Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to post a photo on the profile for New Blogger

Update 8 February 2007: See post Testing using New Blogger (formerly beta) for hosting photos for the profile, sidebar, etc.

This post is a result of analysing traffic to my site with statcounter (Something you should do. To see how to install statcounter to your blog, read post How do I track visitors to my blog. For those using Blogger Beta, look at Adding advertisenent, hit counter, etc to Blogger Beta blog). I saw people searching for terms like "adding photo to profile" being directed to wrong pages, so I though it will be a good idea to publish a post specially for that. Should be helpful for those who do not know how to do it.

In Blogger, to add a photo to your profile, first you have to host your photo somewhere. The photo must be less than 50k. It can be with an external photo hosting site like Photobucket, or with Blogger itself. However, with Blogger, you can't upload the photo the way you do it with posts. See this post on the way to do it: Getting Blogger to host your Profile photo, etc. (this post was prepared before New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta) was introduced. Now you will have to refer to Getting New Blogger to host photos for your profile, sidebar, Header, etc.). Then you must get the URL of the photo.

To have the photo in your profile, sign into Dashboard, click EDIT PROFILE in the top right-hand corner of the page, then towards the middle of the page, look for this:
screenshot of adding photo URL to add photo to Blogger Profile
Click SAVE PROFILE and republish whole index.

Note: Some have complained that Blogger wouldn't accept their photo URL because it is too long when they use Blogger to host their profile photo. I have suggested using tinyurl to convert their long URL to a short one, but they have reported back that it doesn't work. The alternative then is to try to use a very short title when you save the photo into your computer and see if that helps. Alternative is to use external photo host like photobucket. Update: This post was written before New Blogger was introduced. Now with New Blogger, you can have photo URL of up to a maximum of 256 characters. See Testing uploading of photo to the profile for the New Blogger.



  1. My profile photo (hosted on photobucket) appears very tiny on my blog. Is there an easy way to increase the size? I guess the maximum size will be imposed by the dimensions of my sidebar, but I assume there must be extra room to play with since my name and location appear side by side with my photo in the sidebar. If I could shift my name and location below the photo, would that automatically allow the photo to increase in size?

    Many thanks for any help you can offer!

  2. What is the original size of your photo? I believe Blogger resize the photo. I had a similar problem before, and can't remember how I solved.

  3. Original size is 800 x 451.

  4. Hi Johnny,

    I am a pensioner, and my memory is not like it was before, so although I had the same problem as you before, I can't remember how I solved it. Anyway, I went back to the Blogger account where I thought (I have more than 1 account) the problem to see what I did, and I saw that my profile photo was hosted on photobucket. Beyound that, I am afraid I am unable to help you. I hope that someone who happen to read your comment and knwo what to do will give the solution, and perhaps have the time to go to your profile to contact you about it.

  5. With your help, I now have a photo on my profile. Thanks!


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