Monday, December 31, 2007

Exciting news. Highly interesting widgets for Bloggers

Sorry readers, for reasons best kept to myself, I have to remove the content of this piece as I had been subjected to very unfair treatment. Please note carefully. It has nothing to do with the comments in this post.

For those whom I promised updates, I apologize for not being able to do it anymore.


  1. Hi! Peter1. Off topic a bit. Just dropped by to thank you for your support during 2007. I wish you and your family all the best for 2008 and beyond!


  2. Hi Peter 2,

    At first I wasn't sure, but from you profile photo, I am now sure you that you are that Aussie (hope Aussie not derogatory term) that kindly made a button to link to my site. Thanks for the greetings and thanks for the button.

    Maybe not too late for my to send New Year greeting if you don't mind a Chinese New Year greeting.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Tips and Tricks for Blogger or "Son of Blogger Tips and Tricks"
    slotted for conversion to custom domain
    (don't know when I will find the time to do that properly.

  3. Hi! Peter. Aussie is not a derogatory term. It's a complement and tag that all Australians love. Thank you for your great feedback and fantastic Chinese New Year Greeting!

    All the best!
    Peter McCartney


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