Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alert: Problem with using Google group for hosting images for posts, etc.

I prepared a post Uploading and manipulating images Part 2 (click "BACK" button to get back to this page) and used a Google group Photostore to host the photo. When I first previewed and published the post, the image appeared OK. Then for some reasons, I checked the post and found the photos to be replaced by blank boxes. I then proceed to upload the photo to My Photo Store - More cats in town, a blog created specially to host photos, obtained the URL of the photo as outlined in this post Getting New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta) to host photos for the profile, sidebar, header, etc. (click "BACK" button to get back to this page). Now the photo appeared OK in the post. Now I would be much more careful about using Google group to host photos for my blog.


  1. Great Site. Great Articles. I'm just bouncing around from one thing to another, learning everything I can. I was reading the Adsense article before and I have a question. With Blogger and other services, when you preview your site, does it count as an impression? And, if you should keep your impressions down, how many times could you check out your site before being flagged? I'm just getting started with them I and don't want to make a mistake.
    Any other favorite Ad services?
    Thank you,

  2. Hi blogger-rising,

    Regarding you viewing your own sites, AdSense allows it but AdSense Help is famous for being vague and putting the responsibility on keeping to their requirements the responsibility of the AdSense publisher. For example, a question to them regarding the use of search boxes on our own sites. They say it is allowed but not encouraged. What you make out of that is up to you.

    Also, regarding the use of traffic exchange sites like BlogExplosion, they are also vague on that. However, in view of the many accounts being suspended, I have stopped putting my sites which have AdSense in BlogExplosion.

    For me, when there is a need to view my own sites, for example, to check on something, I do so, and so far I have had no problem. However, as far as possible, I try to access my sites via clicking VIEW in my Blogger account, or clicking the link after approving a comment to respond to it. I believe AdSense track where the visits are coming from, and if they are coming from such sites, they should know that there is a valid reason for us to visit our own site and it is not for the purpose of bumping up the impressions.

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