Sunday, February 24, 2008

Branding, Domain Name, URL, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blogger Custom Domain

After Google Blogger introduced the much improved New Blogger (previously Blogger Beta) and introduced Blogger Custom Domain (click BACK button to get back to this page), it is now possible for you to register your own domain name (own property) for your blog rather than using a sub-domain like which is the property of Blogger. If you intend to register your own domain for your blog, there are a few factors you should take into considerations, among which are:


Some, especially those meant for business blogs, may want to consider branding (having a unique name which one hope would get well known and easily remembered). For example, this blog, BloggerDough blog used the blog URL

with the hope that BloggerDough will become a well known brand. It was created to be part of a business website BloggerDough with the URL:

created to help other bloggers earn from their blogs. However, choosing a URL like that may not be good for SEO (search engine optimization) as search engines gives great importance to the words in the URL. Perhaps if eventually that blog gets ranked very high by search engine, then it may be found by those searching for "blogger" or "dough" but it would face great competition and not likely to be in the top of the list of result in the SERP (search engine result page). However, if ever the brand gets well known, surfers may type the website URL direct into the browser address bar to get to that website or they may search for "bloggerdough" and the possibility of that website appearing very high in the SERP is very good, likely even at the first of the list as not many other website, maybe even none, are optimized for the key word "bloggerdough". So that website will face no competition for searches for bloggerdough. This is the advantage of branding and a strategy you should go for only if you are prepared to make efforts to promote the brand. An unknown brand will not help you.

Putting key words into URL

Search engines place much importance on the words in the website URL. Try goggling for "blogger for dummies" (key words blogger and dummies) and at time of publishing, web pages from Blogger for Dummies appeared at number 1 and 2 on the list of the SERP and this blog was at number 9 in the SERP because this:

appeared in the Google site search box at the top in the blog Header.

Another 2 blogs of mine, Dummies Guide to Google Blogger was found at number 6 and 11 in the list, the first was because this the words "blogger" and "dummies" were in the blog URL.

SERP for "blogger for dummies results 1 to 10

SERP of blogger for dummiesSERP for blogger for dummies 2Above is supposed to be a single screenshot of a SERP page for "blogger for dummies", but the screen is not tall enough to display the whole page, so it comprises 2 screenshots, the second one obtained by scrolling horizontally downward.

Domain names SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are various factors when choosing a domain name. It is natural to go for a short domain name and is connected to something that is popularly searched for by surfers so that the chances of it being found and visited form search engines (free or organic hits) are better. An example might be This is in the hope that surfers (potential customers) are more likely to find when searching for camera. There are many domain name registrars, but don't try to register that domain name because 99.99999999% that had already been registered by someone, and if it is not already in use, very likely the one who registered it will be trying to sell that popular domain name at a very high price.

Now you can try other domain names and it will be good to do some research first like looking up common and popular key words and try to zero in on some key words related to what you want to put on your website or blog in the domain name. If you want to do that, type "keyword suggestion tool" into the Google search box above, tick the radio button beside WEB and search. You will see a few websites that can help suggest key words for you. But that is hard work.

Help with domain name creation, registration and optimization

Don't like hard work? There is help available. Try Name Stock. They say they can help you find a suitable name (I assume that also includes domain name), register and optimize it using names already indexed by the very popular Google search engine. Read about how NameStock brand creation process.

Don't even want to do that? Let others who have already done the job and have ready-made domains and buy a premium domain name that suit your purpose.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Accidentally delete blog: What to do

Accidentally deleting blogs are not rare occurrences as in the default BASIC tab for Blogger SETTINGS, the DELETE button is just below the SAVE SETTINGS button.

Previously, once you delete a blog, the blog URL become available for anyone to grab, and spammers have automated programs to quickly grab the URL of a deleted blog to use for spam blog (splog), taking advantage of any existing PageRank of a blog rather than starting from scratch. That was the reason for publishing this post - Why you should not delete a blog and what to do when you accidentally delete a blog or change the blog URL.

