Sunday, December 03, 2006

Problem in moderating via Blogger Dashboard still not resolved

I have made 2 posts regarding Blogger comment moderation (click "BACK" button to get back to this page):
Bug in moderating comments via email
Advice to Blogger bloggers regarding comments, comment moderation and sidebar problems

If you want to moderate comments, currently, my opinion is it is best to moderate via email notification by signing into your Blogger account, selecting the blog, and click on the SETTINGS > COMMENTS tabs, then in the "Enable comment moderation" field, tick the radio button for "yes" and type in a valid email address (see screenshot below. Click to enlarge):

Blogger setting to enable comment moderation
If you leave the field for the email address blank, you can only moderate via the Dashboard, and in this case, there is currently no way for you to know in which post that comment was made as you can see in the screenshot below (click to enlarge):

moderating comments via the Blogger Dashboard
This will make responding to the comment difficult. This apply to both Blogger classic as well as Blogger beta.

As stated in the posts in the links above, I have brought to the attention of Blogger Support that for those electing to moderate via email notification, some comments don't get any email notifications, and have also made a suggestion to enable bloggers to tell in which post the comment was made when moderating via the Dashboard. Looks like this has still not been done. Some comments don't get email notification and you will have to occassionally check for comments in the Dashboard. I will notify them again of this problem and the suggestion, and I hope you do too. I have done it here: Features and suggestions (close new window to get back to this page). To make it easier for you, maybe you can just copy and paste it in the suggestion field: "When moderating a comment via the Dashboard, please provide a link to the post where the comment was posted. Some comments don't get email notification and the above problem make it difficult for us to respond to a comment."


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