Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Grandpa take part in baker contest, wants to attend baker workshop

free baking workshop

What is that banner up there (above) doing in this blog, you may ask? Well, this crazy grandpa blogger wants to be a baker. Click on the above banner and see where it takes you. That is where this crazy grandpa blogger wants to be a baker.

What would this crazy grandpa blogger want to do in a free baker workshop? Well, maybe he wants to emulate these crazy bakers:

dirty dozen's crazy bakers
Photo of is property of "crazy bakers"Adam Baker

However this potential grandfather crazy baker is not sure of whether he will succeed in getting his own version of this "crazy baker collapsible tower" as only 5 potential student bakers and the "si foo", MIB's CEO Don Yong aka Dr Baker, is sort of confirmed going for the free baking workshop where they will learn about how to make:

* Sweet buns (with red bean, tuna and hot dog fillings)
* Moist chocolate cake
* Chocolate fudge &
* Chocolate chip walnut cookies

And the date is 5th July 2008. So if this blog is not being updated

Date: July 5 (Saturday)
Venue: Malaysian Institute of Baking, 11 Jalan 52/B, New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Time: 8.30am - 1pm

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  1. how to put this message under the leave comment , like your [Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.]

  2. Sign into and get into Dashboard. Click SETTINGS then COMMENTS. There you will find a setting for COMMENT MODERATION
    After enabling, add your email address.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  3. Hi Kay,

    Fun? Sure would love to have fun. I was selected for the baking class but it was on the day I had the CEILI exam the same day as the baking class. But it was worth the sacrifice as I got an A for the exam.

    Peter ChenBlog*Star
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  4. I understand. Glad you got an A. I'm an A kind of lady myself but a baking class would be fun for that grandbaby of yours, too. Some of the best times I had with my kids were when we cooked together.


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