Saturday, March 03, 2007

Freelancing and Outsourcing

Do you have some useful skills in Web design, Web applications, Database Web applications, Desktop software and applications, Animation and graphics, Audio and video, E-commerce related skills, Handhelds and PDAs, Mobile applications, Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Support and administration, Accounting and Finance, Data Entry, etc., and you have some spare time. If so, you should consider registering as a Service Provider at SupportUniverseTM and bid for projects related to your skills. There is an activation fee of USD11.95, but for the moment, if you provide a link to their site from yours, the activation fee can be waived. You can register here at Freelance Programmers Marketplace. You will get a request for a USD11.95 activation fee, but you can ignore it and reply with a link to the site where you have linked to them.

At the moment, there are Audit Program Management project and Customer Relationship Management system projects for you to bid for. I expect there will be more projects as more project managers get to know about SupportUniverseTM. Once you successfully bid for a project, the Project Owner will pay the agreed amount to SupportUniverseTM in escrow, and you will start working on the project and will have to complete the project within the specified time frame. When the project is completed, the Project Owner will examine to see if the work done is to specifications, and if satisfied, the amount will be paid to you less 7% or USD5 whichever is higher. If the Project Owner is not satisfied, SupportUniverseTM will act as a mediator to determine if the project is done to specification, and will decide pay you or refund the amount to the Project Owner.

If you have work to be outsourced, you can also register as a Project Owner at Freelance Programmers Marketplace. There is absolutely no fee payable for Project Owners.

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