Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moving a blogspot blog to own domain

Some people are no longer happy having their blog as a sub-domain on, and want to have their own domain. What are the possible problems.

Well, the first thing to consider is that when you do that, your original blogspot will become available and the address may be taken by spamblog and may no longer be available to you. Worst still, you may find embarrassing content placed on the old site such as porn, and this can be really embarrassing especially if you have given your old blogspot address to relatives, friends, associates. If you do that, immediately try to claim the old blogspot address to prevent others from doing so. If you succeed in doing this, not only will you save yourself from embarrassment, but you can also do a redirect to your new site. See How to redirect from old URL to new URL



  1. This is really interesting. I just did a redirect and found that the search engin for my blog stopped working..I think it didn't recognize itself or it's address..whatever I switched it back to blogspot, which never went away..I hope it will work now.
    Thanks for this.

  2. Anonymous10/01/2006

    How would you do that:
    I'm happy with my domain but just bought and I want to show my blog
    :-) stw

  3. This post was done to warn those who want to host the blog on their server about possible consequences, and not how to do it. I have not done it myself, so I can only give incomplete advice.

    You have to register a domain name and sign up for web hosting
    Then you sign into Dashboard, select the blog, click SETTINGS > PUBLISHING and then at
    Switch to: FTP (publishing on your ISP server).
    Click on the FTP link.
    How do you publish your post using FTP, I am not able to advice.
    Try asking this at the Blogger Help group.


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