However, Blogger has wised up to this and now if you delete a blog, the blog URL is reserved for you to claim back later. So if you have accidentally deleted a blog, what you can do is to create a new blog using the old blog URL. Now I myself have not tried this when this was made known to me, and hope to do that one day and report the result at Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger). In the meantime, if you had accidentally deleted your blog, try this and please report the result by leaving a comment for everyone's benefits.

What if you change the blog URL instead of deleting it?

We have been informed that when you change the blog URL, the blog URL will be released for others to register it.

How to backup and restore blog using Export/Import functions
Restore deleted Google/gmail/Blogger account
Recover deleted blog
How to Recover accidentally deleted post
How to recover deleted comments

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Music and video for your blog

No time to try out but hoping some of you will see if that is another easy way get get music on your blog and give feedback on result:

Share Booklet, Facebook application

Please note No time to try out.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scramble your email address to prevent email from being harvested for spam

I previously created a special email address for communications with my readers and used a simple HTML mailto: tag knowing jolly well that the email address will be harvested by robotic programs for spam. However, I used free web-based mail which have very good and free spam filter and practically all spam ends up in the spam folder and very little in the Inbox. Also, the amount of spam I get is not that much. However, I have found out some important email messages have ended up in the spam folder and it is a good thing I make it a habit of checking the spam folder before deleting them.

But Amanda of Blogger Buster have made a very good email link scrambler and rather risk the amount of spam messages I have to check, I thought it wiser to use what Amanda has conveniently provided for us. It is very easy to use. Just type in your email address, type in the text of what you want to be displayed for the link (example "email me", "contact me", "click here to email me", etc., then just click the "Scramble Email" button and the script will be generated for you to copy and paste into HTML/JavaScript Page Element. If you do not know what I am talking about, please refer to Add advertisement, visitor counter, email link, etc. to your blog (click BACK button to get back to this page).

Please note that this will not work if you try to paste the script into a blog post.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Expand Blogger post editor window with Netscape Navigator

Update 2.20am 19 April 2008: Please note that the ability to widen the normal pathetically tiny Blogger post editor window is not always repeatable. Sometimes, I can do it, sometimes not. I have seen it a few times but this is the first time I made a post about being able to EXPAND (widen and lengthen) the Blogger post editor window with Netscape. There are screen shots and that screen shots are definitely not faked with Adobe Photoshop for this poor Blog*Star only use the free and very good Irfanview plus PC Paint which comes with Windows. This poor Blog*Star cannot afford to buy the expensive Photoshop. Anyone who wants something better than the free Irfanview photo editor can try the open source GIMP. Update posted here to avoid Blog*Star from being called a nut case.

I published a previous post about being able to expand (elongate) the tiny and very inconvenient Blogger post editor window with Netscape Navigator browser at Expand Blogger tiny Blogger post editor window in response to a blogger question in the official Google Blogger Help and a renegade Blog*Star responded with a "Peter, you have blown a fuse. However, after posting the link Expand Blogger tiny Blogger post editor window where there is a screenshot to prove it, he accepted it but said I must have done it while I was in the twilight zone. I did mention that it was not always repeatable, but today, I must be in the twilight zone again, for I did it again in Netscape and here is the screenshot to prove it:

expand tiny Blogger post editor window with Netscape Navigator

The earlier one was done in the first tab of the Netscape Navigator web browser, and when I tried to repeat it in another tab, I couldn't do it. The above was done in the third tab in Netscape Navigator, so most likely the ability to do it does not necessarily depend on which tab you happened to be in.

This post is now being prepared with the Flock social web browser and the Blogger post editor window now cannot be expanded (elongated).

I was told that Blogger itself do not support this "expanding post editor window" but it depends on the browser. I was further told that it can be done with the Safari web browser developed for the MAC computer specifically using the Mac OS X v10.3 operating system. I understand Safari 3 beta is now available for Windows too and at the moment, I am downloading it to test out. Watch out for updates.

