Monday, May 01, 2006

What to do: Sidebar slide to the bottom of the page

A very common complaint of bloggers is the sidebar, and sometimes the content (main column) of the blog sliding to the bottom of the page. Sometimes this happen in all the browsers, sometime in one browsers and not the others. This happen most frequently in Internet Explorer. I have previously published post about the same problem at Sidebar pushed to the bottom of the page. Here I try to explain further what to do about it.

Images and hyperlinks

The most common cause of this problem is having photos or hyperlinks that are too wide/long for the width for the main column or the sidebar. Try saving the post containing the photo or hyperlink suspected of causing it in draft form, and see if that helps (see update below colored in red for a better way). If it does, removing the post or reducing the size of the photo will help. If you are not familiar with manipulation of images, read this post: Uploading and manipulating images with Blogger and Blogger Beta (click "BACK" button to get back to this page).

Update: I found that a better way is to look at the individual post page by clicking on the timestamp (permalink) at the bottom of the post, or by clicking on the title of the post in the Previous Posts section of the sidebar. If the sidebar is where it should be - at the top of the page, then that post is innocent and you should leave it alone. If the sidebar is at the bottom of the page, then it is that post that is causing the problem and you need to do something about it. With this method, you need not go to trouble of saving it in draft, and then publishing it again)

If it is a long hyperlink, reduce the anchor text to a short text. Some people are fond of writing the HTML for the link like this: <a href="URL">URL</a>. If the URL happens to be a long URL, then you will end up with a very long unbreakable link which will cause your sidebar to slide down to the bottom of the page. Write your HTML for the link this way:
<a href="URL">description</a>

Tracking down the problem

You may also try doing some detective work. Think back to what you did just before it happened. Undo it and see if that helps. You may want to try to track down what is causing the problem. You may try looking at each individual post page and see if the problem occurs. (see update in red above). Try to check to see if the problem is with the template (see below)


Sometimes the problem is caused by incorrect codes or missing or mismatched tags in the template. Rat reported that once it was caused by a closing comment tag --> without an opening comment tag <!--. HTML tags occurs in pairs - opening tags and closing tags.

If you want to see if the fault is in the template, first BACKUP your template. If you don't know how to backup the template, read post How to backup your template (close new window to get back to this page). Then load a fresh template to see if that helps. If the sidebar is at the bottom, then it has something to do with the template. Use a new template, and if you have a lot of customization, lessen your workload by copy-pasting the customizaton from your backup template. If don't want to start all over again, put back the backup template and try to locate the problem, If you can't, then post your problem to the Blogger Help group (close new window to get back to this page) and see if anyone can help.


Another way to solve the problem is to change the width of the content and the sidebar. When you do this, you have to keep in view how it will affect the way the blog is displayed in different screen resolutions. Read about how to change the width of the content and the sidebar in this post: How to change the width of the main column and the sidebar (click "BACK" button to get back to this page). If you are using a large screen, and you want to check how those with 800x600 screeb resolution see your blog with the changes, type or copy-paste this into the address bar - javascript:top.resizeTo(800,600) and press the enter key.

Sometimes it is caused by you, and sometime, as I discovered earlier, it can be caused by people commenting in your post, putting long unbroken text or codes. That had happened to me twice. It was most embarassing for me as I have this post which is about how to solve sidebar at the bottom of the page problems, and I wasn't aware of the problem for a long time. Most of the time, I use FireFox with Google toolbar (close new window to get back to this page), and that problem only was seen in Internet Explorer. I was thus unaware of it for a very long time.

I very often have to include example of HTML codes which contain long unbroken text/code, and in order to do that, I have to put them into a scroll box. If you want to know how to include a scroll box, have a look at post How to make a scroll box (click BACK button to get back to this page). This can be another source of problem because I have to decide on the width of the scroll box to fit into main column. In one of the blog, I used a modified Thur's 3 column Minima template (click BACK button to get back to this page). I use a large screen. In that problem post, I had chosen a width for the scroll box which easily fit into the main column in that screen resolution, but recently, I discovered that for those using 800x600 screen resolution (about 10-20% of my readers) the page was screwed up. See screenshot (click to enlarge)
scroll box causing problem for small screen viewers
That was for this blog. I think I will change back to the standard Blogger template.

Note: For an actual example of how I try to show a blogger solve this sidebar slide to bottom of the page problem, refer to Trouble shoot sidebar slide to bottom of the page problem: Actual example (click BACK button to get back to this page)



  1. I followed your advice, made changes to the photos in my post and still my sidebar is all the way at the bottom. I'm new, I'm getting used to everything and this is driving me crazy! Would love any other instructions to try and follow, only if you can describe in moron language!

