Sunday, July 27, 2008

Statcounter visitor counter statistics

What are the statistics that you can get from Statcounter visitor counter? Well, the very first page you will see when you log in will be a list of your websites with installed visitor counters and icons bar chart icon for you to click to view visitor statistics, etc.

When you click the bar chart icon bar chart icon, a page displaying a bar chart of the number of visitors for the days of the week will greet you:

bar chart showing daily visitor statistics

In the left sidebar will be links to display:
  1. summary

  2. popular pages

  3. entry pages

  4. exit pages

  5. came from

  6. keyword analysis

  7. recent keyword activities

  8. recent came from

  9. search engine wars

  10. visitor paths

  11. visitor length

  12. returning visits

  13. recent pageload activities

  14. recent visitor activity

  15. recent visitor map

  16. country/state/city/ISP

  17. browser

  18. system statistics

  19. lookup IP address

  20. download logs

If you click on "Recent Pageload Activity", a page displaying visitors' statistics including location, referring link, etc.:

visitor statistics

Among other useful statistics are visitors' screen resolutions (system statistics):

Visitors' screen resolutions are useful for webmasters (which include bloggers) so that they can decide on the template that can cater to the visitors' screen resolutions. For example, at one time this statistic showed that there were still 15% of the visitors with screen resolution of 800x600 pixel. A template with total width of 800 pixel was selected for this blog to cater to them.

More later. Please leave comment to remind me.

For installation instructions, refer to Add visitor counter.

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  1. dear peter,
    something must be wrong. all my entries are ZERO. maybe i should delete and redo everything?

  2. Hi Ness,

    What is the URL of your blog? Try visit your blog, then check Statcounter statistics. If you have installed your counter properly, it should register your visit. If it still reads zero, then replace that HTML Page Element containing the statcounter script with a fresh one.


  3. thank you very, very much, Peter! my statcounter now works!! :-)

  4. Wow. This is like the mecca of all things needed (or want) to know about the blogging world.

    Bravo, Peter. This is an amazing blog. Glad I stumbled on it.

    And I've always wanted to know about the stat boxes. Thanks for posting such useful information.

  5. Hi Ran,

    Thanks, glad you found this informative. Actually there are still other statistics I have not included in the post but thought readers will discover them themselves. May add them later if there are requests.


  6. Mr. Chen...thank you for all of your tips and help...yours is a wonderful blog.

    Peace and joy...The Mad Celt

  7. Hi peter,
    It's me again. It seems I am now becoming your fan in blogging. By the way, I could not find your reply to my last comment but I managed to solve my problem by using your template instead. I am much happier now with the way my blog look. I have some more questions though. Regarding the scroll box, how can I put a code in the box and it will only show the text? Sometimes when I put the code the outcome of the code is already shown?

  8. Hi peter,

    I have another question? I noticed that some blogs have some sub topics above their blog, like home, links, products, photos, that when you click them links you to the page on the category. I wanted to do that on my blog, is it possible? Thank you so much for help...


  9. Hi Lavern,

    You are referring to a menu bar or tabs. One can use tables and hyperlinks, but best to use ready made templates with built-in menu bar. Check back later, I will write about it.

  10. Hi peter,

    As usual you have been very helpful. Am looking forward for the next post. Thanks...

  11. peter please show me a way to increase my revenue through blog my website is . adsense is not accepting me . please tell me some good topics . also please tell me how to know the number of visitors who viwed my blogs

  12. I just added statcounter to my page. I want to block myself so that I don't get a false count based on my own hits. Statcounter wants an IP address. But, if I put in Blogger's IP address won't I block all Blogger visitors from being counted? Is there a way to stop it from counting myself so I get a tru idea of whether anyone looks at my blog besides my husband. :)

  13. Hi Judy,

    It is your IP address to block, not Blogger. Go to IP Chicken (among many others) to get your IP address. However, if yours is a dynamic IP address (change every now and then), you will have problems.

  14. Thank you/ IP Chicken is so cute too!

  15. Anonymous9/15/2008

    Hello, forgive me if I missed it, but I would love the statcounter. How can I apply the application to my page? I would love to know how many hits my blogs get?

    Thank you


  16. Peter,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion, Statcounter is great, it provides a lot of info!

  17. dear peter
    hope ur time is passing well with bloging, ur blog contains is really nice content. keep blogging. also visit my blog and give me suggestion to make it better
    - ur friend

  18. I've created a beta project that can retrieve the bar charts from al your projects without visiting the statcounter website.

    In the future, I'll allow registration (so you don't have to input you statcounter account over and over) and a javascript version to embed the stats in your own page or CMS.

  19. I like your blog... thats really cool.............

  20. Hi Peter,
    Hope you could assist me.I've successful add statcounter's tracking, by copying the html tags.
    However, once this is activated, when I tried to edit my post, or add new post, the pictures and for lines that has spacing or which I have pressed Enter, will appear as 'html tags'.

    I can only view the picture/spacing/enter that I've made, when I click on 'preview'- Any reason why this happens?

  21. From what you described, I suspect you have knowingly or unknowingly switched from the COMPOSE mode to the EDIT HTML mode. I myself always use the edit html mode and encourages bloggers to do the same for reasons you will find out once you get used to it.


    I have found visit lenghts of 1 up to 20 hours but the visitors seem to stay only on one page of the blog. Is that possible? Is it possible they are browsing thru the whole blog but my stats only shows a few entries or only one during all that time?

  23. Why not? My normal browsing habit is to open a few browsers plus a few tabs in each browser and it has happened that after reading one webpage in a particular tab, I go on to other webpages while leaving alone the one I already read, so it could be hours before I go back.

  24. hi peter, what do you mean by the first page you see when you log in? the first page i see is my dashboard and there are no little icons like the ones you described. i'd really love to be able to check my blog stats on blogger. i have a wordpress blog also and that is much easier to navigate. thanks for your help

  25. If you are referring to what was referred to as the first page in the post, it is the first page displayed when you sign into Statcounter, not Blogger.

  26. Hello,

    I followed the directions on how to install the statcounter but I cannot find on my site where to locate the results. I created a template that will keep the statcounter invisible to readers.

  27. You will have to sign into your Statcounter to view the statistics, not in your blog. You will still have to do that if you had selected a visible counter as in this case, what you can see on your own blog is just a digital counter giving the number of visits and nothing else.

  28. hi peter,

    i have a problem with my stat count. there always a notice ; there was an error while fetching stats.please reload page...

    i reload, again and again and it failed..
    can you help me please

  29. Mutiara, they have a user forum. Post your problem there.

  30. Hi Peter,
    Is there a way to put a thumbnail of my statcounter visitor map on my blog? Have just a counter now.
    Thanks for your help...great site.

  31. Well the easiest way to find out if people are visiting your site is to use a counter. A counter installed on all your pages allows you to quickly see how many times that page has been viewed by someone. By comparing the number on the counter you can find out which pages of your website are popular and which are not. No matter which blogging site you use, you can have


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