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Make active (clickable) links in posts and comments

I am quite sure I publish a post on this subject before but just can't seem to find it, so doing it again. You can find out how to do it at How to make a clickable link, but that is a long post and include using the tool bar in the Blogger post editor, with the information on the HTML for hyperlink at the bottom of the post, I think.

This post will just focus on HTML for hyperlinks and is for everybody, not just Blogger users. This is how you should type your HTML:

<a href="URL of target site">anchor text</a>

If you are not familiar with URL, go to
What is URL and how you can get it.

The word "anchor tex" is a description (the title of a blog, post, anything you like) and is what will be displayed on a browser. For example, the HTML for the hyperlink to the precursor of this blog should be type as

<a href="" target="_blank">Blogger for Dummies</a>

and in a browser, will appear as

Blogger for Dummies

UPDATE: Attributes like target="_blank" are not allowed in comments. Only a limited numbers of HTML tags are allowed in comments including <a> <b>, <i>

"Blogger for Dummies" is the anchor text and is important for the search engine uses it to figure out what is the target site (the site you are linking to) is all about. People who practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization) try to put suitable keywords (words surfers are likely to use to search for content) in the anchor text.

You may notice an extra target="_blank". This is to make clicking on the link open a new window. You can also use target="new". However, the use of target="_blank" has been deprecated. It still works, but we don't know about the future.


  1. Well i think best thing is to use text formating toolbar. it has many built-in options to convert manythings in bb codes or HTML codes.

  2. Hi Xiphon,

    I am afraid I have to disagreee. You can make hyperlinks using the toolbar, but you cannot make the hyperlinks open in new window, for example. As far as I know, you can't use BB Codes for Google Blogger. If you can, I will like to learn for I am a life long learner and welcome anyone willing to teach me.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger for Dummies

  3. Peter I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much.
    I am happy to share pics with you. I may be also able to help your friend.

  4. Hi Jeisea,

    Thanks. Link to the interview regarding how you cope with chronic pain sent to quadruplegic. Hope that gives him some relief.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger for Dummies

  5. ya i know u cannot use bb codes in blogger bcoz they are for forum posts. wht i meant to say is text formating toolbar is good for them who dont know html. it can do many things.

  6. I think you answered this before:

    if someone posts a comment are you able to find their ISP or address if it is through gmail?

    Also, how you find an email address for profiles that do not have it listed.


  7. Hi Clay,

    If your blog is not a very high traffic blog, there is a chance that you can get the IP address of the commentator. Refer to How to get the IP address of commentator irrespective of the email addresses they used for the Blogger account, or even if they posted anonymosly (no Blogger account). I can't remember what is inside that post as it was published a long time ago, but hope you will do me a favor, read the post, and let me know if I said anything to the contrary.

    If a blogger has chosen not to reveal his email address, there is no way you can get it, unless you are a Government, police or someone with authority to request Google to reveal the information.

    Peter a.k.a. enviroman
    Natural Remedies

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  9. Anonymous5/08/2008

    I am glad that I found this I have been trying to get this done over and over and I finally found a place to help me out. Hopefully I get better at this tech stuff.just practicing by the

  10. Thanks for the tips.. I am trying the tips in this comment section...
    Economic News Online

    I have been hovering around ur blog for a while, and find it quiet interesting with lot of tips for bloggers...

  11. ok if you visit your you can see that you have and introduction, which place under the topic content how you manage to do that? :)

  12. Thankyou so much for this information. I was wondering how to do that. So i tried it and it works. This is what I used.

  13. I am practising this method already and have few links on every post. I wonder how much links it need to make my blog appear in search engine? So far there is one of my post appear in 3rd page of google search engine.

  14. Hi,
    Can you let me know where I can get a hack- where when I click on a image, it opens in a pop-up window to its full size? do you know the code for it? please help I want to use it for my Bollywood wallpapers site.

  15. If clicking on an image in a blog post results in an enlarged image is all you want, just go to Blogger post editor and use the image upload icon to upload a photo. If you click on the displayed photo, it will open a page where the enlarge photo will be displayed. Go to testing image upload and click on the photo to confirm that for yourself.

  16. He Peter-
    I did the html once and it worked. Then I did it again and it made everything else clickable in the post also after what I meant to be clicable. What did I do wrong? I'm not able to see once I post to check it.

    This has happened before. How do you keep the words you don't want to be clickable from being clickable around your clickable link? Thanks.