  2. Backup your template. Reload a fresh template and see if that helps. If not you can alway load back that backup template again.

  3. Hey, thanks so much for this post. My sidebar now no longer sinks when viewed using IE. Thanks again!

  4. I've tried most of the suggestions, and they don't work. I suspect that part of the problem is the link in one post, but i found a template that was wide enought to allow it to stay. The problem is, the minute i tinker with the sidebar, it just drops, even if all I do is duplicate what is already in the sidebar.

  5. If you have adsense and are using the 468 x 15 Horizontal Row, scroll down in the html code until you find the ad code and change "468" to "435". If 435 is still too big, then you can keep messing around with this number until you find something that works, but 435 worked for me. Hope that helps!

  6. Altering the AdSense codes is against AdSense TOS.

  7. I don't have a problem on my computer nor have I received a complaint from anyone that they are having a problem with sidebar sliding to the bottom.

    But I noticed the other day that on a public library computer, with a new flat screen monitor and quite new computer, the sidebar does slide.

    Is there any simple way to diagnose my posts and links to see what might be causing the problem?

    The problem, however, might be with the library's computer. I noticed when viewing the local newspaper, the StarTribune of the Twin Cities, that the left column was probably only half the width that appeared on my computer.

    So that might indicate an incorrect monitor setting. The librarian who is not at all computer literate beyond the most basic needs to help patrons, just stared at me blankly when I pointed this out to him.

    I didn't see anything obvious in the control panel that would alter my monitor's screen width configuration.

    Is there some other suggestion I could make to the library?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Ray from MN

  8. Your blog
    when viewed with Internet Explorer has the sidebar at the bottom of the page. Don't know if it has anything with the width of the photo:
    Sanctuary O' the Day: St Mary's Oratory, Wausau

    Try saving that post as draft and see if it makes any difference.

  9. Thanks. Hyperlink was too long.

  10. Hi! My blog looks fine in IE, but people who view it in either FireFox or Safari see a jumbled up mess. How can I fix this!

    And you said, " If it is a long hyperlink, reduce the anchor text to a short text."...How do I do that!

  11. HTML like the greater than sign not allowed in comments so replaced by [ ]
    Long link:
    [a href=""][/a]
    replaced by
    [a href="]Blogger Tips and Tricks[/a]

  12. Okay...I understand...except....I do that already! I thought there was some other way.

    My main problem that I've figured out so far is that in FireFox the right sidebar shifts to the left.

    And my 'Links' pop out of the side bar and take up residence in the center column which is probably what makes the center post column stay below that.

    The one 'Link' that seems to change font size in Firefox is a Technorati's "blogs that link" here".

    If you could figure out my problem I would be indebted to you for ever! LOL

  13. My side bar on the right disappeard.

    I see it all in my template. But I am not able to see it in regular view.

    Cna anyone help?

  14. Hello, I wonder if you can help me. My side bar is on the bottom in IE. The whole thing is great on Firefox. On ie, sidebar drops and a few other side effects, but side bar is the one that bugs me. I checked for long links, I reduced the size of the bigger images, I changed the size of both columns, to no avail. I'm really sorry to bug you about this, anyway... my blog is on . cheers!

  15. Anonymous7/30/2006

    I tried (referred by blogger status for real).

    And I found the fix : my post width was too wide. I changed the size of my photos.

    Thanks again.

  16. Help me, too, please!?!
    I use IE; my url is
    I have taken out photos, checked for links that might be too long; also, I haven't messed with HTML since I last added something to the sidebar many many months ago.
    Things were fine until about 4-6 weeks ago.

    My sidebar slides whenever I go the the url, but if I click on a 'permalink' the sidebar shows up in place just fine.

    I am now officially at my wit's end. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

  17. Hi Kate,
    Your problem occur only on Internet Explorer, not on Firefox or Opera. There seem to be nothing wrong with your content except for the way you write your hyperlink. Try saving this post "Check your computers!" as a draft and see if the matter improves. If not, you can always republish it again. Your hyperlinks are now written in the form url. Try to write them in the form Short Description. Then what will appear in your post will be the short description rather than the long url.

  18. Thanks for your help.
    The link you show (Short Descriptions) goes to a Blogger page 'not found'. I searched Blogger Knowledge but didn't find the reference.

    I did save the post you mentioned as a draft, with no improvement.
    I changed the links in that post to just a couple of words: also no improvement.

    Perhaps I just don't understand what you mean. Do I need to be making changes in the template?
    And when you say, "Back up your template", do you mean something within Blogger, or an external back-up of the site?

