Friday, February 02, 2007

Old Classic Blogger or New Blogger (formerly beta) account

Here is one way to tell if a blog is still using the old classic Blogger account or the New Blogger (formerly beta) account is to look at the navbar at the top of the blog. If it is the New Blogger account, the left part of the navbar should look like this:
New Blogger (formerly beta) navbar
If you see anything different from the above screenshot, then it is still using the old classic Blogger account.


  1. I'm still on OLD Blogger...
    I used to be able to respond to the emailed comments I would receive from my postings.
    Now I get "Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed"
    I'm wondering if this is because I have not switched..?
    ANy thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. hi peter sorry for the off topic comment don't know if you saw this it got swamped in the "great outage of 02/02/07"

    your friend sookietex

  3. I have never experienced this, and I have switched all my Blogger accounts, so I have not received any such noticications, and wouldn't know if if has anything to do with Old Blogger.

    I have switched when I thought I would be the last one. I left one of my blogs still with the classic template though. And the migration was smooth and fast, no horror story.

    So have Ron (Rat, another Blog*Star, who described himself as a technophobe) and his migration was smooth as well.

    I have discovered there are some advantages of switching as well, even if one is to stick to the old classic template. See post Advantages of switching to New Blogger even if one retains the old classic Blogger template.

    Don't take this as an encouragement to migrate though. You migrate at your own risk.

  4. Peter -- off topic slightly -- but do you know how to remove/disable the Google Nav bar?

  5. Peter, what was your occupation before retiring? Just curious as you seem to have a lot of computer knowledge!

  6. The navbar is a useful feature, why would you want to remove/hide it? Anyway, if you are determined to do so, have a look at this post: Tip: Hiding the navbar

    Oh sorry, that was for old classic Blogger. For New Blogger see New Blogger (formerly beta): Hiding the navbar

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  7. To Gdog,

    Regarding my previous occupation, if you must know, I was an associate professor.

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  8. I migrated to the New Blogger and do not have a Navbar. I simply turned it off on the Edit HTML page under the Template tab.

  9. Anonymous12/11/2007

    I have a major problem...
    I try to switch the layout from a site and put that on my blog. I did save the old html template.
    After switch it to the new template i change my mind and switch back my html. Seemed back to normal, until i try to look at my old posting, everytime i click the link to older postings, it will return to the same page... what should i do ? i dont want to loose my blog !
    please help me !

  10. I am in new blogger template -- check


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