Monday, June 06, 2005

Response to Catmoves comment

Tried to answer a blog reader's question in the comment in the post Backing up and changing New Blogger template, but some scripts not allowed, so posting the answer here:

Hi Catmoves,

Sorry for taking so long to response, but was hoping to make a new post to answer your question, but having too much to do. Anyway, some short answers.

Generally, with the New Blogger, you don't need to fiddle with the CSS as much as with old classic template, as they can be done via the Layout (eg. change fonts and colors.

CSS control the way your blog is displayed, and for New Blogger start somewhere near the top of the template with this


What you may need the CSS for sometimes is like finding what is the width of the blog, sidebar, main column etc. For that you look for sections like

#outer-wrapper {
width: 750px;
margin:0 auto;
font: $bodyfont;

which tells you that the width of the blog is 750 pixels

#main-wrapper {
width: 400px;
margin-left: 20px;
float: left;
word-wrap: break-word; /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */

width of main column is 400 pixels

#sidebar-wrapper {
width: 150px;
float: right;
word-wrap: break-word; /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */

width of sidebar is 150 pixels.

Information like these can be important when you want to put things in the sidebar and want to adjust/ensure they fit the sidebar, etc.

Hope this short answer satisfy you.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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