Update 15 February 2008: Actually the one and only test with Safari 3 beta for Windows was done some time ago, and the result was a failure. I did not try it again, perhaps another time. But someone commented in this post it can be done. Let's see if he comes back with some kind of screenshots or more information.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Embed feed of another blog into a blog post

To see an example of a post with the feed of a blog embedded, surf over to Blogger, blogging, blogs.

How to embed a blog feed into a post

The above is a post from a test blog Cool Blue template and uses the feed for the demonstration blog Blogger, blogging, blogs. The feed I used is

The last portion of the feed URL is


To get the feed URL for the blog you want to embed in a blog post, all you need to do is to replace

in front of that with the URL of the blog you want and surf over to Feed2JS into the field for the feed URL:

feed2js for generating script to embed feed into blog post

If you want to be sure that the feed URL is valid, click "check that it is valid", otherwise, just proceed to select the options you want. Preview, and if satisfied, click "Generate script". There will be 2 scripts generated, one a Javascript, the other HTML. For the demonstration I used in Blogger, blogging, blogs, I just highlighted the one for Javascript, press ctrl+C to copy the script into clipboard. Now I always use a web browser with tabbed browsing. In another tab in the same browser window, I sign into (Dashboard), create a new post and paste the script from clipboard into the post editor window, fill in an appropriate title, add labels if you want, then publish. You will get different results depending on whether you have chosen to set the feed to "full" or "short". By right, when you set the feed to "short", what should be displayed should be just the first few sentences of posts, but in my test, I only got the post titles. So for the demonstration, I set the feed to "full" and you can see the result in Blogger, blogging, blogs.

I hope you yourself may do a little experimenting and update us with your results by leaving a comment. You are encouraged to do so plus add active (clickable) link or links (click BACK button to get back to this page) to your post or add a signature line with a link to your blog. This will help link popularity, PageRank and search engine visibility (click BACK button to get back to this page) of your blog as the "nofollow" attribute has been removed for links in the comments of this blog (but please don't spam).

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Moderate comments via email notification: Advantages and problems

I have set almost all my blogs to moderate comments via email moderation and this method have many advantages over Moderating comments from Dashboard plus problems.

Advantages of moderating comments via email notification

The biggest advantage of moderating comments via email notification is that in the email notification message, there is a link to the post where the comment was made. This link is non-existent if you Moderate comments from Dashboard. This very useful link allows you to quickly go to the post where the comment was made if you need a response and save you the hassle of having to save the post title, then searching for the post in the Dashboard when you moderate comments from the Dashboard. Further, you have a permanent record of the comment plus the link to the post in your Inbox which you can refer to if ever necessary. A further advantage is you can have a solution if accidentally delete a comment or want to edit a comment (click BACK button to get back to this page).

How to moderate comments via email moderation

You will first have to set comments to moderation and provide an email address to send the email notification for comment moderation. If you do not give an email address, your only choice is to moderate comments via the Dashboard with its resultant problems.

This is how an email notification for comment moderation will look like.:

email notification for comment moderation

Note that the full text of the comment is visible plus there is link to the post where the comment was made and another link to the profile of the commentator (both highlighted by red ellipses). If you click publish, you will be taken to a page with another link to the post. Click on that link and you will be in the post, ready to respond to the comment. In this case, the link in the email notification is superfluous, but may be helpful, say, you want to check the post before you publish or reject the comment, useful as a permanent record, if you accidentally deleted the comment, etc.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Display strike (crossed-out or cancelled) text

Want to know how to display text like wrong spelling right spelling? This post will be what we call "self-study" post, that is, to learn how to do it, examine the codes I used to display above in the scroll box (the horizontal or vertical scroll bar may not be displayed if what is inside the scroll box in not long enough for the size of the scroll box):

<del>wrong spelling</del> <ins>right spelling</ins>

You can study the codes, understand it and then do it yourself, or if you are lazy, just copy-paste into your post editor and just replace the "wrong spelling"..... with what you want.

Now the above may not be what you want. Perhaps you want this is not what I want.

Look the the HTML I used for the above below (this can be mighty confusing, above and below. You go figure what I mean by that):

<strike>this is not what I want</strike>

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