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How to ban a person from your blog or Website

You may have some issues with a person. For example, he may be posting unwanted comments on your blog, or you may just don't want him/her to see your blog.

Well, if you know the IP address of that person, you can ban him from your blog or Website. (There is a post for getting the IP address of a commentator on your blog. Refer to How to get the IP address of a someone who comment on your blog.)

Go to Toolator: IP address blocker and you can fill in up to 3 IP addresses of persons you want to ban and redirect either to a default site given by Toolshell or put in the URL of the site you want the banned person to be redirected tool. Then all you have to do is to click a button to generate a code to add to the template of your blog. This will place a button IP address blocker on your blog. Which part of your blog it will appear will depend on where you paste the code. For a guide to this, refer to Blogger template tutorial - adding content via the template. You have a up to 8 choices of what type of button you want.

Note: this will work well if the person you want to ban have a fixed IP address. However, if he has a dynamic IP address, this may not work so well. Also, I tested it using Blogger Beta. Testing IP banning in Blogger Beta. Actually, it is just a redirect. After adding the script, when I tried to get into my blog, I saw it momentarily, and then was redirected to another site (which shows that it works).

Update 8 October 2007: Charles of Artificial Intelligence - One Man's Quest asked if banning more than 10 IP addresses by adding more scripts will work (see comments). I responded saying it will be hard for me to test and suggested he try that. His response was that he could ban more than 10 IP address by his own 11th pipe delimited, and tested it, and it seem to work. He also suggested adding a SECOND head section just before the </html> tag (this should be the last line of the template)
<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache">

to prevent the use of the cache to read whatever got loaded before the redirection take place. I have not tested this yet.

Acknowledge: I came to know about Toolshell IP check and IP ban of Rose Desrochers

Rose said in the comments section that you can't ban AOL users using this method. I would have loved to test that and to update this post, but I don't get many people I want to ban from my blogs, and also not that many visitors from AOL. If anyone have experience with that, I hope you will put your experience in the comments section.

UPDATE 24 December 2006: Toolshell IP Check and IP Ban site is online again. You can now ban up to 5 IP addresses and can choose the site you want the banned person to be redirected to. So the method described below will work again.

UPDATE 23 October 2006: Toolshell IP Check and IP Ban site is no longer accessible. Why, I don't know. However, if you are desperate, you can read through the post, click on the link and see if the site is online again.

Update 5 October 2007: Toolshell IP Ban is online again, but this time you will have to go to Toolator IP Ban, plus now you can ban up to 10 IP addresses. Someone asked if he can ban more, and I suggested perhaps try adding more than 1 scripts, and the feedback I got seem positive.

LATEST: Toolshell or Toolator or whatever keeps changing and I have given up trying to keep up to date. If you need more information, go to their contact form.



  1. Hi - so glad i found your blog.
    how on earth do can i insert links into my posts?

    i follow the instructions exactly. it worked once, and now it doesn't work at all. just a "blank" space shows up where the link should be?

  2. "how on earth do can i insert links into my posts?"

    Refer to this post:
    How to make a clickable link

  3. Hmm, you should tell your visitors than they cannot ban those on AOL

  4. Anonymous10/11/2006

    Blogger has announced that Blogger Beta bloggers can now comment in Blogger classic blogs by signing into their Google account. Since I have done a post on testing Blogger classic blogger commenting in Blogger Beta blogs (Testing non-Blogger Beta bloggers commenting on Blogger Beta blogs, I am now testing to see if I can post (with my Google account) on this Blogger classic blog. If it gets through, then the result will be posted on the above post.

  5. Anonymous12/29/2006

    Thanks. But is it possible to ban a IP class, Country or a referal from a link or specific site. I am being targeted by a denial of service type hit and I would like to prevent these hits from accessing my site. A country ban would be good.

  6. I guess not. But the best to to ask people from toolshell at

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  7. Some site in china is hitting me, not aol. tried the toolshell product, got the code in, so far, no good.

  8. Anonymous1/04/2007

    It is possible to ban a IP class, Country or a referal from a link or specific site.

  9. It looks as if you can block as many as 10 IPs with the generator, each value being pipe delimited. Do you know if this will work for more than that if more are added to the list in the pipe delimited fashion? If not I assume that adding a second instance with the additional IPs would work, has anyone tested either of these options?

