Monday, June 18, 2007

Most popular posts widget for your blog

For an example of a most popular posts widget in a blog, have a look at Generating Revenue from your website. The "most popular posts" widget is near the bottom of the right sidebar. To see all the posts, you will have to use the vertical scrollbar.

This widget was installed using the most popular posts widget by Sign up for an account, sign in, click "Learn more....", register your blog, add blog, click "Edit". If you want to customize, click "Customize" tab and then you can change width (in pixels), height, over how many days, widget title (default is "Most Popular Posts" and this to me seem to be the most appropriate), stylesheet URL (you can just use the default, otherwise you will have to create your own stylesheet, upload it and type in the URL), char's (characters) to cut off from LEFT (default 0) and char's to cut off from RIGHT. Otherwise, just copy the script given into clipboard, go into your blog LAYOUT, click ADD A PAGE ELEMENT and select HTML/Javascript. Paste the script into the window, click "Add to blog". It will appear at the top of the section. If that is where you want it, your job is done. Otherwise, drag it to where you want it and click "Save" at the top right of the page.


  1. thank you peter.

  2. It might be me, but I can't see the widget on your Generating Revenue blog.

  3. Hi gdog,

    I checked Generating Revenue from your Website again and the widget was working well. As proof, I have made a screenshot and put it here: Screenshot of Generating revenue from your website with most popular posts widget. Make sure you click on the screenshot so that you can see the URL as well to confirm it is the right blog.

    BTW whenever I have problems like what you are describing, my favorite strategy is to use a different browser and it has got me out of a lot of different problems. That is why I have 4 browsers in my computer. I prefer that to clearing cache and cookies as that can lead to inconveniences. See
    What to do when you can't sign in, takes forever to open a webpage, can't see "Add a Page Element, etc.

    Why you should be using more than one browser.

    BTW you can download and install Firefox (my favorite browser and also recommended by Blogger) by clicking on "Browse the web better. Get Firefox with Google toolbar" at the top of any of my main blogs. There are many advantages of having that Google toolbar, some of which I have described in Firefox with Google toolbar for your blogging tasks.

    Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  4. I have done a popular posts widget with postrank feed.

    welcome to try and comment !

  5. can you advise me - everything is looking awesome, thanks for helping me figure this out. i have managed to load the widget onto my blog: but the widget hasn't uploaded the popular posts and remains empty, is this something i must do manually myself, and if so, how? thanks again.

  6. I tested that widget more than 2 years ago. It probably was instantaneous, but I cannot confirm. Maybe I will test again.

  7. hey hey! it's working. what do you know. thank you peter.

  8. I've created a tutorial implementing the Most Popular posts base on most commented post, here is the full tutorial for this: Most Popular Post Widget for your Blogger blog (Most Commented Posts)

    Hope you find this helpful.


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