    FYI: I'm not a total greenhorn, but have very limited knowledge of HTML...
    Thanks again...:)

  19. Hi Kate,

    Sorry my reply didn't help you. Actually the links "url" and Short "Description" weren't meant to be actual link but HTML where I remembered using special codes to represent the "great than" and "less than" that are used in the HTML, but somehow that didn't work and it ended up as active links. Anyway you seem knowledgeable about HTML to play around with it, and hyperlinks should be no problem to you. Although they don't seem to be affecting the blog, I just want to make sure and anyway using anchor text in hyperlinks are the normal pratice rather than repeating the url in the anchor text.

    If saving suspected posts don't solve the problem (and there don't seem to be any real suspect in your blog), the culprit may be in the coding in the template. I am not to good at spotting them. Perhaps you should ask at the Google Blogger Help group. There are a few people who are able and willing to help out.

  20. If it is anything in the post, you may try saving them as draft one by one, and each time checking if the problem persist. When a particular post is saved as draft and the problem went away, then it means it is something in that post. But looking at your blog, it seem unlikely.

  21. You're a wizard deluxe.
    I tried many things you suggested, and finally had success by downloading Firefox. There is much about that browser that I like!
    I was able to republish all but one of my posts. On one (only) I kept getting an HTML error message about an unclosed font tag. I searched the Blogger Group and found that the simplest suggestion worked: just clicked the box that said 'don't tell me about this anymore...' !


    My blog still looks funky in IE and that doesn't make me happy, but I will be suggesting Firefox as an additional browser from now on.

    I've linked to you now, too.
    Thanks for the great (and very prompt) help.

  22. Hi Kate (and others)

    Thanks for the "thanks". Much appreciated.

    And especially thanks for the links.

  23. Just set up this godforsaken blog yesterday and already i dread going to it. Tried everything and the side bar is hideously at the bottom of the page. Now i do remember deleting ad sense from the template using the step by step "guide", if i may call it that, provided by blogger. It really is all rocket science to me! Any chance i can give you the password and you could kindly go in and fix it?
    I'm tearing my hair out:(
    Many thanks

  24. It is dangerous to give out password to stranger.

  25. Hi Peter,

    Can you tell me why the column consists of my Profile, Links, Previous Posts, Archives has moved all the way to the bottom of the page? It all started when I uploaded a video that I think was too wide for my template, since then I have changed the width of the video but the right column consisting of the profile and other stuff has remained at the bottom of the page.

    If I click on individual posts, or change it to only 2 posts per page, then the column appears in it's correct position.

  26. Hi Sunshade,

    You didn't mention whether you pasted the codes for the video in the sidebar or in the post. I assume it is in a post. I suggest you save that post as draft and see if matters improve. If it does, then it is that post that is the culprit.

  27. Hi Peter,

    This is Elaine (Sunshade's mom). The videos were in the posts. I saved posts with the videos as drafts as you had suggested, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    What is interesting is that if you look in my Archives section, the column appears where it should be in July, but not June or August. Only August contains posts with videos.

    Would it be ok if I give you my e-mail address and once I receive your reply, I'll copy and paste my template for you to have a look at? I'm not sure if I did something wrong while adding a new sub section in the column.

    Thank you so much for your time, I know you must be swarmed with comments....

  28. Hi Elaine,

    Regarding the template, there are people who are more skillful at spotting errors than I am. You find them at the Google Blogger Help group. Why don't you try making a post there, giving the link to your site and explaining. I have seen a few who have zeroed onto the problems quite quickly.

  29. My sidebar was fine until I added a sitemeter counter, then it plummeted to the bottom. Any idea how to fix it? Thanks so much!

  30. Your sitemeter shouldn't affect the sidebar. However, if it is the last thing you did before it happened, and you suspect it, then it is a simple thing to delete it, save it in notepad, see if it helps. If it doesn't and you want the sitemeter back in the same position, just paste it back in the same place where you had it before. You have a lot of photos, it is more likely one of them may be too wide for the column width. Try saving this as draft and see if it helps:
    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    Who are you?

    If it doesn't you can always republish it again.

  31. Peter, I just want to THANK YOU for taking the time to help me and everybody else!

    I think I have figured out my problem with the positioning of my profile column. After reducing the width of my videos to suit the template, the profile column moved up into it's correct position. Thanks again!

    Kind regards,
    Elaine & Miss Sunshade

  32. Any advice for saving the sidebar in the new Beta.Editor? (since it doesn't allow raw html editing ... yet) thanks

  33. ugh i am going insane about this!

    on macs everything looks fine with safari, ie, and firefox, it seems to be specifcally windows xp that forces the sidebar to sink.

    i DO post large photos (768 px wide) but i have made the content areas sufficiently large enough to handle that size - my total area width of post area + sidebar equals out with space to spare.

    i really don't want to be forced to make the content area smaller and i have a sneaking suspicion that the trouble is being caused by something quite simple that i'm missing - and not the template sizing itself - having altered the template so many times.

    please please please help me! i am a total perfectionist and this issue is driving me crazy. i appreciate any help you can offer.

    the blog i'm having trouble with is at


  34. Sorry, don't understand your question about saving the sidebar.

  35. Anonymous10/20/2006

    Greetings from Brazil!

