Monday, April 02, 2007

Migrating an old classic Blogger template to the New Blogger template

This post is in response to a blog reader comment that seem to indicate he is still using the old classic template in a New Blogger account, but want a Link List in the sidebar which is only available for blogs using the New Blogger template.

When you migrate your old classic Blogger account to the New Blogger account, your blogs will still be using the old classic template. To take advantages of the new features of a New Blogger template, you will have to upgrade your old classic template to the New Blogger template.

Sign into Dashboard. You will see a list of blogs. Blogs with old classic template will have a link "Template" (circled in red in screenshot below) while blogs with New Blogger template will have a link "Layout (circled in red also):

Old Classic template and New Blogger template in the Layout

To upgrade to a New Blogger template, click on "TEMPLATE" and then below the TEMPLATE tab, click on CUSTOMIZE DESIGN, then click "Upgrade your template". You will then be presented with a choice of templates. Select one and save.

New Blogger customize design

Don't worry too much about your choice of template. You can easily change later. And if Blogger standard templates are not good enough for you, there are now plenty of New Blogger templates to chose from. Here are some of them (click BACK button to get back to this page:
New Blogger 3 column templates modified by Stavanger

Dots 3 column template with Header modified by Stavanger

New Blogger 3 column templates modified by Ramani

New Blogger 3 column templates by Isnaini

3 column New Blogger templates by Thur

Ramani's New Blogger Neo template

New Blogger templates by Final Sense.

(Note: Blogger will backup your classic template when you migrate to New Blogger template so that you can revert to your former template if you want, but it is advisable to also copy the template from the template editor, paste it into Notepad and save it. Not only will it serve as an extra backup, some of the customization you may copy-paste into the New Blogger Page Element or direct into the template depending on the case, thus making your task of getting your previous customization easier.


  1. Great blog, really useful!

  2. But how do you migrate if your template bar only has the Edit current, AdSense and Pick New tabs?

  3. Are you publishing your post via FTP? If so, custom domain is not availble for you and you can use only old classic templates. That reminds me, I have to update the post to include that piece of information.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
    "online book" in progress

  4. Peter, you are the MAN!

  5. It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it.
    I like such topics and everything that is connected to them.

    I would like to read more soon.


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