Friday, March 02, 2007

What to do when you cannot see the graphic text for word verification

In your blogging life, you will come across many situations where you have to complete word verification (typing in the text you see in a graphic) to publish, comment, etc. There will be some frustrating time when the graphic text is not visible. I have come across this situations a couple of times before, and just leaving the text field empty, and clicking publish, review, publish or submit will cause the page to refresh and the graphic text to appear. Today, I tried to comment on a blog. I tried that trick numerous times, and the graphic text just refused to appear.

This time, I cleared the cache and cookies (I usually am a bit reluctant to do this as in many things, I have to start from fresh again), and sure enough, the graphic text appeared. The only problem was I had to sign in again to publish the comment.

Unfortunately, I can't remember if I used my usual strategy of changing browser. If changing browser can help, I would have preferred to change browser as then I don't have to go through the hassle of clearing cache and cookies, and having to sign in again, etc.


  1. But, what should i do if i want to remove verification code? Verification code make me slower while posting.


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