  17. Everything clickable? Probably wrong placement of the closing tag </a>

  18. Hi again Peter-
    With some trial and error I figured out what happened or at least how to fix it.

    If you type everything you want to type then go to where you want the link to be, even with correct placement of closing tag everything after will also be clickable.

    So what I did was, cut all text after where I wanted link then pasted cut text back in. Viola'! Worked perfectly.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Congrats on solving the problem on your own way, but wish I can understand how you did it.

    In any case, I wonder what it is that require you to do this active link with what seem to me a "complicated" way.

  21. I don't know either-yet. I'm a newbie and stumbling my way thru. :)

    Thanks for this blog. It's been helpful and I'm sure will continue to be.

  22. The linking works fine. However, when I try to add the target="new" or target="_blank" tag, I get an error message saying that TARGET cannot be used in <a tag.
    This is when trying to link in a comment.

  23. Looks like I will have to update this post. Please note that attributes like target="_blank" are not allowed in comments.

  24. Thanks for the update. You can (as a user) get around it obviously by ctrl+click, to open in a new tab.

  25. I just came across your blog and love it! Do you have a post explaining how to use an image as a hyperlink. I'm sure its simple, but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to use images as the buttons on my navigation bar. Can you help me?

  26. Hi peter,I am just testing to se if i got it.

    Blogger Tips and Tricks


  27. Mari's Cake,

    You got the idea but you used the wrong URL

  28. Thank you so much for the help! I couldn't work it out for the life of me, but you made it so simple!

  29. Thanks for helping people who want to link to Bollywood For Dummies.

    Myabe now I will update it, I've got more movies all done and ready, it's just a matter of hosing them off and pasting them in!

  30. thanks! just what i needed:)

  31. This code you provided worked,it's still not what I wanted... I don't wish to redirect someone away from my blog. Rather I wish for a new Tab to open up.

  32. I believe that is a browser setting. Hyperlink with attribute target="_blank" I believe will either open in new window or new tab depending on what browser setting the visitor had set for his browser.

  33. Hi Peter, I'm new to this blog posting. I see all the advice you have. Your really smart! I have tried the hyperlink and several other things you have posted, and Im still at square on. For 3 days now I've been trying to access my post typing in my url. Nothing works other than go to my dashboard and click on "view blog" I've even tried "JRANK" nothing has changed. I feel like I have a great post out there the whole internet can read and I can't even get access to my own blog. What do I do? Anything will help. thanks, Steve.

  34. Steven, clicking VIEW BLOG in Dashboard should take you to your blog and if it doesn't do that, something is wrong. Why don't you try clicking on EDIT POST and then click VIEW on any of the post you have published to see if they work AND/OF just create a test blog, publish a test post and then Try VIEW BLOG again. Do that and tell me what happens

  35. OK Steven try clicking on this - How to get rid of "imesh search bar" and more!

    Also, to get to your blog, go to your Dashboard, click VIEW PROFILE, and in your profile page, you should be able to see the link or links to your blogs.

  36. HI Peter, I can view my blog from the dashboard, and when I click on edit post. So, that works. I did what you said. I created a new blog on "how to get the add-on for "You Tube Download Helper" That didn't take long. This time I clicked on the link box. Came to a screen to make a title. Then in the other box, type in the url for this new blog. Now I'm told to copy the url and paste it in the title I just created. Now that's done. I go to my home page (classic google), I type in the new url and nothing works. I typed that url with spaces between letters and without ,put www. before I type the first letter in the url.That doesn't help. Then with .com instead of Done the adding of .com/ .com? .com/?. Nothing works. I thought after playing with link box I'd be all set. But I'm not. I've done click VIEW PROFILE. Here is probably my problem. I have no link(s) on my profile page! How do I get links onto the new blog and the other blogs that have no link(s) Like I said before. I'm new to blogging. Can you still help me out? I need it. Thank You, Steven

  37. Sound suspiciously like you haven't even created a blog yet will look at your problem later in meantime describe step by step as you create a blog clearly

  38. Hi Peter, Here is the procedure I do for creating a blog. (1)Type in a title. (2)Type in the middle part of creating a url. (3)Type correctly the word verification. (4)Typing a title for the blog. (5)Start typing the body of the blog. (6)Then preview the blog for misspelling to fix. (7)Click "publish". (8)Then I'm told blog successfully posted. This is the answer to your first question you asked me. Thank you for staying with me. Steven

  39. "(7)Click "publish". (8)Then I'm told blog successfully posted"

    That showed you have successfully published so what is the problem?

