Sunday, April 13, 2008

Delete blog: What happens then?

Previously, bloggers are strongly advised against deleting blogs and what happens to the blog URL blog URL if you delete the blog. For reasons, see Why you should not delete a blog and what to do if you change the URL of a blog.

However, because Blogger has been informed of spammers grabbing deleted blog URL for spamming purposes, the practice of releasing a blog URL the moment the blog is deleted has been discontinued. Now if any Google Blogger blogger delete his or her blog, the blog URL is no longer released for others to register, but is kept for the original creator to claim back later.

The reason for this post is because of many questions and requests for help related to the above, and rather that repeating the same thing, if I ever get another question related to this, all I need to do is to point them to this post.

The most recent one is about a very fortunate blogger who wanted a particular blogspot URL which had already been registered by someone else who didn't do anything or didn't do much with the blog and the blog had been left neglected. In this particular very rare case, the blogger was able to contact that blog owner who is very cooperative. The blog owner deleted the blog so the intended new owner can claim it. As expected, she could not do so.

However, not all is lost provided the previous owner is willing to cooperate. All she has to do to to contact the previous owner again, requesting him or her to register that deleted blog again, and then invite the intended new owner to become co-author via Dashboard > Settings > Permissions. Once she has accepted the invitation, the cooperative old owner can make her administrator, and then remove himself or herself. Once this is all done, the blog have found a new, loving owner.

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  1. Hi,

    This issue of abandoned blog names seems like a real problem. I've been trying to find a name for a blog and so many of the good names are taken, but not used (0 or 1 post from many years ago).

    The problem is that this policy is unscalable: if the average lifespan of a blog is relatively short, but urls are maintained forever, it won't take long before the whole system is old abandoned blogs. And worse, all those old blogs are sitting on all the good names, which makes it very unappealing for new bloggers to join.

  2. I have 3 blogs I have deleted and I want them deleted FOR GOOD. I do not want them showing up on my dashboard anymore. I do not want to undelete them. Is there any way to remove these blogs from my account?

  3. Yes, I started my blog with a custom domain. I couldn't find a suitable name for my blog without a hyphen '-' It seems all .com name are exhausted. Finally I am blogging at techno-pulse

  4. VERY NICE blog
    Could you please let me know if it possible to change the removed blog message

  5. Hi. i have relatively close question which may seem vague. i have registered to a few ad sites like adbrite. and also i have registered in no.of seo sites. now if i change my blog address, will all the sites be updated automatically or i have to update manually??

  6. Unless you are dealing with custom domain, changing URL will mean starting from scratch all over again.

  7. But you haven't mentioned about changing url

  8. Oops, look like I didn't cover that one. However, I suspect that the old URL will become available to others if you change your old blog URL to a different one. I will have to edit this post.


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