Friday, August 25, 2006

How to solve formatting problems when blogging via email

There are numerous complaints about formatting problems when posting via email - unwanted line breaks at places not desired. Well, someone posted a solution to this problem, (see link to the post at the bottom of the post), and I am going to test what he suggested by actually publishing this post via my Yahoo email account.

What revrickm said in his post was that Yahoo has a provision for setting the screen width (number of characters per line) for both incoming and out going messages. He suggested  50 characters for outgoing messages and  72 characters for incoming messages. I will use his suggestion for this post. I believe the actual numbers should depend on your main column width and the font size, so you may have to play around with the numbers to get it right.

To set the screen width for messages with Yahoo mail, click OPTIONS at the top right-hand corner, and then select GENERAL PREFERENCES under Management. You will see the boxes for setting Screen width for incoming and outgoing messages somewhere in the middle. Set it to the number you want, then click SAVE.

Well, I have done that, I have composed the post in the Yahoo Compose window and now going to send the email. Let's see what happens.

Update: Well, the result looks OK, except where I tried to post a link to revrickm's post, but looks like posting via email introduces extra HTML tags such as <br> and that seem to affect some HTML you try to post via email. That seem to affect the HTML for the link which resulted in a long unbroken text and sent the sidebar to the bottom of the page, and I am now in the post editor window trying to correct that:

revrickm's post: Line returns and more
revrickm also described in his post a shareware "Clean Text" with which you can copy the posted code, run it through Clean Text, remove the returns, and paste the newly reformatted code back into Blogger and republish.

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  1. I use to get around the problem. It's easy to use.


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