my blogs.

Love your website! so helpful and way cool of you to offer so much info-

I came across your blog and very happy that I did. The information you have available is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all the great info.

That's of great help to me, thanks! I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now.

Good post. I just started my website and these tips are very useful.

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the great help your tips and tutorials have been! I certainly would have not had the confidence to set up my blog if it hadn't been for you!

Hi Peter, First of all, I would like to thank you for all the great help your tips and tutorials have been! I certainly would have not had the confidence to set up my blog if it hadn't been for you!

Thanks so much! Didn't know of your existence until I was pointed towards you by a colleague. Lovely clear (idiotproof!) instructions that worked first time - just what I need. Keep up the good work!

Easy to implement, works like a charm, thanks!

Thank you very much for your tips ! It is very helpful for me esp when i started with no idea.

Thank you so much for helping me retrieve my "About Me" text I accidentally deleted. I was clueless until I tried your answer and it worked! You're amazing!

This was extremely helpful, as was your post on changing the width of the content and sidebar. Thank you!!

Hi - This is the most detailed explanation that I have come across - Thank you for that.

I am new to customizing my blog, and I find your tutorials very helpful. I successfully made changes thanks to you,

first of all, i would like to thank you for doing this. i can't tell you how many times i've refered to this site for help with my blog.

Thanks, Peter. You are da bomb!

You are an amazing man, Peter. Your tips, advice and instructions have been invaluable.

No wonder your site is doing so well. You're very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.

Thank so much for helping me. I tried the code in a draft and it works. It's great having you in our blogger community. Cheers!

Thanks, I was driving myself nuts. LOL.

You websites network is great. Lot of useful articles for bloggers and other Internet users.

Hi Peter, Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your "Tips & Tricks." Simply detailed with a spot of humor:)

This is a great blog, full of useful info. I'm glad I stumbled in.

The ads don't bother me one bit. You're doing a great service to bloggers, and there's nothing wrong with making a little profit from your efforts

Congratulations for the wonderful blog you have up there.

Hi Peter! Your blog is excellent and I found very good information. Keep up the good work.

thanks very much for the tip! It helped!

Thanks for help me, congrats..

I have no idea what I would do without your blog. I can cook but have no idea about anything relating to html code or the like. So I used your instructions and was able to create the link. Thank you!!! You are a lifesaver for all my odd questions!

Thanks for all the wonderful advice, Peter! I really appreciate, how much time you spend for us figuring out all the best ways to blog.

You are a star for spending time on this! Thank you so much for helping!

Thank you for posting. I was looking for something like this. It makes things a lot easier and fun.

We just started using blogger and have found your websites so unbelievably helpful!

Wow, Peter. Tons of useful info here, as always.

Hey thanks peter I really do think you have one of the most informative blogs out there please keep up the great work.


  1. Hi Peter, I am sorry to see that some folk have complained about the ads on your very useful site. Personally I have no issues with the ads. After all you provide so much valuable information at absolutely no cost to those who visit. The least you should be able to do is try and generate a little cash for all the time you give so willingly to help others.

  2. Hi,

    Sorry can't address you by name or nickname as I can't get it from **** said, but I greatly appreciate what you said. Just wish other visitors and especially bloggers who had been helped have the same opinion.

    To tell you the truth, the amount of time and effort I put into this is not commensurate with what I earn from the ads, but it helps. But what encourages me is when grateful bloggers link to me with statements like

    Absolute Blogger Guru: This guy rocks at answering questions... (towards the bottom of the right sidebar)

    I have often been frustrated with the official Blogger help pages, but I have found a lot of useful information from Blogger Tips and Tricks. I hope you will pay it a visit

    Here is a LINK to the Blogger For dummies blog! Yep, for those of you who have putting it off, here is the perfect place to learn all you'll need to know.....or at least all you'll need to know in order to produce an effective/attractive blog

    Or a grateful blogger from Australia who made a button to link to my blog

    Or get interviewed at:

    Anybody who has ever used blogger and wanted some help must have stumbled upon your blog for sure.

    Meet Peter Chen: blogspot expert for new bloggers

    All this helps me to carry on despite the drain on my time.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Environmentally friendly presents

  3. My apologies Peter for not signing my earlier comment. It's Sally j writing you. Yes I know there isn't a great deal of cash coming from ads. I still can not believe you have had complaints :o(. Thank you again for your Blog. It helps me heaps :o)

    Sally j

  4. Hi Sally,

    Nothing suprises me. I have enjoyed the good free services of Yahoo, especially the email and the great Yahoo group, plus the great spam filter, all for free. What did Yahoo get in return. There are Yahoo bashers out there, because Yahoo have to put a few advertisement to continue to run it as a free service. If Yahoo is a paid service, I would probably run away elsewhere. I don't mind those ads., but looks like there are people who just cannot stand it. If it is banner ads or pop-ups, I can understand, but those Google text link ads are relevant stuff. I myself have to be careful because I often see ads that I myself is interested in, but I cannot click on it. Google came up with a great idea as it is not unlikely that through those relevant ads, we sometimes get things that we need.

    My main worry is the Kontera ContentLink. They are relatively new so may have some bugs to iron out, but they have great potentials once they have everything worked out well, especially if they can get relavancy improved.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Digital Candlelight Vigil

  5. I have been blogging since 2005 and recently decided to promote my blog and started from adsense. But unfortunately I was not getting regular ping and google was poorly indexing my blog site. Then I started searching for blogger tricks and found your this blog. Its really helpful and explained well for a new blogger like me. I am taking each and every of your tips..

    Really a huge collection I have ever seen. Thank you!

    K Nur

  6. I don't have a problem with links being left in forums. In fact, when someone makes an insightful comment, I usually look to see if they've left a link to more information. I also try to find out more about other things they've written on that particularly site and elsewhere because it usually helps.


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