Friday, March 09, 2007

Not satisfied with a blogspot address and slow support from Blogger? Register your own domain name and host it with a third party web hosting Company

Are you the type who are not satisfied with a sub-domain like and will like to have your own domain like Some people feel that having your own domain is like having a proper address for a business rather than having your home adddress for the business. Having your own domain, like having a proper business address, command more respect. Further, you and not Blogger owns the domain name, which is not so with a address.

If you have your own domain you can use custom domain and have the blog hosted with Blogger. However, some are still not satisfied with that, as they have no control over the hosting, and Blogger support is far from satisfactory. There have also been many blogs falsely marked as a spam blog and blogger are prevented from publishing post on their blog.

If you have your own domain, and your are not satisfied with the slow and almost non-existent support from Blogger, you can host it with a third party web hosting service like fusepoint, a Canadian privately held company founded in 1999 with offices and data centres in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. With fusepoint, you can concentrate on blogging while fusepoint concentrate on managing your application infrastructre and have access to technical expertise from a team that has acquired over 80 key industry certifications.

fusepoint is frequently quoted in Canadian business and technology media including "Security Firms Boom – The Toronto Star (January 2007)". fusepoint is also SAS70 and CICA5900 compliant, which means processes are rigorously audited by an accredited third party each year and consistently operate at the highest levels within the industry.

You can take an online tour of what fusepoint has to offer at Fusepoint Data Center Tour. You can also take an online risk assesment test at Fusepoint Risk Assessment Test

However, at the moment, if you host your blog with a third party web hosting company, and uses FTP to publish your posts, you can only use the old classic Blogger template, and not the New Blogger (formerly beta) template. This, hopefully, will change in the future.

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