Monday, February 11, 2008

Expand Blogger post editor window with Netscape Navigator

Update 2.20am 19 April 2008: Please note that the ability to widen the normal pathetically tiny Blogger post editor window is not always repeatable. Sometimes, I can do it, sometimes not. I have seen it a few times but this is the first time I made a post about being able to EXPAND (widen and lengthen) the Blogger post editor window with Netscape. There are screen shots and that screen shots are definitely not faked with Adobe Photoshop for this poor Blog*Star only use the free and very good Irfanview plus PC Paint which comes with Windows. This poor Blog*Star cannot afford to buy the expensive Photoshop. Anyone who wants something better than the free Irfanview photo editor can try the open source GIMP. Update posted here to avoid Blog*Star from being called a nut case.

I published a previous post about being able to expand (elongate) the tiny and very inconvenient Blogger post editor window with Netscape Navigator browser at Expand Blogger tiny Blogger post editor window in response to a blogger question in the official Google Blogger Help and a renegade Blog*Star responded with a "Peter, you have blown a fuse. However, after posting the link Expand Blogger tiny Blogger post editor window where there is a screenshot to prove it, he accepted it but said I must have done it while I was in the twilight zone. I did mention that it was not always repeatable, but today, I must be in the twilight zone again, for I did it again in Netscape and here is the screenshot to prove it:

expand tiny Blogger post editor window with Netscape Navigator

The earlier one was done in the first tab of the Netscape Navigator web browser, and when I tried to repeat it in another tab, I couldn't do it. The above was done in the third tab in Netscape Navigator, so most likely the ability to do it does not necessarily depend on which tab you happened to be in.

This post is now being prepared with the Flock social web browser and the Blogger post editor window now cannot be expanded (elongated).

I was told that Blogger itself do not support this "expanding post editor window" but it depends on the browser. I was further told that it can be done with the Safari web browser developed for the MAC computer specifically using the Mac OS X v10.3 operating system. I understand Safari 3 beta is now available for Windows too and at the moment, I am downloading it to test out. Watch out for updates.

Update 15 February 2008: Actually the one and only test with Safari 3 beta for Windows was done some time ago, and the result was a failure. I did not try it again, perhaps another time. But someone commented in this post it can be done. Let's see if he comes back with some kind of screenshots or more information.

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  1. hey peter

    i just wanted to say that isn't it time to change the look of this blog... i mean how about a new template...this template has been going on and on....its good but try thinking about something new.

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  2. Hi Rockerdish,

    Templates are very personal choices. I think the best way for me to respond to your suggestion is to refer you to Why I use this plain template for this blog.

    Peter Blog*Star
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  3. i believe safari for win supports this feature, because it is the default for every text box that is editable on that particular browser.

    on the other hand, options like bold, text alignment and such don't work properly


  4. Hi Igor,

    Thanks for this info about Safari. I had earlier been told one could expand the post editor window with Safari for MAC and downloaded Safari 3 Beta for Windows to test. The first test failed. I didn't try again. If you have been consistently doing it, will greatly appreciate you let me know the version you are using, where you download it and hopefully a screenshot of the expanded post editor window.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Peter Blog*Star
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