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Moderate comments via email notification: Advantages and problems

I have set almost all my blogs to moderate comments via email moderation and this method have many advantages over Moderating comments from Dashboard plus problems.

Advantages of moderating comments via email notification

The biggest advantage of moderating comments via email notification is that in the email notification message, there is a link to the post where the comment was made. This link is non-existent if you Moderate comments from Dashboard. This very useful link allows you to quickly go to the post where the comment was made if you need a response and save you the hassle of having to save the post title, then searching for the post in the Dashboard when you moderate comments from the Dashboard. Further, you have a permanent record of the comment plus the link to the post in your Inbox which you can refer to if ever necessary. A further advantage is you can have a solution if accidentally delete a comment or want to edit a comment (click BACK button to get back to this page).

How to moderate comments via email moderation

You will first have to set comments to moderation and provide an email address to send the email notification for comment moderation. If you do not give an email address, your only choice is to moderate comments via the Dashboard with its resultant problems.

This is how an email notification for comment moderation will look like.:

email notification for comment moderation

Note that the full text of the comment is visible plus there is link to the post where the comment was made and another link to the profile of the commentator (both highlighted by red ellipses). If you click publish, you will be taken to a page with another link to the post. Click on that link and you will be in the post, ready to respond to the comment. In this case, the link in the email notification is superfluous, but may be helpful, say, you want to check the post before you publish or reject the comment, useful as a permanent record, if you accidentally deleted the comment, etc.

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  1. Hey that's me! :)

    I have a question for you. Do you know how to add more text to comments? For example, in Typepad, I have seen bloggers answer commenters questions right inside their original comment box.

  2. Hi Chatty Housewife,

    Wanted to have a long chat, but came across a good "problem". What cannot be done directly with Blogger can often be done with a work around. See How to edit comments. That work around used to work before, then the "Other" option remove (we bloggers in countries with repressive government very happy because that can be abused to cause us harm", then lots of bloggers who use Wordpress, Typepad, etc., or have regular visitors using them, made a huge hue and cry, then Blogger brought it back again much to my disappointment because I have been pestering them to remove that "Other" to prevent abuse.

    Now I wanted to demonstrate how I can sort of answer your question within "your" comment, I found that the "Other" option is no longer available. Tested with two blogs, many browsers - same result. Now waiting for news to see if that "Other" option had really been removed again or it is me seeing things.

    If they have removed it, while I am happy for myself, I am unhappy for you because the work-around I wanted to demonstrate can no longer be demonstrated.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Earn with blogs

  3. Anonymous2/05/2008

    Hey that's me! :)

    I have a question for you. Do you know how to add more text to comments? For example, in Typepad, I have seen bloggers answer COMMENTATORS questions right inside their original comment box.

    You mean like this? Add something to your reply? Maybe even edie your comment like change "commenters" into "COMMENTATORS"

    Or praise myself like "Peter Chen is Superman"?

    Or even delete your original comment so that this appear to really come from you and no one wlll know I edited your comment?

    If my original link in the comment above didn't show you how this can be done, you got to ask again. But truly, I wish this is not possible as I can abuse this, and instead of linking your nickname to your blog, I can choose to link it to a pornographic site, then think about what will happen to your reputation.

    Yours truly,
    The Chatty Housewife

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful advice, Peter! I really appreciate, how much time you spend for us figuring out all the best ways to blog. I'm trying to figure out this adsense thing and can't get it to come up on my sidebar...will have to search your site to see because Google makes it all so difficult. Trying to figure out 'channels' and even though they explain, I still don't get it...
    BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!! Saw your post about your first Grandchild...too funny!

  5. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your kind words. Regarding your ads, you may be seeing a cached (old) copy. Refer to What to do when you can't see changes to your blog.

    Regarding channels, I can't remember what I wrote in Generating scripts for your AdSense ads and What is URL channel and how to create one and hope you can find some useful information there.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Temporary blog for bloggers who want to earn from their blogging efforts until final website ready


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