Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Putting a working Google AdSense Searchbar in Blogger Beta

Udate: This problem has been solved. You can paste your script for the Google searchbox direct in a HTML/Javascript widget of the Add a Page Element in the LAYOUT and it should work.

If you try to put a Google search bar in a Blogger Beta blog in the Layout by adding the script via the "Add a Page Element", it will not work. I have tested it. However, you can get a working Google search box by pasting the script into the template. To see how this can be done, look at Testing adding of Google AdSense Searchbar in Blogger Beta. Recently I did a test again to see if the script can now be added via the "Add a Page Element" in the Layout of a beta blog and find that it still would not work. AdSense Help Center had been informed about it, and they have forwarded the message to Blogger, so let's hope that this bug will be solved soon.



  1. Anonymous11/19/2006

    I am not an expert, far from it, but I went to that posting and STILL do not understand how to make it work. Can you maybe just supply the instruction without HOW you got it to work so that I may understand how to add Google Search into my Beta blog?

  2. Anonymous12/06/2006

    Can you please resend the instructions. I messed up my blog template and now cant get the google search back into the header to look right. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous12/07/2006

    I am sorry, but can you resend me the instructions because I lost it in my blog when I was trying to tweak my template. THANK YOU!

  4. Hi James,

    For the moment, I am afraid that will be a furtile exercie, as recently, I changed a 2 column template to a 3 column one for a blog of mine, and started to add in a searchbox in exactly the same way I have done before, but I got error message from Blogger this time. They must have changed something in their codes. I may try later and see if I can do it again. If I forget, do remind me.

  5. Anonymous12/08/2006


    I'm new to all this, and for the life of me I can't get the Google search box to work. Could you pleeease help me out? Thanks a million.

  6. The method I gave in Putting a working Google searchbar in Blogger Beta used to work as proofed by the working searchbar at this footer of this site Guide to Malaysia. However, recently I changed the template of a 2 column blog to a 3 column template, and had to add the searchbar again. I used exactly the same method, but this time, it did not work. Blogger must have changed something. I will continue testing, and when I get a working searchbar again, I will either update this post or write a new post.

  7. Anonymous12/10/2006


    Thanks for taking the time to look into my issue. Hopefully, with your technological genius, you'll be able to come up with a solution. I'll be checking in from time to time to see if you figured something out.

    Ve well!

  8. how do i put a html/javascript page element, i dont see one in my layout, please help?thank you

  9. Hi ian,

    Same way as adding visitor counte. Go to LAYOUT and click ADD A GADGET


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