Friday, January 18, 2008

How to display underlined text

Want to underline some text in your post? It is very easy.

However, to do this, you must use the EDIT HTML mode and not the COMPOSE mode. You will need to do what they call Inline CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) which is CSS inside a HTML element. However, don't get frightened off by the technical jargon as you need not know what I mean by the above. All you have to do is to examine the HTML I used to display It is very easy inside the scroll box below and just copy what I do:

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">It is very easy</span>

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  1. Thank so much for helping me. I tried the code in a draft and it works. It's great having you in our blogger community.

  2. hi is there a way to add a feed inside blog post. i mean not in sidebar but actual content.

  3. hi is there a way to add a feed inside blog post. i mean not in sidebar but actual content.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    I think you need to describe more about what kind of feed you want because I was even approached by a website to add "news feeds" in my blog post/posts and not only that, make money from it. I did one as a test and just in case you get interested, I hope I can find that again as I did not keep a record and I cannot guarantee that I will be able to point you to that post which I believe would have a link to the website which provided the news feed (now after so much typing, I think I remember which blog, but not which post, but that is going to make it easier for me to find that post if anyone wants to know where I added that news feed in a post.

    Peter Blog*Star
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  5. yeah i need just that. i want how can i embed a feed inside a blog post. i got 5 to 6 blogs and i am planning to have a new blog that has feeds of other blogs as content. hope u can help me.

  6. thanks fr reply. i want a feed inside blog content. actually i have 6 to 7 blogs. and i want to have a new blog in which the content is feeds of my other blogs.

  7. Hi Sandy,

    Comments in this blog are moderated and by right you should see a message that says comment will appear as soon as administrator approve the comment. I found 3 comments waiting for approval from you and the first 1 was the same as your first comment. I have not yet look at the others, but if they are also the same, then please when commenting on any blog where comment moderation had been enabled, no need to keep posting the same message. Friendly advice.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  8. Hello Peter,

    You websites network is great.
    Lot of useful articles for bloggers and other Internet users.

    I have one question for you.
    Please answer if you can, when you have some free time.

    For my website 'Macedonian Babes' I was using Classic Blogger.
    Few days ago I turn it into New Blogger (with Layouts).

    In Classic Blogger I was able to add AdSense ads block (300x250) right at the top of the comments table (in single post view; like this for example: Jana Stojanovska - above '7 comments' text, but still in the comments table).

    Now in the New Blogger I can't find the place in the widgets where I can put that AdSense 300x250 ad.
    I like to put it in the same place, as it was when I was using Template (right above the '7 comments' as mentionet above).
    [Here is an example how all that have to look.]

    Can you help with this?

    Have a nice weekend... and BIG greetings from Macedonia (Europe)!

    Macedonian Babes

  9. Macedonian babes
    no ads except for link unit at top of main column?

    Jana Stojanovska
    ads at top of main column?

    Both: no ads anywhere near comments, so don't know how to answer you.

    BTW nice photos. I am always looking for photos to add to my archives. Any photos of Macedonia I can use? (scenery, not Macedonian babes)

    Peter Blog*Star
    Successes with Kontera ContentLink

  10. Thank you for the reply, Peter.

    Here, at the website of the President of Macedonia, you can find some photos.


  11. Hi Macedonia,

    I am supposing that is giving permission for me (don't assume other readers of this post) to use those photo, but if I ever do, would always attribute source of photo plus a link to whatever website author want except website I might find not suitable. It would be great if there are captions or some description about what are the places that are featured in the photos.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Digital Candlelight Vigil

  12. This is a great blog, full of useful info. I'm glad I stumbled in.

    The ads don't bother me one bit. You're doing a great service to bloggers, and there's nothing wrong with making a little profit from your efforts.


  13. Hi W. J.

    Thanks for the kind words and for the encouragements. I am sort of getting a bit discouraged by the result of the poll, but will let it continue to run and see the final outcome.

    Peter Blog*Star
    What a grateful blogger did for me
    (no one should feel obligated. Everything completely voluntary. However, by doing so, you may also help your visitors find helpful information and help. You may even pick up various ways of linking sites there too)

  14. Do you know how to do crossed off words? I would love to know.

  15. Hi Chatty Housewife,

    I can be pretty chatty myself, but this time, I will just refer you to Display strike (crossed-out or cancelled) text and just stop here and spare you ......

    Peter Blog*Star
    Earn with blogs

  16. Peter Chen- thank you for helping me and directing me to where I can learn how to strike out words.

    Thank you for asking for permission to use my photography and not "stealing" them. I would rather you not copy the photos. Is there a particular photo you were interested in? Maybe if I new how you wanted to use them, I would be willing to give you permission. If I had a water mark on my photos, I would say yes. Maybe you will know how to add a watermark?

    I most likely found your blog through google, and you would have been on the first or second page. I do not know what I was searching for, because it would have been about something I added to my blog.

  17. For Sandy,

    Sorry about responding so late, but reasons given at Why your comments and emails are not getting prompt response: Apologies. Regarding embedding another blog posts in one of your blog post, refer to Embed feed of another blog into your blog post. There is also a demo post plus instructions.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

  18. I'm having just the exact opposite problem. I don't know what happened, but somehow, part of my blog got underlined. I didn't do anything different than usual, other than add some Zemanta pictures into my post. I haven't been able to do that recently due to a slow browser, but once I switch to Firefox from IE I was able to use Zemanta again. Now to get back on subject. How do I remove the underlining?

    Thank you,


  19. Perhaps Zemanta inserted the formatting tags that made your text underlined?

  20. thank you for this info. i have been looking this for a long time.

  21. Thanks :) Very helpful.

  22. You can only smile for your grandchild. That's beautiful.


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