Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another way to bring more traffic to your blog and improve your PageRank

I have a Paypal account. Unfortunately in my country, I can't withdraw funds from my Paypal account. In order to do that, I need a US Bank. I did a search for ways for non-US residents to open US bank account using the searh terms "non-resident US open US bank account" and the first result was a page which is a hubpage created at Hub Pages. I figured that if someone can create a hub page and have it so easily found by search engines, I can also make a hub page to help publicise my blogs. So I signed up for an account and created two hub pages:

Help for bloggers using the Google Blogger platform for their blogs


Environmental Blogs.

Let's hope that these pages will also appear high in search engine result pages and bring more traffic to my blogs. Plus in the hub pages, I have created links to my blogs, and I suppose that will help in my PageRank.

Hope over to Hub Pages to sign up for an account and create your own hub pages, and probably that will help bring more traffic to your blogs and increase your blogs PageRank.


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  2. One word, five syllables:

  3. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the information. However, the site wouldn't accept long URL.
    "You can only have a maximum of 40 characters. Please shorten your entry."

    I tried to enter and it wouldn't accept the entry. Furthermore, signing up was a hassle. The graphic character i was shown for word verification. Entering that resulted in message "wrong verification, please enter again". I had to refresh the page and go through the registration process again. Got the i word again, and again it wouldn't accept my word verification. Only succeeded on the third attempt.

    The site has some serious.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
    "online book" in progress

  4. Hi, I clicked on the Withdrawal under my paypal account and they do allow Singapore banks. You may want to check it out. Thanks.

    From Paypal website on Processing time and fees :

    Banks in Singapore
    5-7 Business Days

    Free for $200.00 SGD or more, $1.00 SGD for $199.99 SGD or less

  5. Hi Ren,

    Thanks for the alert. I discovered Paypal allows withdrawal by checks for China residents and have been pestering them why they cannot allow withdrawal by checks for Malaysian residents. The response is normally a deadly silence, but finally got a kind of response - use the balance to make online purchase which I don't want to.

    Recently discovered they now allow us to withdraw to our Visa credit card and now trying to get authorative information on transferring funds from a positive Visa account to my savings account. Not easy to get the info I needed, but slowing getting there.

    Many thanks

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Guide to Malaysia

    BTW I mentioned Lee Kuan Yew and Dr CK Cheong (former CEO of SIA in Mother tongue: Why Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew says it is important. Dr. CK Cheong was my former statistics lecturer any you lucky Singaporean got a good catch and Malaysia lost a (many) great talent.


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