Friday, October 20, 2006

This is the individual post (not main page) that should show by clicking on the link in the previous post, if it works

This post is connected to the post Test post to see if method described in previous post will work for link to jump to a SECIFIC WORD in another page (Click "Back" button to get back to this page)

Clicking the link in the previous post should lead to the section "This is where it should land" if the method works (but as I have said earlier, I have serious doubts).

This is where it should land

Well, as expected, it did not work. Note: You should be on the individual post page (permalink) and not the main page (you get to the individual post page by clicking on the timestamp at the bottom of the post alternatively called permalink, or by clicking on the title of the post in the Previous Posts in the sidebar). If both pages happen to be in the same page, like if you happen to be in the main page, then clicking on the link will take you to the target but is not testing what we are supposed to be testing, which is to take on to a specific spot on a DIFFERENT page.

However below is an update and I am trying another method:
Clicking on the link "TARGET" below in the this post should lead you to a spot: "This is where it should land" in the next post:

Let's see if it works. Well, I couldn't test because the code I put in the post was not accepted by Blogger. So this will have to wait for another time.

NOTE: This post is not complete and is still being updated. I got some new information and testing it out but faced some problem. Still investigating.


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