Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Increase traffic: Add Interests, Favorite movies, music, books to Profile

In the old classic Blogger, your Interests, Favorite Movies, Music and Books that you added to your profile was clickable. This means that other surfers/bloggers can use that to find blogs sharing the same interests. However, when Blogger Beta (now New Blogger) was introduced, these became unclickable words, thus useless.

Now according to Blogger Buzz Browse Profiles! Find new blogs to read!, as of 7 August 2007, these interests that you list in your profile are now active links, that means if you have put "blogging" as one of your interests, anyone viewing your profile can click on "blogging" and find other blogs whose interests are also blogging. This apply not only to your profile, but also other bloggers' profiles as well. This implies the more interests, favorite movies, music, books, that you add to your profile, the higher the chances that some other surfers/bloggers will find your blog. So put as many of them as you can into your profile. That is a very good way to try to bring more traffic to your blog.

If you do not know how to do that, sign into Blogger at blogger.com and you will end up in the Dashboard containing a list of blogs you have created. At the top right corner, click EDIT PROFILE and you will get the page where you can add all the interests, favorite movies, music and books you want.


  1. Great post! Thanks! I will definitely edit my profile!

  2. Hello This article does sound very interesting. But I have a question. A few days ago, my profile stopped being visible, and all I get now is an error messaage. I sent this to blogger support, and received a reply from someone there saying thanks and that they are working on the problem. I now see as of last night sometime that I can no longer use the "send this" or blog this button, as I receive a similar error message, a different code, when I try. This is so strange, that I decided to check my other blogs and profiles, and I do see the problem there. It is just this one blog profile! Anyhow, I sent a comment to the blogger help groups as well but I don't think anyone has had this experience. I thank you for any suggestions you can make. Have a good day. Since this happened a few days ago I did turn off the profile view....

  3. Hi takingthebrim,

    My standard response to problem like this is to change to a different browser. It has helped me in many different situations, and recently it had helped my son when he couldn't get the login page of his online banking. My suggestion is to try with a new browser. As your message indicate, it is likely that you are among the 20% of surfers who only use IE, so I am posting my standard reply to a situation like this.

    I am not sure what is causing your problem. This may or may not help depending on the situation.
    For me,very often problems like uploadingl cannot log in, cannot publish etc. changing brower helps, eg. if usin IE then chage to Firefox and vice versa. The post below may or may not help you, but generally I do the easy way and change browser. If I am using IE, I change to Firefox, and vice versa. See post
    What to do when you cannot upload photo, don't see toolbar in post editor, cannot download a webpage, cannot sign in, etc.. I even have Opera browser in my computer although it is not fully supported by Blogger, but I can blog from it.
    Update: Problem signing into Blogger with Opera

    Changing browsers has helped me numerous times and at least two people (I can now add a few more) to whom I have given this advice has responded that it had helped them. Some people has also recommended clearing private data (cache, cookies) and that may help you. I haven't tried that.

    BTW if you are one of the majority of surfers and Blogger uses who still only use Internet Explorer, it is a good time to install Firefox, especially with the Google toolbar. See the following posts for the advantages:
    What is Firefox and why you should be using it
    How to easily get PageRank of our blogs as well as any other websites
    How to do spell check for Blogger
    Spell chech for Blogger: Test (not working with FireFox 2.0)
    Why you should be using more than one browser

  4. Nice Tip! I will do that right away! Thanks!


  5. I couldn't agree more! I know the users of my "2,000+ Free Backlinks" website therankdirectory.com would agree as well. I'll be referring people to this article!

  6. when i click on interests all i get is 'no profiles found' why did this cahnge I didn't do anything to it?

  7. when i click on interests all i get is 'no profiles found' why did this cahnge I didn't do anything to it?

  8. The problem with the profile started last month and Blogger knows about it and says they are trying to fix the problem. Hopefully it would take them an eternity to fix it.

  9. thank you! those were valuable comments and over the last couple of years I have learned that precisely what you were suggesting was true. As always I find your blog tips useful and helpful! You are one of the generous bloggers around when it comes to this business. We ought to give you an award and Blogger should too!


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