Friday, October 13, 2006

How not to put off visitors if you are in the habit of making links open in new windows

Many Webmasters and bloggers think that in order not to lose visitors, they should make links open in new windows. Others are of the opinion that it is a bad practice as it will discourage visitors from visiting your site again. So I did a sort of a poll (using comments) to find out if people are put off by sites having links open in new windows. See Poll - does making links open in new windows piss you off? (click back button to get back to this page). The majority of those who responded says no. However, it may not be a representative sample as those who responded I assume are all bloggers themself, and may not represent the general population. Also, one said that he prefer links to open in new windows if they lead to other sites, and in the same window if it is on the same site.

After the result of the poll, I have decided to continue my practice of making links open in new windows, but add a comment after the link (close new window to get back to this page), and when I make a link to the same site, add a comment (click back button to get back to this page).

I hope that will help, and also prevent confusion such as visitors having got used to links opening in new windows closing the window when they click a link leading to the same site (which open in the same window).

I hope very much you will leave your comments on what you think of this practice. It will be good for you to know too, as that can influence you on what practice to follow by knowing what other thinks.



  1. How do you do that?

  2. I thougt I had already explained that in the post, by adding a comment to the end of the link to let them know what to expect, what to do and to make things less confusing for them. Make another comment again if that is not clear and I will see if I can do anything.

  3. Anonymous10/13/2006

    i think it's good to open in the new window

  4. Anonymous10/13/2006

    I also open in a new window, but mostly when sending them to images and diapo (they never complained...) and also my links, as I need to go back to my blog to choose another to read

  5. I am a web publisher and blogger. I usually make my links open in their own window unless it is going to an internal page, as you mentioned.

    While surfing (with Mozilla Firefox of course), you can click down on your mouse wheel (on most mice) while hovering over a link. This will make the target page open in a NEW TAB on the SAME WINDOW. This is very useful for limiting the number of browser WINDOWS I have open on the Microsoft Windows task bar.

  6. Your comment has added to the vast majority of readers who say aye to having links open in new windows in the post Does making links open in new windows piss you off?

  7. Anonymous10/19/2006

    Can i ask you a simple question: why i can´t put links in my posts? I´ve migrate to beta and none of my links in posts appears... Would you help me please. (note: all the links in my blog are open in a new window).

  8. Except for putting link list in the sitebar, putting links in post is not different in Blogger classic and Blogger beta. To see how to make clickable links, refer to this post: How to make clickable links. If that does not help you, describe your problem more clearly and comment or contact me again.

  9. Anonymous10/22/2006

    OK, here's myopinion:

    If it doesn't open in a new window, I'm probably not going to your website again.

    It's easier (fewer mouse clicks) to close multiple windows than to keep going back and forth.

    (Even worse is opening a pop-up, or some other form of non-URL changing, so e-mailing it to someone else doesn't make any sense.)

    Bah, humbug!

  10. I think opening in a "new tab" should be the new tabbed browsing is the IN thing to do.

  11. Yes, I agree, and in fact I do that very often. I should have incorporated that somehow in my post but didn't know how. Perhaps I will think of a way and the reedit my post to take that into consideration.

    Thank you for your comment and extra information.

  12. Anonymous11/02/2006

    hi..nice tips u've got there. But i have one question. I've just moved my blog to beta, how do I make my links to open in a new window? i've used the widget in adding links to my page. how do i make it open in a new window? thanks.


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