Friday, August 10, 2007

Link open in new window widget

So you want to make links open in new windows without the bother of having to add the target="_blank" or target="new" attribute. Or perhaps you are not comfortable and use the COMPOSE mode and the link icon Google Blogger link icon to create your links. Links created in this way open in the same window. You may also add blogroll in the sidebar by using the Link List Page Element (widget) in the New Blogger LAYOUT. Links added via Link List open in the same window. There is a hack to make them open in new window described in Make links in Link List open in new windows/tabs but that involve tampering with the template and some bloggers may not be comfortable with that or don't want the bother.

Well here is an easy way to do it. Use the OBE1 links open in new windows widger. All you need to do is to make sure you are signed into Blogger, go to that site, click OBE1 Add to Blogger offsite links open in new window/tab widget and in the "pop-up", click Add to Blogger offsite links open in new window/tab and select from the list of your blogs you want in install this intriging and so easy to implement widget.

OEB1 Widget Installer

Select the blog, click OEB1 Add Widget button and the widget is automatically added to your selected blog. I have tested this on Good Health Information and it worked like a charm. Test it out yourself. We are not supposed to ask people to click on AdSense ads as that can get us into trouble, but we don't earn anything from visitors click on link units, so it is OK for us to ask you to click on a link in the AdSense link unit in the above blog. AdSense don't allow us to tamper with the script use to display that link unit and clicking on the link will open a page in the same window. I have not tampered with the script, but try clicking on a link (for example the one highlighted by a red circle below)


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