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3 column New Blogger templates by Thur

NOTE: Before you edit or change template, make sure you backup your curremt template PLUS Page Elements. Refer to Backing up current template PLUS Page Elements before changing new template

Thur has created 2 3-column New Blogger templates. One is a fixed width template and one a fluid width template. I will explain later, and also how you can observe the difference.

DownRight v3.0 3 column New Blogger template with all columns fixed

One is the DownRight v3.0 3-column, all columns fixed, width 960px template. You can see an example blog using this template at Articles on Fitness. If you are viewing the blog with a wide screen (most popular is 1024 X 768 screen resolution), you will see the contents fill the whole width of the screen. A visitor with a smaller screen (800 x 600) will see only part of the content and a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen. To see the rest of the right side of the content, he will have to scroll there. If you are using a large screen, and you will like to observe how the small screen visitor view it, type or copy-paste


into the address bar and press the ENTER key. The window will resize to 800 x 600.

I hope you have a traffic counter installed for your template. It can give information about your visitors - from where they come from, what browser or Operating System they are using, if they got to your site, what search terms they used to find your site, the most popular pages, WHAT SCREEN RESOLUTION they are using. If a large percentage are 800x600, you may not like this template because part of your page will be hidden, and to see them, your visitors will have to scroll horizontally. Surfers are often lazy. Unless they are seriously interested in a site, if they don't see the hidden parts, they may not bother and surf over to other sites. This is the reason I use this Hackosphere 3 column New Blogger Minima template as 5-20% of this blog visitors are still using the 800x600 screen, and I don't want to discourage them from coming back. If you are reading this blog, you will probably see white spaces on both side, but not for 800x600 visitors who will find the content fit into their screen just nicely. Further there is this readability study mentioned in this post What is the best template for a blog (click BACK button to get back to this page), which says content corresponding roughly to the width are found to be more readable than wide column.

If you are interested in installing such traffic counter like the one I used and which give me the kind of statistics I want without too much information, try Statcounter. Others use Google analytics which provide a lot of information including many pie charts which I found too much. But I think analytics would be good for those in e-Commerce an using AdWord for their advertising campaign.

If you want Thur's DownRight v3.0 template, you can get it at DownRight v3.0 xml template.

Backing up and changing the template

It is always wise to backup your current template before you edit or change template. Refer to Backing up and changing New Blogger template. Blogger do not backup all Page Elements (widget) and it is likely when you try to save the new template, you will receive the warning "Such and such will be deleted". If not already mentioned in the above post, let me repeat it will be a good idea to edit your Page Element one-by-one, copy the content of the Page Elements into Notepad files and save them. Then when you have changed to the new template, you can put back easily whatever is missing.

It will be good if you have a browser with tabbed browsing like FireFox, then you can be in the Blogger page in one tab and in Thur's template page in another. First you will have to copy Thur's template at the download page (click on the page, press ctrl+A to highlight all the template, right-click and select "copy" to save it into clipboard.

To change to the new template, sign into Blogger Dashboard, and in the list of blogs, click LAYOUT in the section for the relevant blog, then click the EDIT HTML sub-tab. This will open the template editor. Click inside the template editor window to highlight all the current template, press the "Delete" button. Then right-click inside the now empty template editor window, chose "Paste to paste what you have copied into clipboard from above into the template editor window. Preview, and if satisfied, click "Save template".

Thur's DownRight v1.4 3 column fluid width New Blogger template

Another template is DownRight v1.4 3-column, main fluid, sidebars fixed template. You can see an example blog using this template at Weight Control Tips. Again, if you are using the wide screen, you will see the whole width of the content. A visitor with a small screen (800 x 600) will also see the whole width of the content, but with the main column squeezed into a narrow column. If you are using a wide screen and want to observe this, type or copy-paste


into the address bar and press the ENTER key.

Fluid width template has the advantage of the page automatically adjusting to a visitor's screen resolution, but you have to be careful when putting things like photos, scroll box, etc, to adjust the width to accommodate the 800x600 screen resolution users.

Note the difference in the Google sitesearch box in the two blogs. In Weight Control Tips, I have to make the search box narrower as it uses the main column is fluid width, and wider search box will cause problems when viewed with a small screen (800 x 600) if I make it wider.

If you want to use Thur's DownRight v1.4 template, you can download it here.

The proceedure to change the template will be the same as described above.

Note: The blog using the above template will appear OK in Internet Explorer and Opera, but in Flock, the left sidebar is shifted to the left so that it overlaps the main column. However, this should not be too much of a problem as very few surfers use Flock. Anyway, I put below a screenshot of the blog as it is displayed in Flock:

Articles on Fitness blog as displayed in Flock browser

Hackosphere 3 column Minima New Blogger template

This blog uses Hackosphere 3 column Minima New Blogger template. If you want to know the reasons why, refer to What is the best template for my blog.

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  1. thx , this exactly what i was looking for

  2. Hi Peter, here I am with my dumb questions...

    In your opinion, which is the most reliable visit counter? I'm asking because I have both Statcounter and Side Meter in my blogs, and the numbers are different. And I excluded my own visits and selected the "unique visitors only" option, of course.

    Thanks again. All the best.

  3. Hi Teresa,

    You mean Site Meter? To tell you the truth, I do not know. But there are settings for the no. of minutes for the visitors to stay to be counted for the visits, but that should impact only counts for page views. One thing I know is statcounter is real time, that means the visit is counted the moment someone visit the site. I don't know about Site Meter. I have used it once, but have stopped looking at the statistics and have not found out more. Its report may not be real time and that may be the reason for the difference in the number of visitors reported.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
    "online book" in progress

  4. hi Peter,

    I just review 3 column sample template by Thur (Articles on Fitness) it's what I'm looking for but how to make the black border line unseen.