  10. Hi Charles,

    I would like to test that by adding 2 scripts or more, but it will be hard to do as I don't know what IP addresses to ban, and even if I know, I will have to physically go to that computer and try to access my test blog. I hope you would do it (add 2 or more script), ban more than 10 IP addresses, then give us some feedback on the result. You can either copy-paste the URL of this post into a Notepad file, come back later, or comment in any of my posts.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  11. Hi Peter,
    I thought that I would let you know that I haven't tried the two scripts yet, but the one that I have I added ten IPs to for a total of 3 people, and then added my own (an 11th) pipe delimited, and tested it. It redirected my browser from preview, so I consider that working even with more than the generator allows. The addition of a second script may actually be a more desirable method, if it runs faster. My blog pretty much fully loaded before redirection occurred. All the people being blocked have to do is look in the cache to see the page. I think it would be more desirable if the redirection actually did a this.history.back() first then did the redirection, so that the back button didn't work.

  12. Hi Charles,

    I don't know how committed those guys are to this redirection thing as I had to update this post a few times because they took the site off, on, off, on again. But looks like they have added a lot more stuff. Perhaps they will welcome feeback, suggestions or requests. Why don't you try to contact them if they have left a way for visitors to do so?

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  13. Hi Peter,
    I would suggest to anyone who is attempting to ban someone from their blog to also include the following tags into their template just before the end </html> tag:
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

    This is a second head section, that should prevent the use of the cache to read whatever got loaded before the redirection took place. I hope that this helps.
    It should also make certain that in order to read your blog again, they return, so it should increase your hit count.

  14. Anonymous10/08/2007

    See a lot you know. You cannot ban Aol because they are on a proxy ISP. IF you ban someone on Aol, you will end up banning a network of users.
    Blog author's comments.

    Rose and I have had a couple of run-ins, and in one of those long exchanges, I received an email with lots of links to forums in which Rose had participated. I was greatly tempted to post the email and/or the links, but refrained from it.

    I do not know much about AOL as I am from Asia, not US. Anyway, she could just tell me that AOL are on a proxy ISP and I would be extremely grateful to her and update my post. This kind of comments I think reflect more on the character of the person who made the comment rather the person the comment is directed at.

  15. Hello, is it still possible to redirect unwanted IPs to an url specified by the blog owner? I didn't know how to change the web address where blocked IPs are being redirected to. Thanks!

  16. Hi Sabine,

    Please refer to IP address ban don't work anymore. If you don't have time to read the whole post, just go to the bottom of the post. Also, if you have actually tried to implement this IP address ban, I would appreciate hearing about your experience by making another comment.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Alternatives to Google AdSense

  17. Hi Peter~

    Thank you for providing this information for blocking IP's with the New Blogger.

    I was able to insert the code into the footer section of my blog and will monitor my stats to see if it has worked.

    I'm writing to point out that there was on omission in the code to keep the block IP from accessing the site through cache. The <Meta> tag is not closed. I inserted the code above the </html> as Charles suggested and received an error message upon preview. By adding a closing tag, I was able to save the template with no further errors.

    OK, now my fingers are crossed that this is all going to work.

    Thank you for providing this information, nothing else I've tried has done the job.

  18. Hi Harlekwin,

    Please refer to Does meta tags need to be closed? (or does meta tags occur in pairs?).

    Perhaps your problem is you did not put a space followed by a backslash / at the end of the tag. The tag then become self-closing for XHTML.

    I haven't tried this, but instead of putting a space followed by a backslash / at the end of the tag, perhaps the same effect can be obtained by adding a closing tag to make it comply with XHTML.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Generating Revenue from your Website

  19. Anonymous4/25/2008

    My former employer has someone checking my blog daily, so I really want to block them. I tried using this tool the last few days, but it doesn't work.

    It's a university, but the IP address is always the same.

    I'd greatly appreciate any help.

  20. Hi Susan,

    I have received a few feedback saying it works. Note however, there is a way to circumnavigate that. One can use proxy servers or services like TOR or even browsers like XeroBank browser, etc.

    I don't know exactly what is happening on your side. Perhaps if you can provide more details, someone may have something to add.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  21. AT LAST!
    there is this dumbass copying my work and he's pissing me off. But now - I win :D

    Thanks for the guide!

