Sunday, February 10, 2008

Embed feed of another blog into a blog post

To see an example of a post with the feed of a blog embedded, surf over to Blogger, blogging, blogs.

How to embed a blog feed into a post

The above is a post from a test blog Cool Blue template and uses the feed for the demonstration blog Blogger, blogging, blogs. The feed I used is

The last portion of the feed URL is


To get the feed URL for the blog you want to embed in a blog post, all you need to do is to replace

in front of that with the URL of the blog you want and surf over to Feed2JS into the field for the feed URL:

feed2js for generating script to embed feed into blog post

If you want to be sure that the feed URL is valid, click "check that it is valid", otherwise, just proceed to select the options you want. Preview, and if satisfied, click "Generate script". There will be 2 scripts generated, one a Javascript, the other HTML. For the demonstration I used in Blogger, blogging, blogs, I just highlighted the one for Javascript, press ctrl+C to copy the script into clipboard. Now I always use a web browser with tabbed browsing. In another tab in the same browser window, I sign into (Dashboard), create a new post and paste the script from clipboard into the post editor window, fill in an appropriate title, add labels if you want, then publish. You will get different results depending on whether you have chosen to set the feed to "full" or "short". By right, when you set the feed to "short", what should be displayed should be just the first few sentences of posts, but in my test, I only got the post titles. So for the demonstration, I set the feed to "full" and you can see the result in Blogger, blogging, blogs.

I hope you yourself may do a little experimenting and update us with your results by leaving a comment. You are encouraged to do so plus add active (clickable) link or links (click BACK button to get back to this page) to your post or add a signature line with a link to your blog. This will help link popularity, PageRank and search engine visibility (click BACK button to get back to this page) of your blog as the "nofollow" attribute has been removed for links in the comments of this blog (but please don't spam).

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2008

    hey dude it would have been better if you would have given us how the result looks would make this nice post complete.

  2. Hi Rockerdish,

    There is this question of search engines penalizing websites with duplicate content, and this is my main blog. I don't exactly know how duplicate content from posts embedded into a website via feed affect search engine rankings, but I don't want to chance it. If you are really sincere about seeing how the result looks like, I have put a link to a demonstration blog where you can view it. That blog, I am not worried about search engine ranking. Just in case you really want to have a look, here it is again:

    Blogs, blogging, blogs.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Temporary blog for bloggers who want to earn from their blogging efforts until final website ready

  3. Nice and informative site....good work!

  4. Hi Flower,

    Thanks for the kind words. However I noticed the link in your signature line is not active. I suggest you refer to Make active (clickable) links in posts and comments as this will be more beneficial to you. See Improving link popularity and PageRank of your blog by removing the NOFOLLOW attribute.

    Peter Blog*Star
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    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  5. Hi Peter,

    Your post is just what I was looking for because I want to embed post from my blog at my impotence treatment blog onto another website.

    I did what the Cut n'Paste Javascript site said to do.... and it worked perfectly!!!

    thank you.

    I'm new at internet also and having some fun and trying to pick up some change while doing so. How is your adsense going? I have it in the blog but I think I don't get much traffic to the blog...

    Well, thanks again.


  6. Oh just what I wanted!!! After hours of googling I only got how to embed feeds on the sidebar, and not on the blog itself. Thank you!!

  7. I have no idea if you'll still see this after a year, but I'm trying to link a blogger blog to a drupal blog to feed - so it posts both places. Can you tell me how to do so?

  8. Why do you want to do that? You will get duplicate content which is frowned upon by search engines

  9. I've implemented a feed based on your instructions and it looks great on my site. We will see how it fairs in regards to SEO. Appreciate the info!
    My Site Here

  10. Thanks Peter this is great information on embedding the RSs feed. We are off to Kilimanjaro on Wednesday and have a group blog that i wanted to add to my own personal blog while i am away. Mission accomplished

  11. thanks, following the tips i actually installed the RSS feed of my blog >''<

  12. Tried it and it works -- very neat!


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