Saturday, August 19, 2006

How you can easily do a sticky post with Blogger Beta

UPDATE 3 April 2009: It is now possible to use the dates and time POST OPTION to schedule posts to be published in the future by chosing a future date and time for the POST OPTION. Thus now if you put a future date, the post will not be published until later. To use the date and time POST OPTION to make a "sticky post", you will first have to publish using current or past date and time and only change the date and time to the future after publishing.

UPDATE 5 November 2006: Now, there are two ways to do a "sticky post", the one mentioned in the update below, and now another one in this post: Bloger Beta: How to add Adsense ads or permanent "sticky post" at the top main column of every page of the blog (click "BACK" button to return to this page).

UPDATE: I have done some testing and I believe I have discovered a way to make a "sticky post" in Blogger Beta. Look at this post: Adding a graphic to your Blogger beta blog (close new window to get back to this page). The post was written with a graphic in mind, but can be used for other things like AdSense ads, text for a "sticky post", etc. The stuff (text, etc., will end up in the Header

There have been numerous requests for ways to do a stick post. Now, the only way to do it is to play with the dates, to future date it:
How to make a post remain at the top of the page
However, this expire at that future date (2007 I believe) which is not too distant in the future. When that date is reached, you will have to future date it again, and this will cause the URL of the post (permalink) to change. That means dead links, fruitless search engine results, etc.

With Blogger Beta, there is an easy way to do a sticky post, provided Blogger put an extra "Add a Page Element" just below the header (just above the post). Anything you put in that new Page Element will appear at the top of every page. Thus you can add text (perhaps an introduction to the blog, instruction on how to navigate the blog, ads, etc,)

I have made a suggestion to Blogger support. But whether they eventually implement it will depend on how many people request for it. Those who want to be able to do a real sticky post for themselves, for fellow bloggers, for friends and relatives, should make a suggestion. You can do it here: Make suggestion to Google Blogger

Update: Got a couple of comments from readers that they are not even aware that there is a new Blogger Beta. Please understand that this is a beta, and there are bugs to iron out, which I suppose they eventually be. However, if you have not been invited to join the beta, you can still start a new Blogger Beta blog to test it. Go to Blogger in Beta, read about it, and if you want to start a new Blogger Beta blog, look for the link "create an account" and click on it. (Ah, I might as well give you the hyperlink here for your convenience: Create an account). I would suggest you proceed with caution. Use an email (Gmail) account that is not associated with any of your current blogs, as I have read reports of numerous problems with not being able to post to current blogs, can't see current blogs on Dashboard, etc. If you do decide to sign up for a test blog, I think you will enjoy the many new features, and especially if you do not like to deal with HTML, this will be good for you.

LATEST UPDATE: You can add an extra "Add a Page Element" to the header by yourself. See Adding a graphic to your blog header. I have used it to add a graphic to the header as well as an AdSense link unit.

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  1. Peter, how do I get music with my photo's on my blog?

  2. Sorry, I never do music and am not familiar with it. You have to host your music files somewhere and then embed some codes on your site. Sorry, I don't know much about that. Maybe you can ask on the Google Blogger Group

  3. Are there a Blogger Beta?
    Where do we sign up for trying it?

  4. what is "blogger beta"? I'm always looking for new things to try...

  5. peter, how soon are those old templates (K1, K2, ...) going to be recoded to fit into tha new layout system? do you know anything?

    keep blogging ;)

  6. Blogger has selected a small group of Blogger account to test their Blogger Beta. If you have been selected, you will see a link on your Dashboard. If you haven't been invited, and you will like to test it out, you can create a test Blogger Beta blog. You can start the step by signing up for a Google Account here: (sorry, the hyperlink to the url could not be accepted because it is a https://.. url. Go here to look for it: (sorry, the hyperlink I tried to create is also not allowed. Copy this, and paste it into the address bar of your browser. Look for "If you can't wait, you can create a new account on the beta now and make a new blog to test out the new features." I would suggest you use an email which is not associated with any Blogger account as I read about a lot of problems people unable to view or post to their old Blogger blogs etc.

  7. Scott Marlowe:

    See my reply to sexy sadie. Proceed with caution as there are reports of problems. Set up a test blog with an identity different from your current Blogger account.

    Regarding integration, I don't know, and I am not looking forward to it until they iron out all the bugs. Plenty reported.

  8. The thing is, I need a sticky post that allows comments. The new "add page element" doesn't provide that; it's only for photos or announcements. The old way, with the dating-forward was the best way for my needs. Now I'm searching for a solution. If you can help me out, I'd be so grateful!

  9. You already know the solution - play with dates and time.

  10. Peter, perhaps you aren't aware of this yet, but Blogger has discontinued this "trick" with playing with time. If you forward-date, your post just remains in draft. That's why I've been googling to see whether anyone has found another way to do a sticky post that allows comments.

    Thank you for such a great blog, btw. There's a lot to learn from your posts.

  11. Okay, there is now a way to do a sticky post with the dates and times, and this should help people like Gennita with the need for comments.

    First off, write up your post, and then publish it as normal. It is now an "active" post. You cannot pull it and schedule it, only delete it.

    After its published, edit the post, and put in the date and time you want the post to remain sticky for (ie. the contest close date, the election date, etc. etc.). It will now remain sticky until that time is up. New posts will go below it until the date passes.

  12. Love Child,

    To make a
    sticky post by playing with date and time
    , you don't have to first publish then edit. You can straight away click on Post Options and edit the date/time while preparing the post the first time.

    Another way will be to add a gadget at the top of the post

  13. Is it possible to have a Blogger trick that used to work and then didn't work and now works again? Thanks guys, this does work now, but I am quite sure it did not work 3 months ago and did work 1 year ago.



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