  22. Why isnt' there a way on blogger to prevent someone else commenting on your blog if they are only commenting logged into their blogger account? I have a very aggressive stalker and nothing has worked and I'm sick of moderating comments (which I used to not do). When I moderate, I still have to see his sick comments filling up my inbox, awaiting moderation. I tried marking it as junk in Outlook so it would go straight to trash, but that makes ALL my comments go to trash.

    I don't know if blocking his IP will work but I'm willing to try. I just signed up to that site Rose referred but although it seems to have created an account, I never received the verification email so I can't log in & get going.

    This stalker has been bothering me for over 2 years and it's getting old.

  23. Hi Helen,

    I am afraid you don't have many options.

    1. This method is not fool-proof as there are ways to get around it.

    2. Moderation seems like your only way. Perhaps if you take note of the stalker's username, just delete the notification message when you see the user name, eg:

    USER NAME has left a new comment on your post "How to ban a person from your blog or Website":

    you don't need to read it, just delete

  24. Thanks so much, Peter. I did finally install the IP blocker and that didn't do it, so I'm just moving my blog to WordPress because it has a better system of blocking out individuals (at least it appears to). If nothing else, moving will make said stalker have to change links to my other blog all over his site... that ought to keep him busy.


  25. I'm not sure if anyone else found the website but I just found it recently. Here it is:

    Visit my site:
    Lego Star Wars Club

  26. The ONLY way I could find to "handle" people I need to ban - was to do a social engineering thingie:

    I was invited to join a yahoo group and I requested to be taken off after 10 days, as I did not want to even know about discussions of unethical approaches to solving a shared problem. They didn't comply, but tried to get me involved with a some writing business of theirs. I ignored them, then they said they needed to throw me out and whatever else, as I was illegally getting their resources by impersonating a third party. The latter is a serious accusation on the web. Now these people have known who I am for over a year, in fact, I'd let them come to my blogs and use whatever material they wanted to help them with their legal cases. I removed myself from their group, and of course, they have been stalking my blogs, downloading and actually hacked into one. I had to make my blog private, invited readers only, turn off bot and search so google won't crawl it, exported all my blogs to Wordpress. All the while they have been coming back to scrounge the caches on google search. And also to let me know I can't do anything about them.

    I figured the best I could do was record and expose to the public what they were up to and who these people really are.

    I left the old blogs up, private, replaced all content in 3 years of articles with strongly worded exposes of them. I revealed their IP addresses, and names which I got form their repeated stalking visits. One makes their living freelance writing. I added their magazines and newspapers into the tags.

    Then I turned back on google bot crawlers and searches. Now when they try to scrape content from caches on the web, all posts come up with - the old titles - but content is my warning/expose of their names and IP addresses, courtesy their hacking visits, why I had to go to this extent to stop them stalking and stealing.

    I went to this trouble to set up a trail I can use to prove to others they stole my work in case it shows up elsewhere.


    (I used Toolator to ban them but they proxied around it.)

  27. I guess the Toolshell is out of business, everything is still there so I went through the hassle of registering. It has nowhere to download the free codes to block ISP, does anyone have a clue how to go about this?

  28. Go to their contact form. Do keep us updated.

  29. Thank you for responding.
    I played around on that site forever and I found that I requested a new password, marked all as read, then a little menu finally appeared on the left sidebar.
    After all that jazz, The IP address is apparently part of a wireless network etc. which is a range of mumbers which the free account does not block. $45 is a bit much for me to block one crazy person across the world. So I changed my comments to subject to moderation, unfortunately.
    Thank you for your blog.

  30. Hello! Can you help me, please? I have an acount on I keep trying to create an account, but after i enter all my details, it just keeps refreshing the same page over and over again without creating the account. Do you know another way to ban someone?

  31. Hi Peter! I love your blog! I have a particularly interesting question that maybe you can look into? I run a posterous blog(s), and I also have statcounter, google earth, and toolator, a deadly trifecta of local spotting. At any rate, I have a stalker, and the lil rascal has his own blog that he updates when ever I update mine.

    This is very troublesome. I was wondering if I could somehow block him from his own blog, and my own as well with toolator? this would be very helpful, as it knocks out two birds with one stone. Can you help me?