    I too have a sliding side bar issue. I followed you instructions and found that I placed a rolling marquis line that was too long. My problem is I messed with the template so many times before I found you and the answer it is now all jacked up. I do not want to lose my blog info, archives, etc otherwise I would just start over from scratch...any suggestions would be most helpful and highly appreciated. Thanks, Tom-

  36. If as you said your template is too messed up, and the problem is due to the template You can test to see if that is so by first backing up you present template (See How to backup your template, etc and loading a fresh template. You will not lose your posts, your comments or your archives. If the problem is solved, then it is the template. You then have a choice of putting back the backup template if there is a lot of customization done, and then ask for help from Google Blogger Help (or if you don't want to change template, you can try straight away asking for help). If you found that it is your template that is causing the problem (the fresh template solved the problem) you can then put back your customization by copy-pasting from the backup template.

  37. If as you said your template is too messed up, and the problem is due to the template You can test to see if that is so by first backing up you present template (See How to backup your template, etc and loading a fresh template. You will not lose your posts, your comments or your archives. If the problem is solved, then it is the template. You then have a choice of putting back the backup template, and then ask for help from Google Blogger Help (or if you don't want to change template, you can try straight away asking for help). The other alternative is to put in a fresh template then put back your customization by copy-pasting from the backup template.

  38. Anonymous11/16/2006

    I just added a google search box, so I know that is the reason my sidebar is at the bottom of my page. When I take it out, the sidebar moves back up. What can I do to make it work in my blog?? On Firefox it's fine. It only moves down on IE. Here's my blog:

  39. Anonymous11/17/2006

    I'm having an issue with my sidebar. Maybe you can help? My previous posts aren't working. They sit there like dead ducks and don't update when you click around to different places.

    Also, my archive drop down menu disappears if you go to previous posts.

    Any hints would be sooo welcome. Thanks in advance :)

  40. Hi Eyes,

    Regarding your sidebar link issue, it will be helpful to give your blog URL.

    Regarding the Archives not seen in the Prevous Posts, in the template, remove the tags <MainOrArchivePage> and </MainOrArchivePage> from the codes for the HTML for the Previous Posts in the template.

  41. Anonymous11/18/2006

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your help. After I posted my first questions -- I figured out the fix for the archives. Yay! And yes, you were right. That resolved that.

    But I am not sure about the fix you are suggesting for the Previous Posts. What do I need to do? Put the URL somewhere? Where? I haven't figured this one out yet.


    Oh...I thought my comment didn't make it. I see you have moderation on. sorry!

  42. You will have to get into the template editor to look for the block of codes. Sign into Dashboard, select the blog, click TEMPLATE tab, and you will be in the post editor with the template in the editor window.

  43. Anonymous12/02/2006

    I made it!!! It took me NO less than 10 working hours in total just to find the way out! Phew!!!!!!!!

    My problem was that my sidebar slided down to the bottom of the page.

    It was because of the html code I used for some of my posts!!! Each of them works good when viewed alone.

    To solve the problem, I just removed the codes from the titles. Very easy!


    First, I started, as is suggested by the article, to track down the posts individually. Every of them did work when viewed alone!!

    Then I moved on to by view my blog by monthly archives. I found out it was those in November 2006. There were about 30 of them, so I decided to view by labels.

    It was in my "news talk" label with 13 posts!! So I started to save each of them as draft to see which caused the problem.

    Finally, i figured out there were three of them. Bingo!!!! Getcha!!!! It is the html codes i to align my post titles!

    So the resolution is, again, that html code is not compatible with the post title column. Remove them if you use it.


    I am a new Cambodian blogger. What's worse, I have never learnt computer at all.

    I have been learning by doing. I didn't believe I could resolve it.

    I have two blogs. is my Cambodian online news blog. And is my light-hearted blog about my experience in Japan, where I post my photos, videos and very quick posts about my studies and/or anything that interests me here in the country.


    Many thanks for your suggested solutions! Without them, it may have not been made possible!

    Thanks also to those of you who have posted your experience in the comments of this article.

