Monday, June 04, 2007

More widgets (news headlines) for your blog

Want more content for your blog. Here are some widgets you may want to consider adding to your blog. The first one I tested was a scrolling headlines horizontal bar for news related to Australia at the blog Guide to Australia. It is just below the title of the blog and the Javascript code was obtained from Widgetmate News Widgets. The one for the above scrolling news headline bar was the last of the various alternatives there. All you have to do is to click on "Customize". chose your various options like keywords, type, height and width, link color, etc. I changed the default 525px width to 900px because from the template of that blog:

#outer-wrapper {
background: #889977;
margin:10px auto;
font: $bodyFont;

it shows that my blog, and hence my header, is 995px wide. I can safely put the width as 900.

Further, you may want to customize the color for the background, link color, text color. For this, ColorPic (use the searchbox to find the site to download this useful tool) will be very helpful.

There are also other widgets that is suitable for the blog sidebar if customized (for width, etc.). When you change the keywords, you may have to click "Refresh". For example, I customized a widget for scrolling headlines with keyword "Search Engine Optimization" and "Site Promotion" for the sidebar of Generating revenue from your site, but when the Javascript was generated, I found that the keywords were still Bush, Iraq (var keyword='bush%2C+iraq';). I supposed the script can be edited, but I think it is too much trouble for something which is not important to me, so I deleted the widget.


  1. Thanks man, Nice pointer....

    Worked great for me. Didnt have the problem you mentioned - got it on my side bar with the keywords i wanted...

    cool stuff, thanks once again....

  2. Great job....!!!!!!I really like it...



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