    Tell me step by step how you try to view your blog and at what point you were unable to do what you want

  40. Hi Peter, The answer to your second question is, I thought typing in my url would bring me straight to my blog. No other posts would show up except for mine because I typed in the url to specificly to go to my post. So, when I type in my url and don't see my posted blog, this confuses me. Why not? I guess I don't have to worry about anything then. If someone writes a comment to one of my posts, I'll be able to see it just by going to my dash board right? Because one time I typed in my url with spaces between the letters and I was directed to a page that said"results 1-10 on this page out of a total of 437,000 results. So I guess my post could be somewhere in there?

  41. Type here exactly what you typed when trying to view your blog (and also where did you type)

  42. Hi Peter, Now about having links to my posts, which I'm sure would help alot. I don't know how to do that. Do you have any suggestions. Like I've said before, I'm new to creating a blog. I went out on a limb to try something new to me. Thank you for staying with me this far. Steven

  43. I typed my url like that, on my homepage (google classic)when FireFox first starts in the beginning. MY other blog post I typed that url like this, This is also done in the beginning, when FireFox first starts on Google Classic, my homepage. Well your still with me. Steven

  44. Hi Peter, I typed these two url's at my home page in the beginning when I first click on FireFox to enter the internet. I thought if I typed in these urls it would bring me right to that page. I see I don't have to do that. I can view my posts from my dashboard. Reason I thought all this is, if anyone types these urls are they going to be able to get to that page? Because I can't. Steven

  45. Typing those url (even without the http://) in the proper place (the browser address bar) should take anyone to your blog so you are probably typing it in the wrong place. Either explain to me where you are typing the URL or send me a screen shot of your computer screen as you typed the URL via my my contact form (you will have to wait for me to reply before you can send email attachments).

    Also have a look at How to make screen shots with MS Paint for Dummies (hope you don't get offended, for me the "for Dummies" is trying to convey a message that the instruction/information is so clear anyone can understand and I myself don't mind being called a dummy if anyone can give me such information when I am in need.

  46. Hi Peter, I'm very happy you solved my problem! I was typing in the wrong place. I was typing in the middle of the screen bar. Not the browser address bar. So little difference actually makes a big difference! And, no I'm not offended by you saying "try ms paint for (dummies). I didn't even know the "How to for Dummies" had a book for paint. I have different books on the How To's For Dummies. They are very helpful. Anybody who thinks those books are for I Don't Know Anything group of people, is very wrong. I hope you don't get this message only with a few words. I have "Virtual Dimensions" for my (desktop). I hit one of my Hot Keys. I fixed that problem. Thank You very much, for helping me with the problem of, I can't find my post to my blog. Steven

  47. Hi,

    I have to make Link in Home Page for all of my posts, could any one please help?

    Thanks In advance,


  48. You will have to add a HTML/Javascript gadget
    the hyperlink tag which goes like this <a href="URL of your post">anchor text which is the title of your post</a>

  49. I really appreciate your technical advice. I am having difficulty implementing it, however. I wanted to enter what I typed in a comment, replying to someone else's comment on my blog, but Blogger is kicking out this comment for html errors, as it does when I attempt to post the comment.

    I have checked each piece of html code in an online validator, and they all work.

    When I attempt to preview, I keep getting the error message

    Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed: A

    Can you please help? Thanks so much.

  50. Hi Peter, I have the formula for a hyperlink and
    understand it well. Is this correct? text to display Now I will type blog title at the end of my url. I'm pretty sure
    that's correct. But how do I get to the url
    of my Post? Going to my dashboard doesn't help.
    I'm stuck. Can you help me out. Steven W

  51. I think you got the HTML right but probably the URL wrong.

    The Dashboard will have a link VIEW BLOG and VIEW POST. Right click on the link and select "copy link location" (or similar depending on browser) and that will copy into clipboard for you to paste to anywhere you like.

  52. Mary, please note that not all HTML tags can be displayed in Blogger comments. You can only post <a>, <strong> and <b>
    <em> and <i> tags

  53. HI Peter, I have big success thanks to you! To
    put my blog out on the internet anywhere just by
    right clicking on the VIEW POST link. This will
    copy my whole blog by clicking on "copy link
    location" Then I go to my home page on my browser.
    Type in a question pertaining to my blog, which
    gives the answer someone is asking about.
    Then in a blank area I'll right click on
    SEND LINK. Now my blog is posted on one of the
    pages for what ever question was asked.
    Thank You very much for helping me for quite
    some time now. Maybe some day I could help
    you out. But I'd be very surprised if I did.
    You have a lot more computer skills than I do.