  44. Comment moderation is set on for this blog. Unfortunately, it is not fool proofed as sometimes I don't get email notification for them, and sometimes when I click publish, I get the error "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request." This is what happened to Pauline's comment. I tried to publish numerous times over a period of a few days, and still get the same result. Also, the comment is not in the list of comments waiting for moderation in the Dashboard. So for Pauline's sake, I am pasting her comment below:
    Thank you so much, the tips you provided helped me solve the problem, especially looking at each posting separately quickly isolated the posting with the problem, still not sure what the problem was, but I love using slideshows from and several are on my blog with no problem, one, however appeared to cause the problem, I resized the slideshow at then edited the posting with the new link and "problem solved." Plus I learned a few things in the process, not being any kind of programmer, etc., I just learn on the fly.

  45. Hi Peter

    You really saved my blog again today. I tried my hand at expandable post summaries today and all of a sudden my sidebar was sitting at the end of the page.
    As per your instructions, I made a backup of my template before I started. I undid all the changes to my blog but still the sidebar was at the bottom. So I then followed your advice to check each post individually and finally found the problem in one of the recent posts. It was the last part of the code for the expandable summaries that I inserted and then forgot to delete when I undid all my changes.
    After that, all was in place again.
    So once again you are my hero. Now I will just have to go and try my hand at it again. I really do learn so much from your blogs. Thank you, thank you!!!
    PS. I also inserted photos by using the table code and find your tip about uploading images by posting it to Blogger very useful. It worked so well.

  46. Glad you found help in my blog and all is well again for your blog.

  47. Anonymous1/10/2007

    I really need some help with my blog!! I have it set up with two sidebars and the text in the middle but the left sidebar drops to the bottom. Could you help me?? Please! :)

  48. Anonymous1/12/2007

    Hi Peter. I tried your solutions - and am very impressed with you calibre of help!

    Unfortunately, I'm still stuck with my sidebar at the bottom.

    Please have a look and let me know if you can help me? I'm desperate!

    Thanks so much.

  49. Hi Dave,

    Your blog sure takes a long time to download. As of this moment, what is visible in Firefox is still only the Header. It took some time to fully load in IE and as you said, the sidebar is at the bottom of the page. There don't seem to be anything in the main column that may cause the problem, but I see 2 "tables" that seem to extend beyound the width of the sidebar and is cut off. I am wondering if this could be the cause. Try surrounding the codes for
    The most popular artists this week

    with the comment tags and see if it makes any difference. If so, then they are the culprits.

    Natural Remedies

  50. Anonymous1/12/2007

    Hi Peter. Thanks so much for getting in touch. I tried to remove what i'm listening to, but it did not solve the problem, so I replaced it.

    NOt sure about the slow load. Perhaps the images?

    ANy other ideas? Would you like me to email you the template?

    Thanks again for your help. You're the best!

  51. Hi Dave,

    Sorry that didn't help. Maybe you should post your problem to the Google Blogger Help group. There are a number of helpers there, and most of the time, you get a quick response.

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  52. I have tried all but the problem persists! I guess the problem is with my adsense 468 x 60 bar. Can you suggest a solution to my problem? URL is

  53. Hi Shreeka,

    I checked your blog in both FireFox and IE7. The sidebar is where it should be, at the top. However, I don't have IE6 and with that browser, likely your sidebar will be at the bottom. As you suspect, it most probably is your ads. I see it extending into the sidebar. Use a different ad format or remove that and see what happens.

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  54. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for responding!! I will change the size of my ad!

  55. Thanks for the great advice. I had two photos side by side and a really long link. I removed one photo and split the link and my profile went back to the top of the page. Thanks!

  56. You give great advice. The problem is for the most part all I know how to do are the posts.

    I did notice the problem after someone posted a comment to one of my posts. I would first think that that was the problem until I checked another blog I used the same Douglass Bowman 3 column template on (one with no comments at all) and it was having the same issues with the sidebars.

    Could you look at my blog: and tell me what you see.

    Some time all 3 columns are there and other times they are not.


  57. hi
    my sidebar is pushed down when IE is used. But when I view each post individually (on its own page) everything is fine. I tried decreasing the size of pictures. i still have the same problem. With firefox all is ok. I also have the same issues with the pages that are linked to my tabs just under the header.
    What must I do?

  58. Hi Pauline,

    I am deeply puzzled. I checked your blog using IE6, IE7, FireFox 1.5, FireFox 2.0, Flock, Opera browsers and in all of them, the sidebar is where it should be, at the top of the page. Maybe you have already corrected the problem. If so I will appreciate you letting me know and also how you solved the problem.

    I have gone a bit further in doing some testing. I have delibrately published a wide photo at Invitation to visit Malaysia using a 640x426 px photo when the main column (posts) is only 410 px wide. By right, the sidebar should slide to the bottom of the page in IE, but I checked IE6, IE7, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 1.5 and in all the browsers, the sidebar did not slide down. Instead, the right side of the photo was just cut off and not visible. You can view the full photo at Kuala Lumpur night skyline.

