Sunday, October 21, 2007

Centering photo, search box, etc.

Previously, the way to center something is to use the <center< tag. That has been deprecated and its use is not encourage (It will still work though, but we don't know about the future).

Now if you want to center something, you must use inline style sheet. You have to surround the "something" with <div style="text-align:center;"> and </div>

That is, you have to type it as

<div style="text-align:center;">somthing</div>


  1. Not related to this post:

    I think a lot of readers will be interested in tips on backing up a blog and also the ability to pdf it eventually like a book.

    Also how to get around corporate firewall and proxies if using a corporate VPN. I could not get the popular to work

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Backing up a blog is covered in Backup your Blogger blog which I think you already read. BlogCollecter only works with standard Blogger template but not with templates which have extensively modified. Also, BlogCollector Lite (free) backup only a certain max. no of posts. You can make it into PDF file or Word document, but there is still no way of using the backup file to put back the posts automatically into your blog is anything happens (unless something has changed and they didn't inform me, which they say they will do). That is a very old post and I think I will have to do some editing or make a new post to replace it.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Alternatives to Google AdSense

  3. Ribuan terima kasih, is that right???

    thanks again for the visit.........

    i will visit yours again and again......


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