Friday, October 20, 2006

Test post to see if the method described in the previous post apply to sections in new pages

Update: The method to link from a particular spot of one page to another particular spot in a DIFFERENT page is given here: How to link from one spot on a page to a particular spot in a different page.

I doubt it will work, but I have to try anyway to make sure the rebuttal I intend to make to someone attacking me on a forum is accurate. (see thread hyperlink to a specific spot in another document (close new window to get back to this page).

I am trying to see if the method How to enable your visitors to jump from one part of your post to another (Click "Back" button to get back to this page) to make a link jump to a specific word in the same page will also work for jumping to word in another page. So I am going to see if a clicking a link on this page can cause the reader to jump to a specific word on another page. The way I am going to test it is to go to the individual page (permalink) of this post, click on the link, and see if it will help me jump to a specific word on that post.

Here is the link: A word in a another post. If it leads you to another post with the word "This is where it should land", then the method described will work for jumping to a specific word in another page, but I really have serious doubts, but I have to try anyway.

Update: Well, I tried. I have made the target in the next post where clicking on the above link should lead to, but nothing happens when I clicked it. This confirmed what I had said in the previos post, that the method wouldn't work for jumping to a specific word in another page.

Trying another method. This link should lead you to a spot in another page (next post) "This is where it should land. I am always in the process of learning and trying things out, so let's hope for my reader's sake, it works. (Note: for some reason or other, the HTML for the link is not accepted because Blogger is giving the error message "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken:" even though when I ask those who should know says the HTML is OK. Will try another time when I have the time and the information).



  1. Works for me, in FF 1.5, but it doesn't jump to a new page... It connects to the "this is where it should land" in the later post on the main page (which is the same page....)

  2. Hi John,

    It will work if both posts happen to be on the same page, like if they are both in the main page. I think that is what you have done. To really test to see if it will jump to a section of a DIFFERENT page, you have to be in the individual post page (permalink). You can get the individual post page by clicking on the timestamp at the bottom of the post, or by clicking on the link in the Previous Posts section.

    That post is still being edited because I have some new information about a method which will do what need to be done, but have encountered some problem, so I think that section isn't yet on the post because I couldn't publish the edited post with the new code. I am still investigating.

  3. If the origin post and the target post is in same page, like both of them is in the main page, then it will work. To test, you have to be in the individual page of the origin page (by clicking on the time stamp, or by clicking on the link in the Previous Post section). I have some new information and is in the process of testing it, but unfortunately, there is some problem and I am still investigating. If I find it to work, I will update this post.


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