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Feed is a way of getting updates on your website without having to visit it by subscribing to the feed either through an online feed reader or by subscribing to the feed via email. In practice, feed can be set to full or short. If set to short, the feed is supposed to display the first few lines, and if this attract the attention of the feed reader, then he/she will surf over to the actual site to read the full content. However, I have noticed that when I set my feed to short, in many cases, what is displayed is only the post title. So for it to be meaningful, you will have to use a very descriptive post title.

But here is a bit of good news. Google has bought over Feedburner and have given bloggers the option "burning" their feed at Feedburner and then redirect your Blogger feed to Feedburner feed. The methods and the advantages will be explained in the section below. However, for this, you must set your feed to full, otherwise, you cannot use this feature.

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To "burn" a feed for your blog, go to
Type or copy-paste your blog URL into the field provided,

Feedburner burn feed

If you do podcast, tick the "I am a podcaster" box, otherwise just click "Next".

Feedburner will identify the feed URL's for your blog. For blogger, there will be an Atom feed and a RSS feed. I would suggest the more popular RSS feed. I would also suggest you copy the feed URL's into a Notepad file and save it into your computer so you can retrive them when you need them.
Tick this and click "Next".

If you are trying to keep track of what is going on in many sites and have no time to keep visiting them to see what is new, this is a great way to keep updated. You can read the feed online with sites like (Google Reader)
(to be continued)

You can also chose to subscribe to feed by email.

Previously, Blogger only offer Atom feed. Many have been hankering for the more popular RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, and in New Blogger, they have added RSS feed. You probably have come across the familiar icon RSS feed subscribe button or the less common RSS feed subscription alphabet button button. Other common feed subscription button includes the "Add to Google Reader button Add to Google Reader feed subscription button, "Add to My Yahoo" button Add to My Yahoo feed subscription button, "Add to Bloglines" button Add to Bloglines feed subscription button, "Add to Newsgator" button Add to Newsgator feed subscription button, and a whole lot more.

Adding a feed subscription button to your blog

I will first deal with the popular Feedburner subscription button. You will first have to go to "burn" a feed for your blog. Go to
and type in paste your blog URL. Click "Next" and Feedburner will look for available feed for your blog. For Blogger, there will be Atom and RSS. I normally chose RSS.

Blogger and Feedburner

Recently, Google have bought over the popular Feedburner and now you can integrate your Blogger feed with Feedburner. The advantage of doing this is that you can get statistics about your blog subscribers via Feedburner.

Putting links for visitors to subscribe to your blog

(to be continued)

Adding a feed email subscription form to your blog

(to be continued)

Blogger previously only offer Atom feed

Official Google Blog: Adding more flare


  1. This is not related to the topic but i may need help resolving a problem that i hope isn't too bad.I have two images that i am unable to view, i keep getting an error statement that says "service unavailable error 503", is this a temporary problem that will fix itself or is it permanent.

  2. Hi greenstamp,

    I can't tell what is the problem by what you describe above. Perhaps you will have to get into the post editor window for that problem post and display them in a comment here, or better, display it in a post (either in your blog - predate it so it don't appear in your main page, or create a special blog for that purpose). Please refer to Ways to display special HTML tags in comments and posts.

    I am afraid if you put them in a comment here, it may mess up my blog because there may be some long unbroken line. The best is to publish it in a post, preferably in a scroll box so it doesn't mess up your blog. For scroll box, refer to Scroll box for your posts

    Once you have done that, post the link here.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  3. I apologize, but i forgot to mention that the problem was related to my blog page.For some reason i had two images on my blog page that i could not view, i kept getting a statement that said "service unavailable error 503".I now see that the problem has resolved itself and the images are now viewable again.I'm guessing it was a blogger maintenance thing.

  4. How to disabling the 'Subscribe to this page' on Firefox (or others) for my blog?

    I need to protect my blog's contents. Help me, please.

  5. Hi atma,

    Just go to SETTINGS > FEED and set it to "None".

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  6. Thanks for the reply. It's work. :)

  7. Hello Peter. I just want to thank you for the information on how to make my blog a feed with FeedBurner. I've had success putting my blog on another website that I created, which was my goal. I was at a complete loss until someone suggested your blog. Your information gave me the confidence to move forward. I'm very excited to have accomplished my goal. So again, let me convey my THANKS!

  8. Sir

    this is tricks looks very useful, i will complete the techniques mentioned by you.

    Thank you for providing this useful information.

  9. Anonymous9/24/2007


    I wouild like to add a RSS feed next to some labels. How do I do that?



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  11. Hi Pete! you have a wealth of information..everytime I type any kind of questions...your site seems to pop up! My question is: how do I change my rss icon that blogger alredy has? I would like to have a different icon. for example...I added the already rss button to my blog...but I want to replace it with the cup of coffee icon. Where on the site (html code) is it? Does this make sense??


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