    I had actually wanted to test a method of solving this problem of the sidebar sliding to the bottom of the page, but even before I have the chance to test, I cannot get that problem, so I cannot test.

    I will like to get as much feedback from you as possible.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  59. hi thanks for your reply. I actually did manage to solve my problem by using this: I added "overflow:hidden;" to the #main part (through the HTML editing). In the end it gives:

    padding:0 15px 0 0;
    border-right:1px solid #d0d0d0;

    This did the trick!

  60. Hi Pauline,

    That was exactly what I wanted to test before I respond to your question, but for the template I used, I didn't even have to do that and the sidebar never slide to the bottom of the page even after adding a wide photo as mentioned in my earlier comment. I suppose a lot depend on the template you use.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  61. hello, fot more than 3 days (lot's of night hours spent in each one ) i'm trying to solve my blog's problems. It is madness!
    The sidebar sunk to the bottom ( in all browsers ). I've read your 2 articles and several other forums and nothing helped.With another template it doesn't work at same, so it must be a template's question. I've changed all sizes and no solution! Could you help me?

    Another two smaller things:
    1. firefox reads most of my text in italics, it shouldn't!

    2. Over the header picture 2 days ago, started to appear the bloggers' name in black. for i'm not abble to make it vanish, i reduced it to one letter (V.) on the blogger settings till i find a solution.

    I'm so tired of it. I really need some help. Thank you!

  62. Hi Dora,

    I am afraid I am not able to fully understand your questions, but from what I can decipher, it looks like you have a complex problem. I currently have a big backlog of comments and emails to respond to plus posts to make, etc., I am afraid I cannot take the time to really look at your problem, especially as you have not given the URL to your blog.

    Maybe I will just give two links and a suggestion and hope that helps you:

    What is URL and how to get it

    Asking for help.

    You may try posting your problem to the Google Blogger Help group. Sometimes there are some very patient people who have the time to really examine your problem and help you.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Alternatives to AdSense

  63. I'm stumped. Posted an overly large image, but removed it. If I remove any posting following the one that went wrong, I have the sidebar at bottom problem; if I revert to before the bad posting, everything is fine (which would be okay if I never wanted to update the blog). I've checked code, tried to reset the template, cleared the cache, without luck.
    blog is:

  64. I know this sounds weird. I had the same probelm. right sidebar sank to bottom in my recent post. earlier posts were fine. All 3 posts are text only. no images. no links. I was stumped.

    I went back into the template then edit html and simply clicked the expand widgets box and it's fine

    I clearly have no clue what I am doing but this is one trick that worked for me. maybe it will help someone else...
    (I'm sure I'll b back for help when I get brave enough to conquer pictures!)

  65. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for letting us know how you managed to solved the problem. Glad you managed to do it but I like you is stumped as to how just expanding widget helped.

    BTW you missed a p in


    Plus your link is not active (clickable). Don't know if you have intention to make it active, but it is always a good idea to do so. Hoping this wouldn't offend you, may I refer you to Make active (clickable) links in posts and comments.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger for Dummies

  66. And uploading pictures is no big deal, even if you know nothing about HTML etc. All you need to do is to click on the photo upload icon in the post editor, browse to the photo stored in your computer, chose where you want it centered, float to the left, float to the right, or none of these, click upload and wait. This post will explain it plus more if you want more: Uploading and manipulating photos with Google Blogger.

    Peter Blog*Star
    What a grateful blogger did for me
    (no one should feel obligated. Everything completely voluntary. However, by doing so, you may also help your visitors find helpful information and help. You may even pick up various ways of linking sites there too)

  67. Hi,
    I tried to follow your advice but I still can't figure out what's wrong. My sidebar's alignment is off and it's all the way at the bottom when I view my blog in IE, but it's perfectly fine in Firefox. It's Are you able to help? Please let me know.


  68. Hi Fabulista,

    I am afraid I have so much to do I am not able to do what you ask. Try this old post Sidebar pushed to bottom of post and see if there is something here that may help you that I have missed out in the newer post, and if there are, will appreciate you letting me know about it.

    You can also try the Google Blogger Help group where there are many other helpers and again, if you get a solution, feedback will be highly appreciated, perhaps by giving a link to the thread which helped you.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Temporary blog for bloggers who want to earn from their blogging efforts until final website ready

  69. Thanks for this very helpful post! I thought for sure the addition of a Twitter widget had blown up my page template and sent the sidebar to the bottom, but after checking though some of the suggestions here I figured out it was some bad coding in old post that I'd messed around with yesterday.