  54. Well now we are equal, you have more skills than me as you have lost me in your explanation above.

  55. Hi Peter, I'm not sure if your going to get
    two messages saying the same thing. But I'll
    make this short. The part where I said,
    Send Link. that is done before you type up
    some question. To simplify all this,
    1)type a question pertaining to your
    blog in the bar that's in the middle of
    the screen. 2) Where there is a blank
    space on the screen, now right click on
    your mouse. 3)A column appears and scroll
    down to SEND LINK. Now your blog will be
    posted for others to view. You just got to
    find out what page your blog is on.

  56. Before your last comment I did try it, I think with the Google Chrome browser and did manage to right-click on some blank space in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) plus get a text field in which to type/paste the URL of the post, but this doesn't seem consistent for trying that again with other posts didn't work.

    On getting your last comment, I tried again with Firefox browser and Opera browser and this time got choices to send link by email. Is this how you send your links?

    One more thought. Perhaps what you describe may be more applicable to relatively new webpages which haven't been indexed yet. Perhaps I may test using brand new blog and posts and try out what you described after I get done with this troublesome annual income tax paperworks.

  57. On everything I do is on Fire Fox 3.6.15.
    I don't go to any search engine pages.
    When I type a question that I know my Blog
    will answer it, on that first page I'll go
    off to the right, somewhere where there is
    nothing typed. Then I right click and scroll
    down to SEND LINK, click on that. Now
    Blog is posted on that website. This works
    for me because, on my dashboard, I right
    click on VIEW POST. Then scroll down
    to COPY LINK LOCATION, click on that.
    Now my Blog is on the invisible clipboard.
    This is just like copy+paste.
    When I'm on the page to click on SEND
    LINK.After I've clicked on SEND LINK. The
    computer will take a little portion of what
    I wrote, and some words the computer will
    highlight key words in bold letters. On one
    website I posted my Blog about imesh and
    the computer put my Blog on page 4. I put
    a different question about imesh. On a
    different website, the computer put my Blog
    on page 16. I'm going to create a new Blog.
    Not sure what about yet. I'll use this
    method of (hyper linking) if that's the
    correct term to say. Then I can see what
    happens with that. I hope this all works
    for you. I think this is how earlier on you
    described how to do linking to get my Blog
    out on the internet. Or maybe I just changed,
    (tweeked) a little bit of what you were
    describing. Good luck with your income tax
    paperwork. Let me know if any of this
    works for you. Remember I'm only using
    Fire Fox 3.6.15.

  58. Anonymous4/05/2011

    Thanks for the great posts, guys. Why do I see my html code after I posted my comment and not ny anchor text?
    I must be missing something...

    Let's see if this works...

    getting the best ereader

  59. HI Natly, I'm not sure if your
    trying the copy+paste to clipboard
    from your dashboard, or using the
    formula of (anchor
    . Your anchor text is a
    title you give your blog or a name
    you give for your post. Remember to
    leave a space after the part,
    <a (space)href="URL".

  60. Thank you, but it did not work for me.

    I wrote tup bebek merkezi

    But it appeared at the post as
    <a href="" target="_blank">tup bebek merkezi</a&gt

  61. Try <a href="" target="_blank">tup bebek merkezi</a>

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  64. How to make only url link, not giving anchor text? I mean a click-able url. Thanks in advance:

  65. Just use the URL the anchor text like this:
    <a href="url">url</a>

  66. Nice tips you have here...

    I tried it on my "How To Open A PayPal Account In Nigeria" and it worked great.

    Thanks for the tips.


  67. Thanks for the great information. I tried posting yesterday using this html code and it did not post. Still have lots to learn it looks like.

    Dr. Jeff

  68. Hey! I think it works! Thank you for the great post!

  69. hoho.. now i know how to this tips blogging works. thank you Master

  70. Hi Peter, is it possible to make a hyperlink clickable in the text of a post preview on a blog homepage? For example, if I have a snippet of my full blog post and want to make a link clickable from that snippet.

    Thanks for your help!

  71. Sorry, don't understand your question. Can you explain in greater details?

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  73. Ok I'm just testing this to see if I understood

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