  5. Hi menn,

    What black borderline? You mean the ones surrounding the Header?

    Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
    Blogger for Dummies

  6. I need the header border line.
    all the rest I like to be removed like yours.

  7. If you meant the template I used for this blog, refer to Thurs 3 column Minima New Blogger template. Some have commented of difficulties with the template downloaded from Thur's site. If you have the same problem, go to Photostore. My modified template in xml format is inside the file section in that group. Just apply. I will approve your application.

    Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
    Generating Revenue from your Website

  8. Thanks Peter, I got it!

  9. Hi Peter
    You have mention a nice topic about Downright. I use downright v1.4. Everything is ok but when I am using header graphic it's making problem. If I use 960 width it fit for 1024 resolution but doesn't fit for 800 screen. Again if I use 760 width it fit for 800 screen but in 1024 resolution its looked ugly because there had a blank space right side of the header. Do you have any idea about how I can make my blog's header graphic fluid. My blog address is

  10. Hi Get Degree Online,

    In the post this: "you have to be careful when putting things like photos, scroll box, etc, to adjust the width to accommodate the 800x600 screen resolution users" was mentioned for fluid width template. There are advantages and disadvantages of using fluid width templates versus fixed width ones, and it depend what you put in your blog. In my case, I prefer to use fixed width template because I can be sure of how the blog will look in whatever screen resolutions, and I only have to size what I put according to what is fixed in the CSS of the template.

    As far as making an image fluid is concerned I know not of a method and doubt there is one.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    The easiest way to earn something for your blogging efforts

  11. Hello Peter,

    I'd really like to use
    "Thur's DownRight v1.4 template",
    but the link goes to a page that looks weird.

    Can you suggest another download source or somewhere in HTML ?

    Really like your Blog and I also wanted to mention that I Live On Maui. Hope your Dreams Come True and maybe someday we can meet and Blog from Hawai'i.

    Mahalo & Aloha,

  12. Aloha DaBeachComber,

    Hope that greeting is correct. Regarding "Thur's DownRight v1.4 template", I just uploaded it to Template Store as an xml file. You can try to download it and then upload to your blog. Refer to Downloading and changing New Blogger template. Remember to backup Page Elements (mainly HTML/Javascript) as well.

    Any further problem, let me know.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    How you can help Blogger Tips and Tricks
    (no one should feel obligated. Everthing completely voluntary. However, by doing so, you may also help your visitors find helpful information and help. You may even pick up various ways of linking sites there too)

  13. hey peter. Just got a new blog, and spent a lot of time customizing the look. After I was finished, I wanted to add a blog archive to my blog, but just can't since it's telling me that I've already added it to my blog. I'm confused. What am I missing?

    Thanks again. Your blog has been very helpful.

  14. OMG, peter, i found the culprit! Yes! I already did have my blog archive. The template that I customized was 3 column. I never really wanted the 3rd column. I changed the width to zero. I never noticed that my blog archive was in that 3rd column... hehehe...

  15. Hi Arvee,

    Never come across a problem like this. Guessing perhaps you did not enable individual post page in your settings. See editing the Blogger settings.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Dream Driven Life(TM)

  16. Hi Peter,

    I am a teacher, and I am using the Downright Template v. 3.0 for my class blog. I notice that when I limit the number of posts per page (for example, 30 posts per page) and I finally reach that number, the middle column and the left colum merge together. I have included a link to my blog so you can see what I'm talking about. I hope you can help!


  17. Why would you want to stick with Thur's template if it is giving you problem? I am now using the 4 column Minima template and very happy with it. If you want 3 column, there is also the 3 column Minima template. Lots more at 3 column Blogger templates

  18. Thur's template is exactly what I am looking for, and I see no reason to run from it just because of a small glitch. All I was asking was if you knew of a way to fix it. Do a Google search for "Downright Template v. 3.0" and you will find websites that are experiencing the exact same problem. There is obviously a kink in this version that needs to be ironed out somehow.

    I have e-mailed Thur himself, though I am not expecting a response.

  19. Update: The site looks normal when viewed with Firefox, but not in IE. Of course, IE is what I use all the time. Any idea if there is a code or something that can "adjust" the columns in IE?


  20. Hi there Peter i tried adding codes to the footer hoping to achieve a 3 coloumn blog page but the gadgets are sitting on the bottom of the page rather than the other side... any idea what i am doing wrong?

  21. Are you trying to make footer into 3 column?

    What do you mean by "sitting on the bottom of the page rather than the other side.."?

  22. Hello Peter, yes i am trying to achieve 3 columns but the extra gadgets are sitting at the bottom of the page ... so i have gadgets to the right and gadgets at the bottom instead of gadets on the left as well.

  23. sorry i just thought i would add that i used the direction from Amanda of BloggerBuster and i didnt get the look i was after.
    the extra gadets are sitting at the bottom of the page.

  24. You are trying to make a 2 column template into a 3 column template with 2 sidebars and 1 main column but ended up with still a "2 column template" with 3 additional columns in the footer?

  25. Danni, what look are you trying to achieve?

  26. Hello Peter, yes thats right i am trying to change my 2 column template into a 3 coloumn template with 2 side bars, but i have columns at the footer instead.
    thanks :)

  27. If you had followed Divide footer into 3 columns, that is about making a 3 column footer which is at the bottom of the blog and not instructions to add an extra column to a 2 column template to make it 3 column.


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