Sunday, July 20, 2008

Discount for domain name registration

It is very common now for businesses that have a website to also host a blog. One of the website that have a blog is Coupon Chief which have a blog at Coupon Chief blog.

The blog plus a revamp of the website are what is new since the last time I visited Coupon Chief. Since Blogger introduced Custom Domain, interest in registering domain names for blogs had increased. One of the registrar which can register a domain name is Network Solutions and you can get a discount via Network Solutions coupons. You can also get Dell Home coupon to qualify for discounts for Dell computers.


  1. Your blog is really helpful. I've never used html before today, and now, thanks to your blog my blog is much better! Cheers.

  2. nice article :)
    by the way, keep writing on dude.. I'll follow you via Rss reader.

    Crazy Bloggers

  3. hi,
    this is a random question, but on, what metric are they using to tally up profile views? (when I go under 'view complete profile' and I see a number for Profile Views). Thanks!

  4. The one thing that most people don't know is that even if they register a domain or a bunch of domains with companies like Network Solutions, the first year is affordable, but then they jack up the price on the renewal. I buy all mine at Their rates stay about the same every year.

  5. I purchased my domain name through blogger (you guys used, does the price remain the same for renewal or is the price going up exponentially?

  6. I think the price so far has remained at USD$10


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