Monday, December 25, 2006

Why you should not delete your blog and what you should do if you change the URL of your blog

Just read this complaint from another blogger who deleted his blog: "After I delete my old blog, somebody took it over immediately to spam!!! I asked blogger support to do something about it like two days ago, but still no response.... ".

This a a very common problem so although Chuck has written about it here: Warning: Do not delete your blog (close new window/tab to get back to this page), I think that by writing another post of the insidious problem, more people will (and should) know about it.

If your blog has been on the Web for some time, it probably has been indexed by search engines and have a non-zero PageRank. See What is PageRank and how you can easily get it (close new window/tab to get back to this page). So your URL has value to spammers. They will grab the URL for their spamming purposes when you make it available by deleting it, by changing the URL or by changing to hosting it on your own domain via FTP. Some even use it for putting porn on it. This can be very embarrassing for you if you have been giving the URL to your family, relatives, friends, colleague, etc.

What you should do when you don't want your blog on the Web anymore is to delete all your posts and then wait for the cached copies of your blog to disappear from the Web (this may take some time). If you change the URL of your blog, you should immediately try to claim it back, and if you succeed, do a redirect to your new URL. Look at this post on how to do a redirect: How to redirect from old URL to new URL (close new window/tab to get back to this page). That is for blogs using old classic Blogger template. If you are using New Blogger template, refer to Redirecting New Blogger blog to another site (click BACK button to get back to this page).

Chuck mentioned making a "stub" post (which he described as a post of no value. something like "This blog has been moved" or something like that), but I think all that is necessary is to delete all the posts. If you do make the "stub" post, I suggest you remove your profile.

If after reading this post you still want to delete your blog, this is the way to do it.
Sign into Dashboard
Select the blog
Click the SETTINGS > BASIC tabs
Right at the bottom of the page, click "Delete This Blog"
Then don't blame me if you see unpleasant stuff at your old blog address.



  1. Anonymous12/26/2006

    I have been cleaning out my dashboard of my old dead blogs. Most of the ones that have been deleted were never really used much but I still deleted the posts.

    I may have a 'blog adoption' and let people takeover some of my old blogs. Too bad I can't transfer them in the old way.

  2. Anonymous12/28/2006

    In fact, I was planning to delete one of my blogs. Thanks for the info. and I'm going to keep the blog live then.

  3. Hi Peter,

    Would changing the URL work for the new Blogger also?

  4. In the old Blogger, if my memory is OK, changing the title of the blog and/or changing the title of a post will change the URL of an individual post page (permalink). Now in the New Blogger, that wouldn't happen. But it is a different if you change the URL of the blog. The old URL become available (to the best of my knowledge, but the best may not be enough), the old URL become available and is often grabbed by spammers as a spamblog from messages I read in the Google Blogger Help group.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger

  5. Peter,

    Thanks for your help. I had a problem with my missing toolbar, compose and preview modes, and I went to a group help. I found that there were bloggers with the same problem as mine, but I was confused by the group's answers--not for a dummy like me. My missing toolbar and etc. came back after a few days, by itself. Dang! I should have seen your blog before when I had that problem. Your suggestions/answers are much clearer.

    Can I link your blog to mine?

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Mari,

    Glad you got your problem sorted out. As to linking to my site, I woule be begging you to do that if you had not offered. Please do link to my site and I will have plenty to thank you for that.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger

  7. Hi Peter,

    I think i just lost my acces to my blog deleting my google account. i do have a new google account but its not helping. what can a do to recover my blog? note* my first blogspot user account was user: purplenail (and i still have that email address)

  8. Hi purplenail,

    First you can try to help yourself and refer to How to recover from an accidental delete, but it will be tedious even if successful.

    Second pray that I may somehow find a way to help you.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Earn with blogs

  9. Hi Purple Nail,

    Have some new info for you. Refer to How to recover deleted blog.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

  10. okay so I decided to delete my blog by canceling my google account. It was stated there that if I agree to cancel my google account, I won't be able to avail of my adsense, analytics, and blogger blog. So I agreed to cancel my account, knowing that it will cancel my blog. But then when I checked to see if my blog's deleted, IT'S NOT! My blog is still alive! And now I can't log-in to blogger anymore. I need for that blog to be deleted!!!!! How??? thanks so much...

  11. Hi rrrrrr,

    You probably saw a cached copy of your blog.

    Peter ChenBlog*Star
    Environmentally friendly presents (gifts)

  12. I just have a general question about deleting blogs. I had created a blog, then deleted it after I realized it linked to my other blog. I created a new blogger account and used the same now-deleted name, yet blogger is telling me the name is not available. Will the name ever be available again, or will I just have to consider a new name for my blog?



  13. Now Blogger reserve the URL for registered owner who deleted his blog. So go back to your old Blogger account and register there,

  14. Hi! How long does it take before an old cached page goes away?

  15. First, it depends on which search engine. Second, I suspect it remains till overwritten by new content.

  16. Hi Peter,
    I changed the url of my blog via "Settings"> "Publish" page and that's working fine now. I have also 'reclaimed my old URL and put a "Moved" message there. Problem is all my adsense / dashboard data seems lost. It is neither in the new one nor the old one! Can you suggest something?

  17. "adsense / dashboard data seems lost."

    AdSense Dashboard data? What is that?

  18. Hi Peter,
    That's the data provided by Google about the number of page views and the money earned by the blogger from clicks on ads on the blog. Hope my description is clear!

  19. You mean the data you get by signing into

  20. peter;

    i moved to a new url and deleted all old posts from my old blog, thinking the images would be deleted as well. i used to get 200 to 300 visitors a day from google image searches. but after 3 months on the new site, the images from the old blog show up, even though there are no pages. lastly, the same images on my current blog are never shown and i am losing thousands readers every month. any info you may have to help me delete these images so my current images and photos can make their mark would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Hi peter i'm new in this i did a mistake while i was trying to put printing Button in my posts i copied the HTML formula of websites i delete it to correct the problem but i still have Problem with my i can save my Blog without delete it in this case?

    1. Sorry don't understand your problem.


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