    You rock!

  70. can you check out my blog in your spare time and tell me what you think the problem is?

  71. Thanks so much for this information,you halp me a lote with my Sidebar problem,nice work
    Thanks a LoooT

  72. AHhhh!! I will pay you one million dollars if you can tell me what the heck is wrong with this sidebar!!!
    Ok so I can't give you 1 million dollars, but I will make you a free new layout and give you all the respect in the world if you can help! I've tried everything you've suggested and the girl who owns this blog is desperate to fix it. Please help!!!

  73. Hi crazynewmama,

    I checked your blog and it looks like you have the problem licked. Well done.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  74. Hi Peter,

    My apologies if this is the wrong thread to post this in but I couldn't find a more appropriate one and I think someone mentioned something similar above.

    A couple of my readers have told me that the text disappears from my page once it has finished loading when viewing in firefox and can only be made visible by highlighting. This has only been an issue for a few days and while I have posted, I have not changed anything template-wise. It views fine for me using IE.

    Is there anything you can advise that may help?

  75. Hi Matt,

    I can view text on your blog with no problem with Flock (based on Fireforx) as well as FireFox 2.0.

  76. Hi,


    I've tried most of your suggestions, even making my pics smaller and adjusting my main content/sidebar width. NOTHING SEEMS TO HELP! :(

    I'm desperate! Any help wud be appreciated!


  77. Peter,

    I desperately need your help on my blog

    My sidebar is to the bottom, I've tried making my sidebar/main content wider and smaller. Ive tried makin the pictures smaller and have even checked the URLS. NOTHING! :(

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  78. Peter,
    I thank you for explaining in detail on how to get things fixed for this issue.

    However, I investigated both my main bar and sidebar contents, still no big issue about it that may cause the slidebar to fall.

    It only started a few days back and I thought it was a browser problem that would go away in a day or two..but it didn't.

    I even deleted all the content in my side bar, add in 2 new fields but it still slides. The images I have been uploading are all of the same width, 400px.

    If possible, do have a look at my site and if you spot some problems on your first glance, do let me know!

    Appreciate the help that you'll render.

  79. Anonymous3/16/2009

    Thank you so much. I now have my blog back to normal.

  80. Thank you so much! You RESCUED my blog. I had a YouTube video embedded that was a bit too wide.

  81. Youtube video size can be changed to fit the sidebar. Refer to testing embedding video in Blogger or if you can find it ask again.

  82. Is there any way to keep the text in the "Interests" window of my profile from being displayed as a bunch of links? The color and underlining make it hard to read, and what I wrote isn't a list anyway

  83. Perhaps by tinkering with the template but I doubt it and don't feel like trying. However if you don't like Blogger profile, perhaps you can use a HTML/Javascript gadget to make your own "Profile" with your interest not active hyperlink, just a simple list perhaps even using <l> tag

  84. could you please help me how to increase "profile views" It's stopped counting when it reached 2500

  85. This infamous "profile views count stuck" has been with us for long time and is something we cannot do anything about except complain.

  86. My side bar sliding below my post happened twice, one with the "dots dark" template and the other, the "dots" template. For both, the problem began when I opted for Blogger's "updated editor". When I started using the "jump break" feature, the side bar has gone awry. I already changed the total width, width of the main bar and the side bar. After I published the changes, the problem didn't get fixed. But when I clicked "older posts", the side bar was where it should be. Help. Thanks.

  87. I suggest you view your post one by one and see if any particular post caused the sidebar to slide to the bottom.

  88. Thanks, Peter.
    It's the DIV tags before and after the jump break which were causing the problem. I had to change them to SPAN. I had to do it though for every post where I used the jump break feature.

  89. I have this issue as well where the right hand column of my web site goes to the bottom. this is how i troubleshoot:

    1. I click on my archives based on month and check whether the right hand column is displayed ok. If it is ok, then the articles for the month is ok. If not, once of the articles in the month is problematic.

    2. For that problematic month articles, i further click on the labels/categories and check on the right hand column. Move on until you find the label/category that contain the faulty article within the month.

    3. Drill down to each article within the label/category and within the month. The article that doesnt display the good layout needs to be edited - be it content, URL or images.


  90. Thanks for sharing, jutamind. That is a slightly better strategy than mine which is checking post by post. Your perhaps can help narrow down to the post quicker, but will not help if the problem is elsewhere like in the sidebar.

  91. Peter - like everyone else here, ive tried to get my sidebar back up from the bottom of the page. I've isolated the problem post (Flying Pigeon post), I shortened links, resized photos, tried to change the width of the columns...
    now im at a loss. my site is (
    please help if you can!

