Monday, September 10, 2007

Technorati, a blog searh engine and ranking site

Technorati is a popular blog search engine and also index and rank blogs. Previously, MySpace blogs were not indexed, but now they are included. If you go to Technorati, you will find a search box right at the top:

You can type in topics you are interested in into the search box and find blogs that contain the topics you are interested in. If you are interested in getting traffic, it is important to register a Technorati account and claim your blog. You can also see a list of my blogs claimed in Technorati and their ranking:

blogs claimed in Technorati and their ranking

As you can see, my most popular blog (this blog) has been ranked highest among all the blogs with a ranking (Authority) of 469.

It is also important to include Technorati tags for your posts so that surfers searching for those keywords can find your post. (a tag is simply keyword or category (called label by Blogger) describing the subject matter or topic of a post. Previously, Movable Type, WordPress and TypePad have an advantage over Blogger because they can categories for their posts, but the old Blogger didn't and Technorati uses these categories as Technorati tags. But now Google has introduce Labels which is their name for Categories or Tags, and these are also included as Technorati tags. It is important that you add labels to your posts to increase the chances of a surfer searching for something find your blog. You can also manually add Technorati tags at the bottom of each posts. The difference between Technorati tags and Blogger labels is that the Technorati tag link to the individual post while Blogger label will take a searcher to the Label page which will include all the posts with the same label. However, I read from Technorati forum that posts over 6 months may not be included in Technorati tag search results.

Each time you publish a new post, you should ping Technorati to update their index. You can sign into your Technorati account and use their ping to ping Technorati either by pinging the blog listed or entering the blog URL into the Ping box at the bottom.

If you don't want the trouble of signing into your Technorati account, you can go to Ping Technorati and just type or paste in your blog URL.

I normally uses Pingoat each time I publish a new post. Pingoat pings a number of services which include Technorati:

I believe because of this practice, my blogs are updated in Technorati as you can see from the screenshot (third one) which showed that my blog "Blogger for Dummies" was updated 3 hours ago, and I didn't go to Technorati to ping that blog.


  1. hallo Peter,

    thanks for your advice.. Sorry that I did not explained to you properly what I meant by "lines". I guess ít is called either margin or padding in the HTML code(not too sure about it). I have tried to make my screen larger. Maybe you could go into my web and have a looked. here is my webpage: sorry for the long-winded complaint.

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  3. I keep forgetting to Ping, so great tip about Pingoat, thanks. Only thing is, all it does is return an error ('Duplicate entry '904637' for key 1") but I'm sure it's a glitch.

    Technorati has certainly increased my blog traffic, which is helpful when most of my post titles are surreal to say the least.

  4. Hi Fat Roland,

    I have experienced similar problems, but sometimes it gets through. Anyway I have written about it plus links to alternative pinging services at Attracting non-English traffic to English language sites.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    The easiest way to earn something for your blogging efforts

  5. Hey Mr. Chen how are you. its NanoGeek

    This question does not pertain to the above post. I have sign up for Technorati but I have not had the time yet to fully check it out hopefuly I can do that today.

    My question is about Robots.txt
    In Google webmaster you can analyze your robot.txt there is a box that you can edit. I would like to know
    :User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Should the be / search? Disallow?
    I notice that 27 links where blocked by the robot. When I erased /search and check the bots. All the URLs I used where allowed when / search is there they are blocked? I hope this question makes sense? thanks for your help in advance

    I hope you got my last comment thanks in advance for that also.

  6. Hi there!
    Thanks for the tips! I'm still having a hard time getting the hang of technorati. I'm just a college student and I was wondering if I could link to your blog because I have this school project where I need to increase the number of unique visitors and technorati rank. The project ends in April so I really need to get a higher rank to get a higher grade. Please stop by our blog if you can :)

  7. Hi NanoGeek,

    I am afraid I can't help you. Check Contact Blogger Support especially the latest update at the top of the post.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

  8. Hi i have problem pinging in technorati for the past 2 weeks. It still shows "Last ping: 13 days ago" although i have been doing it daily. Of course the days are increasing, which means to say for the last 2 weeks, it did not ping, appreciate you help me with this.

    Appreciate you could reply me here:


  9. Hi, Add my blog to your technorati favouries.

    By the way my blog page rank has been decreased to 0 from 4.:(

  10. I have added you. please add mine.

    By the way my blog page rank has been decreased to 0 from 4.:(


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