Friday, December 01, 2006

Alert: It may be a good idea to republish the whole blog once in a while

Recently, someone asked a question in the comments section, and I answered giving a link to one of my older post. She alerted me to the fact that the link lead to a blank page. I checked and confirmed her finding. Not only that, I went into the Dashboard, click EDIT POSTS and then click VIEW against that post. That too lead to a blank page. I copied the URL, pasted it into the address bar. That too lead to the same result. Just to make sure it wasn't something in the post itself, I copied the content of the post editor in the HTML mode and pasted it wholesale into a duplicate post. That post was viewable, showing that it wasn't anything to do with the content of the post.

I posted the problem on the Google Blogger Help group, stating the problem and asking members to verify if it was so and if they may know of the reason/solution for such a problem. Wasted responded, advising to republish. I republished the whole blog, and sure enough, that problem link then lead to a viewable page, not a blank page.

So folks, it may be a good idea to occasionally republish the whole blog to avoid such incidences.



  1. Anonymous12/02/2006

    Do you happen to know how one would go about republishing the whole blog if you're on the Beta version, other than going in and re-saving each separate post? I know that it republishes dynamically on save... would making a tiny invisible-to-readers change in the template cause the entire blog to republish, do you think?

  2. That problem occured in a classic blog, so don't know it it apply to a beta blog. I don't think that is a provision for republishing entire blog for Blogger Beta.

  3. Don't you republish the whole blog when you make changes in yr template or no?

  4. Good point. In my case, I must have left my template untouched for some time, so no republishing involved.

  5. Beginner question. How to republish blog??

  6. This is an old post and apparently applies only to blogs using the old classic template which is no longer supported by Blogger


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