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Footer for blog: Methods

A blogger wants to "add a "footer" to a Blogger blog". Wished he had elaborated more as there are various ways to add a "footer to a blog. Let us take the easiest one first:

Add a footer via the Footer section of the LAYOUT

Easiest way to explain is to start with a screen shot of the Blogger LAYOUT:

New Blogger LAYOUT

There are altogether 5 sections, this being a blog with 2 sidebars (3 columns). If yours uses a 2 column (1 sidebar) template, you will have only 4 columns, that is, blog Header, main column sidebar and footer. To answer the question, we only concentrate on the last one - footer section. The red arrow is pointing to a "Add a Page Element" link. To add a footer, just click on "Add a Page Element" and select the type of Page Element you want for your blog.

Add a "footer" via "Add a Page Element" in Main Column Section

What is explained here is a "footer" but not really a footer. It will only be something that appear at the bottom of the main column (where the post or posts are displayed).

LAYOUT with 'Add a Page Element in Main Column

Refer to the topmost red arrow, the one pointing to a "Add a Page Element" link in the Main Column section. If you use a standard Blogger template, you probably wouldn't have this. If you want to add one, refer to How to add a "Add a Page Element" Link for Main Column (post was originally published to show one way of adding a graphic Header, but can be used for any kind of Page Elements).

To add a "footer" in the Main Column, click that "Add a Page Element" link in the Main Column, select the type of Page Element you want in the "footer", save. After saving, you will find a new Page Element at the top of the Main Column section. Just drag the new Page Element to the bottom of the Main Column section, then save the changes.

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  1. Peter,

    Just wanted to say glad to see you are back from medical break and hope all is well. God bless you with continued good health.


  2. While looking for some online guidance on how to customize and tweak the HTML settings of my blog I stumbled upon this page by accident. Very informative and amazing stuff for the novice blogger like me.

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks for the lengthy response. Yes, I was the one who asked you about this.

    I'm afraid your answer doesn't help me. For some reason, two of my blogs are left with the traditional (old) blogger "template" where you click and see a page full of HTML.

    Two of my newer blogs DO have an EDIT LAYOUT button. But the older ones do not!.



  4. Hi Peter!

    First of all, thank you very much for your generousity in sharing this blog tips and tricks. I have already applied many of your tips in my blog. You have really helped me a lot!

    I just have a question. Below your HEADER "Blogger Tips and Tricks", how did you manage to put 2 LINK UNITS in 1 ROW?

    Can you view my blog please? Any comments are very much welcome.

    Thanks! ^_^

  5. Hi Pinoy,

    Please refer to 2 AdSense Link Units side-by-side below blog Header.

    I do not know how you added your link units but I hope you did not use 2 different AdSense or HTML/Javascript gadgets to display them. I also do not know the width of your blog Header. I checked and found that yours is slightly narrower than my 4 column Minima template.

  6. Thanks Peter! ^_^

    You are right I am using 2 Adsense Link Units and 2 HTML/Javascript gadgets. I think I just have to increase my width and everything is set.

    "I hope you did not use 2 different AdSense" - Is copying and pasting 1 Adsense Code in a single HTML gadget better than pasting 2 different adsense code?

    - 1 Adsense code displayed 2 times
    - 2 different Adsense codes

    Can you explain please.


  7. Thanks for your help! ^_^

  8. How to divide the footer section (using Minima Lefty Stretch) into four parts so I can put artwork and widgets in them on a single line?

    Your column is amazing! Thank you!

  9. this was a useful article for me. keep up your good blogging. thanks

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  10. The thing is, i don't have this page anymore and my layout tab is replaced with a template tab. How do i get this page AND my layout tab back?

  11. Are you hosting your blog yourself and using FTP to publish? If so, you can only use the old classic Blogger template which has no LAYOUT

  12. I accidentally removed my footer from my template and tried to add it back. But I only have the choice of "Add a Gadget" at my sidebar and bottom layout (I don't know which version is this). I went through all the the gadget selections and couldn't find "Add Footer". Could you help me on this problem? Thanks.

  13. "But I only have the choice of "Add a Gadget" at my sidebar and bottom layout ..."

    Sounds like bottom is your footer?

  14. Really informative post. helped me alot. thanks.

  15. thanx it helped me alot?


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