  32. Wow, you sure have a BIG vocabulary. Posterous? trifecta? Microblogging? Horse betting?

    You have a difficult problem. Banning someone from your own blog is difficult enough. How much more difficult would it be to ban someone from his own blog. You don't have access to the blog template, you can't even use Toolator.

  33. Actually I can! I've been successful thus far in banning the stalker from a few of my main blogs. Also, I found that changing the Script tags to Java actually helps in the long run, and plus it accepted into his comments.

    But maybe it just canceled itself out. either way, I don't care. But thank you for your blog!

    Toolator actually helps if you just know how to put in the right tweaks. or maybe it doesn't.

    Also, toolator's a lot more versatile if you make more then just one account, you know, cover your bases a little? Also inputting the URL of the stalker's own blog and then posting the webcode into the comment section. Of course, I might have to modify the homepage URL in order to get it right.

    But that's what these things are for, lol. Well take care, and I look forward to more of your posts Peter!

    Also, on a side note, do you know of any Java script based IP blockers that might come in handy?

  34. Hi Dr. 3 arms,

    Looks like you know how to tinker with the Toolator and its script? I myself had only tested Toolator when it first began which is different from what it is now, and I am not familiar with Toolator in its new form

    If so, would you want to write about it as my guest blogger? Be my very first guest blogger. It would help others.

    As incentive, I will let you put a link to your own blog. How about it?

  35. Sure thing! I'd love to! Hrm, but it would seem a bit unfair of me to take your offer with out first extending one of my own.

    I have a Posterous blog set up called Sporlotechal (deals with sports, technology, and polotics, not very helpful... mostly poke holes in Glenn Beck.) So maybe I can add you as a guest writer as well!

    What do you say? I've an update on the stalker situation, and using various means, I've managed to track the little bugger down.

  36. Sorry to add a second comment like this, but I recently deleted

    however! I do write a blog story called Sogno Della Dinistia. would it be alright if I posted that link?

  37. Me a guest blogger for your sport related blog? Why not? Maybe I may write about using blogs to cover sport events live?

    I look forward to read about your experience, how you tracked down your stalker, how you ban him from your sites, how you tweak whatever to make it more effective.

    Write to me at bloggerfordummies (at]gmail{dot]com

  38. You can post links to any of your websites as long as they don't have malware or are sites banned by search engines for black hat SEO etc.

  39. Sure thing! Okay I set it up, just send it to and it'll post automatically! Also, send me a separate email from your personal email.. redundant, yes, smart of course. Anyways, that way I can add you to the list of contributors. Pretty simple stuff. look for my post in about ten to fifteen minutes!

  40. Just as a heads up to anyone wishing to purchase a Toolator upgrade. Toolator works (the 3 free IP blocks) - BUT I have had an ongoing issue getting a paid upgrade credited to my account as of Feb 14th 2012. The problem: a single response from the owner after I opened a complaint on Paypal; of which nothing was done to resolve the issue. I have made repeated contact requests via email and through the website, but to not avail. Until Martin (the supposed contact) gets his act together it's hard to recommend, because paying for the upgrade is what's needed to get the traffic control required.

    I don't understand why an effective product would be hindered by a lack of a simple customer service? No upgrade - no refund either. He can't be getting that many payment Paypal receipts a day for it to be ignored.

    A shame really.


    1. Got my Gold Upgrade sorted today for Toolator by Josephine.

      It took 3 weeks to do - but you just got to keep at them I suppose.

    2. Great to hear that you got it sorted out

  41. I paid for it on Sunday and still havent gotten the upgrade and no response from "martin". How did you finally get the upgrade done?? I filed a complaint with Paypal and sent a ton of emails to him. I was just going to accept I got scammed out of $45, Who is Josephine and how do you reach her. Ive used toolator free for a year now, works fantastic, was really looking forward to using more options.

    1. took over a week they finally updated me to gold after I filed the complaint with paypal. so that is taken care of. Now it hasnt worked at all for 4 days.. Ive had it paid for a total of 10 days, 4 of which it hasnt worked. And of course no response at all from customer service.

      Anyone know if there is another service that offers what toolator does? Anyone else having a problem with it not working??

  42. Banning an IP address is useless because most people now have Dynamic IPs. So they will just come back with another IP. I never knew you could do this on Blogger anyway but I know that the self hosted WordPress has plug ins that block IPs. Andrea Borman.


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