Monday, June 09, 2008

Missing comments, reset widget page elements

If your blog is missing comments link, author signature, etc., problem likely to be in template. For detailed instructions, refer to Symptoms of problems. Trouble shooting tips. Instruction to reset widgets and Page Elements.

Please provide feedback as to whether that helps.

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  1. Peter--

    This is an off topic question. DO you know of any way to add a forum to a blogger blog where visitors can post threads, questions, comments, etc??


  2. Hi Peter!
    How are you..?? This is Kranthi of I'm making Blogger Templates from about a week now and I already converted around 10 excellent wordpress themes to Blogger Format.I just want to ask you one thing..?? (waited for 20 sec.. just thinking that you may say No..)Now I'm confident..
    I just want to ask if you post some of my templates in your blog (ofcourse I'll include a link to your site aswell in the footer).[one thing... I released 8 templates in 4 days and already my technorati authority increased from 20 to 80.. and today my googlepages bandwidth blasted.. so. I switched to paid server aswell]... just that question..

    gud n8,

  3. Hi Kranti,

    Post about your template? Sure. Which is your favorite template? I am only interested in 3 column template.

    Peter ChenBlog*Star
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  4. Dear Peter,

    A month ago I began to create my two blogs, at Blogger, though I had no idea of what HTML is (and I still don’t).
    When I didn’t know what to do, as they say: “ask and you’ll be given”, I found your blogs and they are a great help for anyone. I want to thank you for sharing all this knowledge.
    Now my blogs are searchable, but I still have a lot of questions. As you have a very direct manner of explaining things, would you be so kind, when and if you have the time to help me out in understanding some notions:
    1. My blogs are indexed (I think) but I didn’t verify them with webmaster’s tool.
    Question 1: is it absolutely necessary to verify them or it is optional? I still don’t know where to put that meta tag. I tried but webmaster tools said they don’t see it.
    2. For a new blog is it good or bad to show the “link to this post” option at the end of the post? Just yes or no, what would you do?
    3. I pasted some codes of widgets in page elements in the side bar (like feed burner and counters) and they showed up. Must I paste them in the HTML of the template?

    I apologize for my English and I hope you moderate comments, so please don’t post all my stupid questions on post.
    These are the two blogs:

    Many thanks for everything.

  5. Hi Peter,
    I'm maia.T53 again. I think I forgot to check my email adresse to get your answer. So, I'll do this now.
    Thanks again

  6. Hi, there.

    My existing comments published by visitors went missing! Even 20 of them gone! But when you publish new comment, it appears, except that old comments doesn't appear at all!

    How do I recover it, or fix it? Please reply me fast!

  7. I suggest you post your problem over at Blogger Help Forum and come back, give the the URL of the thread.


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