Friday, August 22, 2008

Schedule future posts

UPDATE: This hack is no longer necessary. Now to schedule your post for future posting, all you need to do is when your post is ready, click the POST OPTION at the bottom left of the post editor

Blogger Post Editor Post Options

and set the date and time in the future which you want to schedule the post to publish the post, then click the PUBLISH POST button:

schedule future post in Blogger post editor

Blogger itself do not have a provision for scheduling posts to be publish at a future date. However, there is a work around:

First, sign into (Dashboard), click SETTINGS, then EMAILS and set a "Mail-to-Blogger Address" secret mail-to-blogger email address. For example (keep this email address secret, refer to screen shot below:
secret mail-to-blogger email address

Next prepare the post as usual in Blogger post editor window in the EDIT HTML mode. Upload the images you want to display, include any HTML tags such as a hyperlink HTML tag, etc. (see screen shot below:

Blogger post editor window

When you have finished preparing your post, click inside post editor window, press ctrl+A keys to highlight the whole post including any HTML tags, press ctrl+C keys to copy into clipboard. Do not publish. If you wish, you can save the post as draft for safe keeping.

Next, create an account at Time Cave, select a time zone etc. and activate the account. Once activated, log in and schedule a new message. Paste what you have copied from the post editor window into the new message editor window. Type in the secret mail-to-blogger email address and select the date and time you want to publish the post. Preview, then click CONFIRM. Done

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  1. You don't have to go through all of those steps Peter. Not sure if this is blogger-draft or all of blogger:

    I do future posts in blogger all the time. Upgrade to blogger draft and then you don't have to mess with all of those steps. Just go to post options, put in the date and time in the future when you want the post to publish and you're done.

  2. Peter, scheduled posts have been availableBlogger in draft for some time and I am sure they were added to Blogger itself about a month or two ago.

  3. Yes, I think the scheduled posts feature is a regular part of Blogger now. I've used it a few times successfully.

    I'm very glad, too. I do a regular Monday series of silly kitchen gadgets, and I can prepare several posts in advance for regular publication first thing in the morning, even if I'm asleep or out of town then.

  4. Hi Brent, JollyGreenP and Kitt,

    Thanks for the heads up

  5. Interesting, it doesn't work in blogger for me but I didn't know about draft and when I try that it works.

  6. Hi Annie,

    I tested with standard Blogger and it worked:

    Test schduled future post

  7. I've used it a couple of times too. “Sure as the clock”.
    Now I am waiting for "Followers" whick will display a list of users who follow my blog.
    Not yet available on my blogs.

  8. Anonymous8/31/2008

    How can I delete the old Mail to Blogger e-mail? I deleted the blogs but the old Mail to Blogger is still in place.

  9. Hi Photographer,

    What do you mean mail-to-blogger email address still there. It may still be there, but sending email there should result in nothing.

  10. Peter, your blogs are great resources. I have learned a great deal about Blogger from you! Thank you!

  11. hi pammie here, i accidently deleted my blog, i dont really need the blog name back i juz want the content that i wrote inside, i deleted it out of fury, now i want it back, is it possible? i hope i'll b able 2 get it back. here is my e-mail add:, hope to hear from you soon.

  12. Thanks Peter - worked first go - I don't know why I can never find the answer in blogger help - you are way more helpful - cheers le

  13. Thanks for the simple explanation of how to pre-schedule a post to a future timeslot. I'm going to try it.

  14. Hi Plant Buddy,

    I have an update on this old post right in the beginning, did you read it? 2 methods were give. The method I described initially is no longer necessary as Blogger now can schedule post by you just changing the date. I hope you are doing that.

  15. Hi Peter, Thanks for your help. Nice to know you are there and responding to questions. What a nice service you have here. I'm now using Scheduling Future Posts. What a time saver!

  16. Hi Peter,

    Hoping you can offer some insight. When this feature was first offered, I was able to use it often and it always worked as intended. Now, when I follow the steps in edit html mode (including setting the date for the future desired post time), it publishes immediately, but with the future date and time noted on the published blog.

    Any thoughts?

    Need any more info/clarification from me?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  17. Hi Lisa,

    I just tested scheduling post for future publishing at Testing Blogger Beta and the post did not published immediately. Instead after clicking PUBLISH I get taken to the Dashboard where I see SCHEDULED next the the test scheduled post title, so it is working.

    When I get a problem I don't know how to solve, I normally try using a different browser. Try that and let me know if it helped.

  18. Hi Peter!

    Thanks for the quick response. I created a new blog (for testing purposes) in IE 7 and it worked! So I came back over to Firefox 3.0 and I could also schedule posts on the blog here as well.

    I'm wondering if it has to do with one of two things. 1 - My older blogs don't have the same feature (is this even possible?). 2 - Maybe I've just ran into bugs each time I've previously tried.

    Guess I'll be testing it more this week!


  19. I do not know if scheduling post in blogs with old classic Blogger template behaves differently from those with the new Blogger xml templates, but perhaps that is why your older blog could not schedule posts.

  20. How do you turn OFF the scheduled wait and yet still keep the scheduled blog at the top? (I wrote one post I want to keep at the top of my blog until 'next Thursday at 5' while I continually add new posts beneath it. How do I do that?)

  21. Tough luck for you Uncle MythMan, it used to be possible to have a post remain at the top but unfortunately for you, Blogger has enabled scheduled posting so the above method is no longer possible.

    What you may do perhaps is to refer to how to easily do a sticky post.

  22. >Peter @ Enviroman - Don't know why I didn't think of that myself (to just pop-in a widget or something of that post or even just a link to it! dee-dee-dee ... :-) )

  23. stumbled on your site today trying to answer this question... what a great site... blogger should pay you! :)

  24. @HungryGal (blogger should pay 'Peter @ EnviroMan'!): Blogger (a.k.a. Google) does pay us all---just not necessarily 'in money.' Shame that many of us can only understand payment if it comes in the form of currency.

  25. Thank you for the tip !

  26. why my blog account is not yet activated?its been nearly a month.can i know the reason why my application is not considered?

  27. What do you mean blog account not activated?

    1. you mean AdSense account?
    2. you cannot get access to your Blogger account?
    3. your blog not online yet?

  28. Thanks for your update. I normally click on all the buttons possible on my windows but I had never clicked on "Post Options".

    Sometimes things are right in front of me and I don't see them.


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