Friday, January 12, 2007

Ways to enable your readers to contact you

If you want to interact with your readers, there are various ways, one of which is via the comment system. However, some may want to enable their readers to email them, like I do. The standard way to do so is by using the HTML mailto link like this:

<a href="mailto:email address">Click here to eMail Me</a>

However, some people do not like that because that email address you put in the link can be harvested by robotic programs for spam. However, I have created a Gmail address specially for this purpose, and used the links for my blogs, and it has worked OK so far. I do get spam, but Gmail spam filter is very good and practically all ended up in the spam filter and only an occasional few get through which is simply dealt with by deleting.

There are also other ways for you to let your readers reach you. One of them is showing your email address in your profile. Another way to to generate a graphic that shows your email address either by yourself with a graphic program, or to use email graphic generators like E-Mail Icon Generator which can generate a graphic such as this one: graphic email text to hide email address from email address harvester. In this case, your reader will have to manually type in the email address into their compose window of their email program. In this way, your email address will be visible to your readers who can read the graphic, but the email address will be hidden to the email harvesters as they cannot read graphic. You can see an example of this in the blog Site Promotion Tips. It is at the bottom of the right sidebar, below the Profile.

To put this in your blog, if you are using the New Blogger template, get into Layout, click "Add a Page Element", in the pop-up, select "HTML/Javascript> and paste the script generated as described above into the box, and add a title like "My Email address". If you are using the old template, you will have to add the script direct into the template. As a guide to where to paste your script, see post Blogger template tutorial: Adding content via the template (click "BACK" button to get back to this page).


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  1. Anonymous1/13/2007

    Wondering if you could help me with my header. The colors underneath the image I have added are messed up. The right edge is too wide, can I fix that?


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