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How to get comment and post notification email sent to all team member

In Blogger, there is provision for email to be sent to you whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog. To set this, in the Dashboard, go to SETTINGS > COMMENTS and fill in the email address at the box for COMMENT NOTIFICATION ADDRESS. There is also a provision for an email to be sent whenever a post is published. Go to SETTINGS > EMAIL and fill in the email address at the box for BLOGSEND ADDRESS. However, only 1 email address can be filled in for either post or comment, so if you have a team blog, and each team member want to be notified, you have a problem. Here is a workaround.

Set up a Yahoo group specially for the blog. When setting up the group, there is a provision for entering your group email address. This email address is for your group. When you send a message to this address, all members of your group will receive a copy. For example, I may set the group email address as Configure the group so that posts are sent to all members. Then fill in this address for the Blogger COMMENT NOTIFICATION ADDRESS and BLOGSEND ADDRESS. Now, whenever someone makes a comment or publish a post, an email will be sent to and Yahoo group will in turn send an email to all members of the group.

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  1. Ok I got you. I need to get cleaned up my template. Can you help. I will display your link on my site.

  2. What do you mean clean up your template?

  3. I tried your suggestion, but any comments left from folks who are not registered with blogger (ie, anonymous or other) are bounced because "User Autoresponding"

    Do you have any suggestions for a workaround on that?

    Thanks! Laura

  4. Interesting -- I have set my blog to email to me when it gets a comment -- and usually it does. However, sporadically and unpredictably, sometimes I do NOT get the comment by email. Any experience with this.

    No -- these are not going into SPAM. I checked that. And the provided address works. So it has to be Blogger.

  5. I have read reports of others having the same problem. So, after making sure your email address is properly filled in in the SETTINGS, the only thing to do is to contact Blogger Support and hope they are not too busy to deal with issues like this.

  6. I checked the enable comments in my SETTINGS by I still don't have a box or "post a comment" in my blogspot. Help! please

  7. Hi Che (not Chen by any chance?

    Try resetting blog post widget (someone else's tip). Search for instruction at How do I do that?.

    Peter Chen Blog*Star
    Goal Driven Life

  8. Hi there!
    Got a problem with this tip: it works fine for new posts, however, new comments are not dispatched.
    I tested putting regular email addresses in the "comment notification" field, and it works fine. Now, when I put the yahoo! groups email instead - new comments never get delivered. The strange thing is that I checked in "Group activity" in yahoo groups (that's some kind of logs of all messages) and there ARE logs for each comment notification that never got delivered, with the comment "Bounced message: User Bouncing".
    So, it's either blogger is sending notifications to groups in a different way, or yahoo groups filtering comment notification.
    I even found a setting called "spam filter" in yahoo groups, but it didn't help.
    Any ideas?

  9. Could be your mailbox is full or you have set your email to reject messages from

  10. Hey Peter,

    I have a question. I want to set up a 'get notified when I post through email' notification box on my blog, but I only want the notification email to contain the link of the blog post- no content from the blog itself. I want to do this because if the entire post is included, sometimes my posts look funny in an email because of some special pictures I have that zoom on mouse over- these pics don't look right in email. I've thought about just having a text only email- but then if the reader doesn't go to my blog they miss out on some great photos. This is not for a group blog, and I use feedburner.

    Hope you can help.


  11. Peter,

    Thanks for answering so quickly. I'm not sure I understand how this will add a box on my sidebar that says 'get notified by email when i post' or something similar. To clarify, I want to offer an option to readers to get a notification via email when I post- and have that email only contain the title and a link to the post. Kind of like the option that is in settings>email>Blog send address- only they are signing themselves up instead of me setting it in my settings (only 10 are allowed anyway). I hope I'm explaining this right- thanks for your help.

  12. When you set the feed to summary, then those who subscribe to your blog by email will only get email messages for the new post title and a summary of the post

  13. Hello again!
    I didn't respond earlier because I passed to google groups instead of Yahoo. So it worked fine (the mail notification, that is)... just until recently.

    Well, to respond to your question first: no, nor was my mailbox full, neither was it set to reject mails from yahoo groups.

    And now, the problem is back. Even though blogger and google groups are both from google, I don't get mail notifications for replies, though notifications for new posts works well.
    Tried putting my own email instead of the group one and again, all works fine. So I figure messages get stopped somewhere by google groups. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find some way to view the logs of google groups, as I did with yahoo groups.
    I'll try raising this issue at the google groups support, since it doesn't seem to be a blogger problem. But anyway, thanks for the time spent on reading this. And if anyone else gets the same problem and finds a solution to it - please contact me.

  14. If it's any help:
    tested on yahoo groups again (at least there are logs). Here's how a bounced message log entry looks like (it's a comment):
    Jan 14, 2009 5:43 pm Bounced message: User Bouncing

    And here's how an accepted message log entry looks like (it's a new post notification):
    Jan 14, 2009 5:43 pm (my_mail) Accepted message: "[my_blog] test"

    So blogger really does send new posts and new comments notifications differently - new posts notifications are sent from the actual member's email, but new comments notifications are sent from a temporary google email.
    As I see it, there are two solutions, but neither of them is available for us, users: either blogger must start sending new comments notifications from a stable email, either google groups must start allowing emails from "".

  15. Hi there!
    Me again.
    Back with news: the problem suddenly solved itself. With no action from my part. So I guess it's a temporary problem with google (although an annoyingly recurring one).

  16. Hello,

    I´m having the same problem that Geby commented. I´m using a google group but the group is not receiving comment notification. Is yours still working?


  17. Geby said: " the problem suddenly solved itself. With no action from my part..."

    So I assume yours will solve by itself too.

  18. I have the same problem with my blog as well. I have set up a YahooGroup and I get notifications for new posts on my blog, but don't get any notifications for the comments. I see the "User Bouncing" message in the logs on the YahooGroups!

    Any help please?

  19. Thanks for this, I have a bunch of blogs and didn't even realise I was getting comments from them as I didn't have notification set up - doh!

  20. When people become followers by email, I cannot see their info - how do I get a complete list of all members?

  21. Thanks for this! Your instructions were helpful and very easy to follow!

  22. Anonymous9/14/2012

    Great post thanks for the info.

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