  92. Recently lots of bloggers have been having this sidebar problem caused by a &ltdiv> tag without a closing </div>. Check to see if that is the cause of your problem.

  93. Thanks for the quick response, Peter, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, there is no &ltdiv> tag in the problem post. I get no html error messages when I publish, and curiously, when I view the post individually, the sidebar is in place. It's only when it's on the main page that it falls to the bottom (i know it's this particular post because when I save it as draft, all is well). I hate to nag, but...any more suggestions?

  94. Sorry, &ltdiv> should read as <div>

    Not sure if I can help you, but let us have the post URL of your problem post in the remote possibility we may be able to spot something.

    BTW perhaps you should also read Make active link in comments

  95. Hopefully this active URL works...


    if not, the direct url is

    As i mentioned, the sidebar shows up fine on the isolated post view, but in the blog view it drops to bottom. thank you so much again for your time, Peter!

  96. Suggest you post your problem to Blogger Help Forum and let us have the thread URL.

  97. Hi, I came across your post while googling for help to deal with the sidebar problem on my blog. The sidebar slid down to the bottom of the page only a few months ago, and tried as you suggested by saving posts as draft but the sidebar still goes down. Does that mean that there is a problem with the sidebar template perhaps?
    Would really appreciate help.
    Thanks much.

  98. Followed it and solved in minutes! Thanks

  99. Thank you SOOO much! I was so mad at my blog just shortly ago. I don't know how I would have figured this out without you! :)

  100. Please help-My all 3 sites sidebar moved to bottom, tried everything, no results..

    I tried everything as per the instruction.

    I cannot fix it, please help me i am in big trouble, i have 3 sites using herbret blogger template, since last 3-4 days on all my sites my right sidebar pushed at the bottom, after all blog post, i tried but cannot find the fix. please help....



  101. Thanks so much for the simple explanation that helped me fix my problem. When cutting the long link out of the first entry didn't fix the problem, I kept going until I found a second entry that was misbehaving, and that fixed it. So, persistance.....

  102. Thank you very much for this post and this blog, i'm one of the many who has been blogging for years and still has no real understanding of html, I avoid learning about it, because I'm just not interested enough, i apply my brain to other interests.
    So to find a place where it's explained clearly and in such a way I can understand it, is a huge help.

    I have a suggestion regarding the difficulty some people have with long URLs, I use ""
    there's an add-on for firefox...

    (or, as a tiny url: )

    Tinyurl does just what it says, takes a huge unwieldy URL, and turns it into a short one.
    I keep a tinyurl box on my sidebar for rapid access.

  103. Soubriquet, just wondering how I can get you a little bit more interested in HTML, perhaps by showing how with just superficial knowledge of HTML you can have more control on what goes on in your blog. Perhaps a HTML for Dummies series.

    As for tinyURL, it is a good suggestion but it depends on the reason why one would want a short URL. One of them is for use in Tweeter where there is a severe limitation on the number of characters.

    However, from the SEO point of view, using tinyurl doesn't make sense because SEO prefer meaningful URL with words it can understand.

    So too with human who would not know what of webpage awaits at but will have an idea if it is
    as a human can then tell that the above link to something about SEO for beginners.

  104. Please help can I increase the size of my pictures in my sidebar...when I tick the shrink to fit then it's just too small, if I untick it, it's too big.
    Please can email me on

  105. I assume you upload the photo to the sidebar using Design > Add a gadget > picture gadget

    Try Design > add a gadget > HTML/Javascript gadget
    and use
    <img src="photo URL" width="some number" />
    to display your picture.

  106. Thanks for your advice! The tip to click on each individual post to find the problem child was great! My problem is solved!

  107. I have found your blog a few times when I have had blogger are a genius. This tip is perfect. : ) Thanks for your help. Priceless.

  108. OMG i need help with my blog. This is not very fun. I clicked on my blog this morning to upload some stuff and my sidebar was no where to be found. I saw it moved to the bottom. I've done everything i can think of to try to fix it. Please help me!

  109. I also need help with this. I've done all the advise you give but the problem still persist. I'm confused though, coz when I try to open my blog in my brother's laptop, its just fine.

  110. I narrowed down my problem to the left sidebar alignment. My right sidebar was at the bottom. Where my html code says, ""
    I had changed the "left" to "center" and that's what messed it up. I had to change it back to left. I wanted the sidebar items to be centered, but looks like I can't do that without messing up my right sidebar.

  111. Thank you very much, it helped me

  112. Just wanted you to know - this post helped me solve this problem on my blog. I had no idea that bad code on a post would mess up the sidebar. Thanks!

  113. Wow. This was written about 10 years ago and it's still good as gold. Thanks a lot man, this really helped :D


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