Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live blogging from Nuffnang

Got to go. Prize winning a (darn. feel let down because i think organizers did not give me a fair crack at the big prize, laptop computer,. More later too dark and just cannot blog under conditions like these.

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  1. can you help...trying to upload pictures to blogger (new editor) and it says something about opening the picture file with a program on my computer...upload-image-ajax message
    any ideas? help! :)

  2. Coiners, I never like the new updated post editor where you only get the picture upload icon in the COMPOSE mode but I did a test and just like the old editor, after clicking the icon, I have to click [choose file] to select an image from my computer. Are you saying you are seeing a different thing?

  3. thanks...
    yes, i am seeing a "opne file" box that pops up after i select the picture after browsing for it. the window says uploader-image-ajax[1].do
    and it wants me to select a program to either open or save the file.
    in the old editor it would automatically pop up and be inserted in the browser.
    i am not familiar with the "ajax" program or how it correlates with my computer.
    any help would be great!

  4. Can you please make a screenshot or screen shots as I will like to compare what I see and what you see and try to pin down exactly what is wrong. If you wish you may send it as a file attachment via email.

  5. what is your e-mail and I will send you the screen shot

  6. Use the contact form which although do not allow email attachment will send me an email to which I can reply.


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