Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Backing up the template, changing template, etc.

Backing up the Blogger template

It is important to always backup the template, especially if you do a lot of customization. MS NotepadTo backup the template, sign into Dashboard, select the blog, click the TEMPLATE tab, and highlight all the text in the template editor (ctrl+A). Right-click on the mouse and select copy. Click the START button at the bottom left of the page, scroll to PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > NOTEPAD and click on NOTEPAD to open it. Then paste it into Notepad (right-click+paste) and save it under a suitable file name, for example blognameDate, preferably in a folder specially for template backups.

Changing to a new template

After you have pasted the current template into Notepad and saved, under the TEMPLATE tab, click PICK NEW and select a new template.template pick newOn the other hand, if you are changing to a non-standard Blogger template (downloaded from website elsewhere), the in the above step, instead of right-clicking on the mouse and select copy, select cut instead, then in another tab or window where you have the new template, copy the new template, go back to the Blogger post editor, right-click inside the now blank post editor window and select paste. Click PREVIEW and if you are satisfied, click PUBLISH.

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  1. Let me ditto the idea of backing up your template. Just good programming practice.

    I tend to use an HTML editor for my editing, so instead of notepad or the like, I open it, and then copy the template twice into two tabs. I work off of the second one, and leave the first for backup. Also, I will often save it, JIC. Then, I will do the Select All/Copy from the HTML editor and Select All/Paste into the template, try preview, and repeat as necessary.

    I use an HTML editor primarily because the Blogger template editor has such a small window that it is hard to work in. Also, it allows easy insertion of HTML elements, searching, etc.

  2. If you update to a new template, does the old content reappear in the new format? Or must you start all over? How would people be able to access the previous blog content?

  3. Blogger has those info stored and when switch over Blogger will redirect traffic from the old to the new.


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