Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Business should ditch the Yellow Pages and turn to blogs

Are you running a business? If so, advertising your business is a good way to get more business, and an old, effective way is to advertise your business by placing an entry in the Yellow Pages. But nowadays, how do people search for information? The answer for many people is that they use the Internet and the search engines. And search engines love blogs. There have been many times that I have started a blog and notice hits from search engines in my hit counter statistics not very long after I started the blog. Not only that, quite often, a particular post come up quite high in the search result page, and not infrequently in the first result.

You should always have a hit counter installed to track visitors to your blog. See How to track visitors to your blog. This was written before New Blogger was introduced. It should still work, but it will add a visible counter at the bottom of the page. If you chose an invisible counter, it will make no difference, but if you want the visible counter elsewhere, or want an easier way, for instruction on how to install it for New Blogger by referring to Adding advertisement, hit counter, etc. to New Blogger blog (click BACK button to get back to this page).

So if you run a business, start a website for the business plus do a blog to draw traffic to your business site.

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  1. Dear Peter. Thanks so much for all your help, tips , and tricks. Blogger support DID reply to my report and they were very prompt. My problem has resolved somewhat. Thanks so much again.

  2. Hello Peter! I've understood this is the place to go for all blogger related help! :P

    I don't know if you've answered this already, but I couldn't find it anywhere:

    I am using 897 double-sidebar template (that I do think I found through your blogg..). My problem is that I want the sidebars to always have the same height as the main bar (the blog itself). Do you know how to do this?

    There IS some kind of code at the bottom of the souce code that says "spacer for skins that want sidebar and main to be the same height" but that doesn't do me any good, because I don't understand any of it. :P

    If you can help, that'd be great! Thank you very much. :)

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I believe you got that template in this post New Blogger 3 column templates modified by Charlemagne Stavanger. The best thing for you to do is to go back to the place you got the template from (by clicking on the links in the above post), get to the forum, sign up and ask Stavanger. He used to provide support for his template, I suppose he still do.

    Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  4. Hello Peter!

    A friend told me that if I want to have extra income I should have a blog of my own and apply adsense to get extra pay. I don't know how o start though. Your post has been of help. Thanks.

  5. Mm actually i am doing what u hav described in ur post. But i couldn't get any traffic to my site. Can u explain the ways to get enough traffic to my site.

  6. Maybe it is still too early. My son set up a blog Mini for sale with only 1 post a long time ago and didn't do anything after that, and in visitor conter and AdSense reports, I still see occasional hits from search engines. No SEO, no promotion, no nothing. Didn't even tried any of the steps described in how to increase traffic to your blog. If you want guaranteed traffic to your blog, try Blog Explosion

  7. I like this post. I want to run my own business soon, so I'll have to keep this in mind. I can use all the help I can get during these tough times. Lately I've been thinking about buying a business instead of starting one from scratch. It's tentative, but I'm strongly considering it. Do you have any suggestions or advice? Thanks.

  8. Unfortunately, I am only a retired associate professor, not a businessman, so not the best person to advise you on your business plans, but if you are relatively new to business, why not consider an established franchise?


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