Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tip: How to copy features from websites you like

You may come across websites or blogs you like, and you will like to have some of the features you see there. What do you do? Well, the idea is to look at the source codes of the website. At the menu bar, click View > Page Source (FireFox) or View > Source (Internet Explorer) and a window will open with the source codes of the site you admire.

For example, I came across a website which has a CATEGORIES section in its sidebar at I want to be a millionaire.

and in the source codes I look for the text Millionaire Categories. The checking turns up this block of codes:

Click on the screenshot to enlarge it

This revealed that the site is just using del.icio.us and hyperlinks to create his CATETORIES section, and it gave me the idea for a simple method for doing categories for my sites, and also is the inspiration for doing the post Blogger Categories: A Simple Method.

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  1. nice tips, I like it
    and will comeback if I need more. I will read it carefully.
    And you arrange the adsense in a suitable place.

  2. Glad you like it. Hope you gain something from it.

  3. View sourcecode, that little magic wand people tend to take so long to figure out... and then go mad on it! ;-)

  4. Bless you, you wonderful, wonderful man!! I just found this tip and was able to copy a friend's blogroll code after agonizing over some other instructions for days!! This is why I'm not a programmer! I will most certainly come back to your blog many more times, as I'm sure I'll need more assitance. Great resource!


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